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10 Homemade Beauty Tips For Dry Skin On Face

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Dry skin is a condition when your skin dry loses up moisture’s or has less production of sebum. This could happen due to your natural skin tone or due to environmental factors.

beauty tips for dry skin

It cannot be just cured with what you apply on them. If you want to cure it you have to make sure about how you clean it, what you apply and what you wear.

Beauty Tips For Dry Skin At Home:

Here are our natural beauty tips for dry skin at home.

1. Cleansing Of Body:


People with dry skin should try and take short showers. The water they pour on themselves should be moderately warm instead of hot, as hot water makes the skin dry up all the more. Using body oil, especially olive oil, 5 minutes taking a bath is useful. It helps retain moisture. Soaps and face washes should be mild as rough soaps are a main cause of drying of skin during a bath.

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2. After Cleansing:

Skin care tips - towel

You should never rub your body against a dry towel. Patting the body to remove the excess water is better and it also keeps the skin soft and avoids skin irritation. After the bath the skin needs moisturizing. One unknown fact about moisturizers are, that they really do not moisturize you skin, it just retains the moisture that is already present there. So immediately after a bath, moisturizing helps.

3. Moisturizers:


You need to use creams which are specifically for people with dry skin. Moisturizers with a specific silicone, called dimethicone, help retain moisture. Other ingredients could be mineral oil, petroleum jelly, etc. Yogurt acts as lactic acid and makes your face and neck, feel soft and make it soothe.

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4. Proper Shaving:

Skin Needling

Shaving is harmful for dry skin, as it makes it feel very dry and irritated. You actually remove natural oils of the skin while you shave your unwanted hair. The best time to shave is after showers, as that time the hair is softer and can be easily cleaned. Use a proper shaving cream of gel to shave and not soap or any other material that makes skin dry.

5. Say No To Anti-Aging Creams:

Cream aging

Anti aging products should not be applied in dry skin at all. If at all it is very necessary then make sure that it doesn’t have the content of retinol in it. These act as really bad irritant to the dry skin.

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6. Hydrate your Lips:


Lips are prone to chapping and they exfoliate. You need to nourish your lips regularly with proper lip balms. Scrubbing your lips with sugar and lemon is good too. Lips should be protected from pollution and winter winds.

7. Let your Face Exfoliate:

Exfoliating Skin

Scrubbing twice is week is good enough. If you have a sensitive skin, scrubbing once a week is just fine. Let your face exfoliate, let the dead skin peel off as that’s only when the new skin is going to look shiny and pretty.

8. Sunscreens:

skin sunscreen

Dry skin is very prone to wrinkles and aging and the worst part is when the rays of the sun joins hand and make the skin damage all the more. You must apply a proper sunscreen before you step out. It is also important to make sure that you chose the correct SPF and take doctors help to be acute on it. Keep your body covered up, as much as possible. By the using of sunscreen to

9. Fish Oil Pills:

get rid ofdry skin - fish oil capsules

Along with healthy diet, you could even try some oils which would keep your body hydrated. Fish oils like Cod Liver Oil can be soft and soothing for dry skins.

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10. Home Remedies:

How to Use Aloe Vera for Acne22

Mixing aloe Vera pulp with a spoon of honey and homemade curd with give you a good mask. Keep it for 10 to 15 minutes and rinse well. Facial of papaya pulp would be effective and easy. This is the best home remedy for dry skin.

I hope that the above beauty tips are very useful to get rid of dry skin.