Ladies usually pay more attention to make-up for their lips rather than taking proper care of them. Taking care of lips is very important because they are sensitive. They have a skinny protecting layer that does not contain sweat glands or many oil glands, making them dry.

The skin on your lips is much thinner and more sensitive than that on your face, and it is quite a natural phenomenon that it might periodically dry up. However, dry lips and chaffing are uncomfortable, so softening them up is a must-do on your list.

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Beauty Tips For Dry Lips At Home:

Winter times are worst for lips as they dry up quickly, and the cracks are painful and harm the beauty of the face as well. Here are the 20 best homemade beauty tips for dry lips.

1. Regular Usage Of Lip Balms:

Lip balms act as a protective layer on dry lips. Lips balms protect from the harsh sun rays during summers and the cold drying up of winters. A thin layer makes the lips greasy and gives them a shiny look. Sometimes the unique combination of sunscreen, moisturizer and lip balm helps.

2. Knowing The Right Lip Balm:

Choosing your brands for lip balms and what it contains is essential. Lip balms which are enriched in peppermint comfort chapped lips. Lip balms with natural ingredients, especially olive oil, could be an excellent remedy to cure dryness. They tend to last longer and keep the lips healthy. Colourful lip balms are quite a competition for lipsticks. Colours like red and pink are common, making your lips look pretty while healing them.

3. Avoid Breathing From Mouth:

Breathing from the mouth makes the lips dry due to the air coming in. The air’s moisture is one primary reason the lips dry up. Moreover, you breathe in impurities from the mouth, so avoiding that is beneficial.

4. Avoid Licking Lips:

Many people think licking lips give temporary satisfaction, but that is wrong and should not be practised. Licking your lips will get you back to dry lips within a while, and every time it will feel drier than before. Avoid biting as well; that neither helps nor makes the lips bleed. Always keep a balm handy.

5. Do Not Worry With Exfoliation:

Exfoliation of lips is standard and must not be a cause to worry. When lips exfoliate, it just means that the dead skin is coming out, and the newer skin is replacing the layer of your lips. Just peel out the layer which is coming out, and it will be fine within a few days.

6. Water Consumption:

Drinking sufficient water is beneficial for the entire body system. Even lips are happy with your drinking water because its moisture is regained. On the contrary, licking lips also gives moisture, but that should not be practised because it makes them dry up even more and make cracks prominent. This is one of the best and simple beauty tips for dry lips.

7. Avoid Harmful Materials:

When the lips dry up and form cracks, keeping them away from different foods and things is very important. Avoid lipsticks which make the shot feel painful. Avoid toothpaste touching the lips when you brush, which also leads to dryness. If you have warm or spicy food, use a spoon so it doesn’t touch the lips and make them burn.

8. Refuse Smoking:

To retain the beauty of your lips, you need to eliminate the bad habit of Smoking because it not only makes the lips dry but also makes them black and ugly.

9. Olive Oil for Dry Lips:

Every night massage your lips with olive oil before your sleep. This is the best natural remedy to cure your lips within a few days and make them kissable like before. This can give honest and beautiful lips.

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10. Multi-Vitamins:

Vitamins take care of your health entirely. Proper vegetables, fruits or vitamin supplements would keep your body healthy and your lips moisturized.

11. Honey for Dry Lips:

Honey is regarded as nature’s natural healer. This golden nectar is often used widely in dish sweeteners and home remedies to cure skin as the anti-fungal and antibacterial properties reverse and repair damaged cells adding moisture and a warm glow to your face. The same can be said for your lips as you concoct homemade tips for dry lips using a self-made honey lemon lip balm.

12. Vaseline for Dry Lips:

Petroleum Jelly is the best solution for repeated drying of lips, especially for wintry days when holding in moisture for too long is quite hard to sustain. This is for all the busy bees who can never take that extra time to care for themselves properly. A handy container of Vaseline can help you keep your lips supple and plump even in the worst situations.

13. SPF For The Lips:

Your lips are almost always subjected to sun and wind exposure which is mainly why your lips need that protective veil every time you walk out. Also, being thinner than the other skin, your lips attract and accumulate a lot of toxins and hence once again, we advise you to protect the pretty wrinkles by using a high SPF protector and not just any other balm when you step out.

14. Glycerin:

Tips for dry lips at home don’t get any easier than this. All you need is a bottle of glycerin available in any nearby cosmetic or drug store and a periodic routine of applying glycerin to your lips a minimum of twice a day.

15. Choose Your Products Carefully:

Not all cosmetic products go well with you, and that is something you need to keep an eye out for. Even the best brands may not be compatible with your skin, so while choosing lip products, you need to know which ones can dry your wrinkles out quickly.

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16. Rose Petals:

Here’s another beauty tip for dry lips. The rose petals not only soften lips but also impart colour to them. Soak petals in a bowl of milk before making a paste of them and apply them as a lip balm.

17. Buttermilk:

Buttermilk or milk cream is primarily known to soften even the most demanding skin around the elbows, so what makes you think they can’t help your lips when they become chapped and dry? Use them as a lip balm and keep your lips cashmere soft.

18. Aloe Vera Gel:

Al, or gel enriched with vitamins and essential nutrients, is another miracle healer for skin and hair. Here you can purchase aloe gel in its ready-made form and use it as a balm to reverse the damages while keeping it supple. Aloe vera gel is undoubtedly one of the best and most excellent homemade beauty tips for dry lips.

19. Watch Your Diet:

Here are yet another tips for dry lips where your diet plays a significant role in how well-hydrated your lips are. Eating too spicy or hot a diet every time dries out your mouth and, of course, your lips connected to it. This is why if you’re suffering from dry lip problems, you should avoid spicily and even too-salty treats every time.

20. Prewash Ritual:

Every time you wash your face, a layer of the topmost skin peels itself off as dead skin, allowing the layer below to show up. Since the lip skin is susceptible, over-washing your face during summer may result in excessive lip drying. Hence, it is advised that you use a lip balm on your chapped lips before washing your face to prevent moisture loss from your lips.

The list above in this article all the tips and homemade tricks to making your lips Beautiful supple, and plump without investing too much in this treatment.


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