Grooming for men is a daily ritual. The main aspects of grooming for men is shaving and this is done using two vital products viz. shaving cream and a razor. The razor gives a man a clean shaven look that is much liked by all ladies. Now the new trend is also to have some amount of the beard still on the cheeks for a rustic look. This normally means trimming the beard to the required length. Beard trimmers are perfect products to use for this purpose and they give you the convenience to shave off just the right amount of hair.

Popular and Good Beard Trimmers for Men’s Grooming:

Try this top 9 beard trimmers.

1. Philips Vacuum Beard Trimmer:

The Philips brand is one of the best known brands for lifestyle products. The quality of the product is perfect and goes a long way too. This beard trimmer is perfect as it has a vacuum system which catches most of the cut hair. The stainless steel blades make it easy to trim your beard. It can be used on beard as well as for mustache.

2. Braun Beard Trimmer:

This wonderful product from Braun has 39 precision settings for length. It has a set of 2 combs that give you the choice to control your style and provide flexibility. The sharp blades of the men’s beard trimmer are a lifetime warranty. It is so easy to use this trimmer with just 8 hours of charging time. You can wash it under running water for easy cleaning as well.

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3. Remington Beard Trimmer:

The Remington trimmer is the most sought after for its durability and accurateness. The best beard trimmer around, the Remington series is made ergonomically so that you can easily carry it and hold while trimming your beard. The blades included in the set are durable and this makes it the best trimmer. Most customers prefer the Remington because of the sturdy comb and performance that is reliable.

4. Philips Norelco Beard Trimmer:

Among the Philips range of trimmers, the Norelco series is a must have as well. This professional beard trimmer is what you need for that perfect stubble with no hassle at all. It has 10 built in settings for a good shave and trim. The long lasting blades of the Phillips range are what most customers are after. You can be sure to have great stubble and the perfect looking beard once you are done.

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5. Panasonic Beard Trimmer:

This cool looking hair and beard trimmer by Panasonic has a 3 blade shaving system that can give you a neat look. The flexible head can move in all directions to maneuver the shape of your face. It is known to remove the closest hairs as the rubber handles gives you a strong grip. The blades have a nano-technology polishing that doesn’t irritate your skin after shaving.

6. Andis Slim Line Pro Beard Trimmer:

The Andis slim line beard trimmer is another of the best beard trimmer 2016. This is the wire free razor that is one of the reasons for which this is named the best. It comes with long battery life. The different settings and lengths that are available in this pack are perfect for your stubble. Since this is a slim design it makes it convenient to carry around in your travel bag as well.

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7. Wahl Beard Trimmer:

Here is the Wahl beard trimmer that is powerful and a very professional tool. Its fast motors are really great because of the rechargeable notion. This model has several attachments that give you precision shaving and trimming. Because of the all metal body, the trimmer is very sturdy and gives you a good grip while shaving. You will get up to 5 hours of battery power and this will last you many weeks. Try out this wonderful hair and beard trimmer for its durability. Make this Wahl beard trimmer your go to gadget for that groomed look.

8. Hitachi Beard Trimmer:

This is the Hitachi best men’s beard trimmer that has five depth adjustment levels. The pack includes comb, stand, cleaning brush and even oil. The Hitachi brand is the very powerful and will last you long. The clean shaven look is best achieved with this trimmer. You can shave in closer areas and this gives you any kind of look that you may want. It can be rustic or even professional. Hitachi provides you with the state of the art beard trimmers that you will enjoy having.

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9. Koryo Beard Trimmer:

Get this beard trimmer that is cordless and has a 1 mm precision. The trimmer charges in 2 hours so it is versatile and perfect for quick grooming. The battery is rechargeable so you can always connect it to a power socket and gear it up. This beard trimmer is good for those who like a nice trim on their beard or mustache. The trimmer that Koryo provides is powerful and will last long. So choose this particular brand and see the difference. Try out the various styles of trimming and grooming with the blades. The Koryo brand is well known and can be easily banked on.

Each of these cool beard trimmers are perfect for the clean look that you may want. Beard trimmers are a great way to keep you groomed and look sexy at all times. The trimmers seen here are long lasting and have stainless steel blades that do not dull easily. They can be charged and then used wirelessly for a prolonged period of time. So choose your budget and then buy the trimmer that perfectly suits your needs.

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Beard trimmers are for men who like to have neat stubble and want to look their best all day long. These trimmers are a perfect little gadget that you can carry in your travel bag as well and can be charged for long. Several attachments in them help you to achieve that perfect look either for your mustache or beard.


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