Suffering from dry skin is not an easy task. It can be quite daunting and can totally mess up with several skin concerns and blemishes. Dry skin is when the skin has less moisture and hydration. Sebum production in the skin is relatively less in this condition and can result from several factors. Hence here we are with beauty tips for dry skin. These skin care methods will help to treat the dryness of your skin with ease and helps to get your skin hydrated and moisturized. While it is not easy to let this concern be treated quickly, we as well have methods to achieve quicker results at home all by ourselves. Let us see how this works here.

Beauty Tips For Dry Skin At Home:

Dry skin can be treated by several methods easily at home. One does not need to worry and take all ingredients readily available in our kitchen to treat this condition. These beauty tips for dry skin will help the skin to get toned, cleansed well and moisturized. Here are our natural and homemade beauty tips for dry skin at home.

1. Cleansing Of Body:

This is one of the natural beauty tips for dry skin. Those who suffer from dry skin should ensure they do not prolong showering for more extended periods. Instead, one should take shorter showers with warm water instead of super-hot water. Further, the body oil and moisturizing should be done properly without fail. Always apply essential oil before the bath, like extra virgin olive oil, on the face. Further use only faces wash and creams which are specially made for dry skin. These are known to be mild and can have little effect on drying your skin.

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2. After Cleansing:

Next, use only a dry towel in the home beauty tips for dry skin. Never use a damp towel; always pat dry to remove excess water. Avoid any kind of harsh contact and skin irritation. Apply a mild moisturiser, and never skip this step at any cost. All your skin needs at this point in time are good hydration and nourishment, and the skin should be able to get all of this. One should try not to further dry out the skin, so immediately after a bath, moisturizing helps.

3. Moisturizers:

The first step in a beauty routine for dry skin is moisturizing. One cannot emphasize enough about this step. You need to use creams specifically for people with dry skin. Moisturizers with a specific silicone, called dimethicone, help to retain moisture. Other ingredients could be mineral oil, petroleum jelly, etc. Yoghurt acts as lactic acid, making your face and neck soft and soothing. Apply gently all over the face and, hands, neck for good hydration and nourishment.

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4. Proper Shaving:

Shaving harms people with dry skin, making them feel very dry and irritated. It makes the upper layer of the skin further dry. You strip the natural oil from the skin while shaving the unwanted hair. The best time to shave is after showering, as the hair is softer and can be easily cleaned. Use a proper shaving cream or gel to shave and not soap or any other material that makes skin dry. Do not shave without good equipment suitable for your skin, as this may make your skin harsher.

5. Say No To Anti-Aging Creams:

Anti-ageing products should not be applied on dry skin. This kind of cream further tends to make your skin dry and flaky. The skin may also look red; some suffer itchiness with these creams. If it is necessary, then make sure that it does not have retinol in it. These act as bad irritants to dry skin. For the best advice, it is better to use only creams which are under the recommendation of doctors or medical practitioners for those having dehydrated skin.

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6. Hydrate Your Lips:

Dry skin does not refer only to the face, hands or legs but also to lips. Lips are prone to capping, and they exfoliate. They may look extremely flaky and dry and sometimes even bleed without proper moisture and nourishment. You need to nourish your lips regularly with good lip balms. Scrubbing your lips with sugar and lemon is good. Lips should be protected from pollution and winter winds. You can further use homemade scrubs with honey, sugar and butter for nourished lips.

7. Let Your Face Exfoliate:

Home beauty tips for dry skin can never begin or end without good scrubbing. Scrubbing twice a week is good enough. If you have sensitive skin, scrubbing once a week is just fine. Let your face exfoliate, and let the dead skin peel off, as only new skin will look shiny and pretty. Any bad and dead skin cells, blackheads or whiteheads can be easily removed with scrubbing. Further, it exfoliates your skin for good and helps you look radiant and young quickly. This is a must to do step, which many dry-skin people ignore. If you think that exfoliating will make skin look further dry, then it is a myth!

8. Sunscreens:

Dry skin is very prone to wrinkles and ageing, and the worst part is when the rays of the sun join hands and damage the skin more. You must apply proper sunscreen before you step out. It is also important to make sure that you choose the correct SPF and seek a doctor’s help to use the right one. Keep your body covered as much as possible. Using sunscreen can protect the skin from sunburn, and you are also protecting your skin from heavy sun exposure. First, apply moisturizer on your face and sunscreen before stepping out of your home into the sun.

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9. Fish Oil Pills:

Along with a healthy diet, you could even try some oils which would keep your body well-hydrated. Many of us underestimate the necessity of essential oils on the face. The dry skin is mainly caused due to lack of essential oils and sebum on the face, which can be equated with suitable oil. Fish oils like cod liver oil can be soft and soothing for dry skin. These are extremely useful for nourishing the skin and making it look radiant and smooth. Those suffering from dry and flaky skin should try this oil for the best results.

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10. Home Remedies:

Several home remedies are available to treat dry skin without difficulty and effort. These can be done with all readily available ingredients. These will bring in the inner glow and shine from within the skin. Try this one out.

Aloe Vera mixture can be very hydrating and nourishing for dry-skinned people. Here is how it can be used:

  • First, cut the stem from an Aloe Vera plant.
  • Use a sharp knife to cut above and below the stem and remove the gel found within it.
  • Take a spoonful of honey and curd.
  • Mix aloe vera pulp with a spoon of honey and homemade curd to a smooth paste.
  • Apply this mask on the face, keep it on for 10 to 15 minutes, and rinse well.
  • You can also use a facial mask of papaya pulp, as this would be effective and easy to prepare. This is the best home remedy for dry skin.


We hope these beauty tips for dry skin are quite helpful for you. If you are among those suffering from dehydrated skin, these are the ones for you. Never neglect this issue and concern of dry skin. This is quite a common concern that many tend to ignore, but it is hazardous as it removes all sebum and moisture from the skin. All the secret and beauty lies in how best you can retain moisture in the skin and hydrate it well. Hence do not give these tips a miss and try them out. You would witness wonders with the skin mentioned above care.


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