People craft tattoos related to some scripts, their own imagination or their favourite cartoon or personality. But Beatle’s tattoo design is not inspired by any one of these. It’s a group of musical bands which create mind-blowing, inspiring music, because of which they had a huge fan base which started designing tattoos inspired by those songs and lyrics. So these tattoo designs were named after them. These tattoos are amazing and something different from other tattoos.

Simple and Best Beatles Tattoo Designs:

Let’s have a look at the top 9 different types of Beatles tattoo designs with pictures which can help to uplift your persona.

1. Heart Touching Beatles Tattoo Design:

The script is written in a simple way, and the cute heart designed with a small star lends an incredible and dandy appearance to the wearer. Music is said to bring the heart closer that what this song is crafted on this tattoo design in a sensational and awesome way.

2. Musical Notes Beatles Tattoo Design:

In this tattoo design, the music nodes are designed and the quotes are scripted down with black birds flying, a remarkable way of expression. Black Bird was one of the famous hit lyrics of this band, and fans madly loved the lyrics.

3. Eye Catchy Beatles Tattoo Design:

A charming tattoo design where the wearer has outlined the silhouettes in a fantastic way. The band members’ hair has been coloured different colours turning the design appear astounding.

4. Elegant Beatles Tattoo Design:

As these tattoos can be designed on any part, the shoulders are the perfect place as they can be easily visible. In this tattoo single outline of all four band members is depicted. The design is very simple yet appears very appealing to the eyes.

5. Sweet Beatles Tattoo Design:

A hilarious movie was directed by the band, the tattoo design is based on it. The cartoon movie’s name was Yellow Submarine, and as this movie was directed by the Beatles band, fans started designing the tattoo as showing their love and affection for the group.

6. Cool Beatles Tattoo Design:

A beautiful and sensational song of this band which drove many people crazy, and they have madly fallen in love with the tune. The lyrics “let it be” are designed on the foot with small birds making it appear fabulous. The font used in this tattoo is cursive and looks great and fantastic.

7. Motivating Beatles Tattoo Design:

The musical notes and words describe that without love, life is meaningless. Besides the script, small stars, planets and a women’s face are embossed, the letter “LOVE” is tattooed with vibrant colours and the letters are written in a very spectacular and eye-catchy way.

8. Soothing Beatles Tattoo Design:

Music is something which has the power to change people’s moods and thinking processes. In this image inside the apple, the famous lyrics of the band “All you need” are displayed. The tattoo is designed on the back; if worn backless or on low backstops, it would lend a charming look to the wearer.

9. Unique Beatles Tattoo Design:

This is now an innovative way to display your love and affection towards the Beatles band. This tattoo design creates a tiny miniature of the band members’ image, displaying to the world that you are a fan of the Beatles band.


Beatles tattoos are the ones which can be designed by anyone, irrespective of age and sex. You just need to be a diehard fan of this band and appreciate the music and lyrics composed by them. These tattoos are motivational and inspiring, so choose the one closest to your heart that even cheerfully thrills you at times.

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