Does your skin feel super oily, almost like a greasy pan? Tried all ways to combat this problem, but in vain? We get you! Instead of worrying and increasing your stress levels, which can further aggravate the problem, we recommend you to try these proven beauty tips for oily skin! Not only are these hacks easy to follow, but also very effective in showing instant results.

But before that, let’s understand what is “Oily Skin” and why do you have it? Human skin contains Sebaceous glands, which lie under its surface. These glands are responsible for producing oil or sebum, which is essential to keep the skin soft and supple. Sometimes, factors like hormonal imbalance, medication or even stress can enlarge them, leading to excess sebum production. This is when you notice a “shiny” and sticky layer of oil on your face and neck. (1)

In such conditions, mere washing of the face with water may do little help! You need to practice a holistic skin ritual to control the situation and bring down the symptoms. So, why the delay? Let’s fight this battle together by following these natural oily skincare tips!

Natural Beauty Tips For Oily Skin To Try At Home

Oily face is very difficult to manage with a normal skincare routine. It needs more attention and care to manage this condition and even prevent potential problems like acne, blemishes etc.,. Fortunately, there are many expert-approved secrets to remove oil from the face, which can show their magic from the first go! Excited to try? Then read along with us:

1. Follow The C-T-M Mantra Twice a Day:

In case you are wondering what CTM is, it’s the short form of Cleansing, Toning and Moisturizing. As per a study, plain water is not sufficient to remove the impurities on the skin and must be combined with good quality skin cleanser. (2) Use a soap-free product to free your skin of sebum and dirt without damaging its surface and follow it with a toner. Also, studies suggested a green tea toner, has higher oil control efficiency than the regular ones. (3) In winters, follow it with an oil-free moisturizer, which is non-comedogenic and water-based. Repeat this routine two times a day for better results.

2. Exfoliate Regularly:

At least once a week, use a mild scrub to exfoliate your skin. If you have acne-prone skin, avoid products that contain harsh chemicals or abrasive agents, as they can worsen the condition. Instead choose a gel-based scrub on a wet face and gently use circular movements to buff away unwanted particles and clear your pores of unwanted sebum. Incase physical exfoliants don’t have the desired effect, then ask your doctor for a chemical exfoliant like Salicylic acid, which dissolves the oils.

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3. Include Astringent In Your Routine:

The best way to deal with oily skin woes is to invest in a good astringent. This product works by tightening the pores and dry out excess oil. Astringents also work wonders for acne, by reducing the inflammation and redness, along with fighting the bacterial infections. You can choose between two types of astringents – Alchohol based and Naturally derived, where Alchohol and chemicals are known to dehydrate the skin. Natural agents like Witch Hazel is known to be one of the safe astringents for oily prone skin. (4) Just dip a cotton ball to soak up the product and apply it on the skin. Use it every alternate day.

4. Indulge in Facial Masks:

Most people rely on chemical masks and peels to treat greasy skin condition. However, these methods so more damage than good. Instead, use a homemade clay mask that can soak up excess oil and clarify skin pores. You can also use ingredients like lemon, yoghurt, Multani Mitti, Orange Peel, Cucumber, Aloevera etc. which work towards keeping the sebum levels under control and have skin whitening effects. Just apply these masks on clean skin and leave on for 15-20 minutes. Tada! You are sure to get an oil-free, glowing face, which also looks fair and beautiful!

5. Blotting Papers To Soak Up Oil:

Say hello to your new best friends- the blotting papers! These unique papers are made with high absorbent materials that can soak up oil instantly. You can place them on targeted areas like the T-Zone, or only forehead, nose, cheekbones to achieve a matte finish. Blotting papers are available in the market and are affordable, easy to carry too. From plain sheets to green tea, charcoal and or scented ones, your options are way too many!

6. Switch To Oil-Free Sunscreens:

Did you know that your normal sunscreen could be the culprit behind your oily skin? That’s right! Most sunscreens have thick and oily textures to shield the skin from harsh UV rays. When applied on oily skin, they block the pores and deteriorate the present condition. The best way to protect your oily skin in summer is to invest in oil-free sunscreens which are specially designed for greasy skin types. These include gels, water based lotions etc., which work well without giving you the unwanted shine.

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7. Use Minimal Makeup:

If you noticed a “cakey” makeup after just a few hours of application, your skin is giving you hints to avoid it. Makeup products like foundation, concealers and other products trap your skin pores and create a layer on them. With time, the product starts getting dissolved in the natural sebum and makes you look “ghostly”. So, use makeup only when necessary and go for oil-free, mineral-based products. Don’t forget to clean up your face before bedtime!

8. Patch Test Products:

If you are tempted to try new products every day, then let us warn you against it! Your skin is not a laboratory and cannot handle these experiments. Instead, it is better to try out products that suit your skin and stick to them in the long run. Avoid harsh soaps, chemical agents and creamy ingredients. Choose products that are specially made for oily skin and do not clog pores. Do a patch test to determine their suitability for your skin!

9. Avoid Fat-Rich Foods:

Certain studies support that an increase in fatty acids in a diet can also increase follicular sebum production. (5) To maintain clear skin, avoid foods like sodas, desserts, fried stuff, canned foods etc., Instead switch to healthy foods like vegetables, fruits, juices and nuts, which contribute to the well-being of your body, including the performance of oil glands.

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While oily skin is a cumbersome problem, it is not necessary to worry too much about it! It’s natural to have this condition and with proper care, you can easily maintain it. Also, in an attempt to go oil-free, don’t completely dry out your skin, as it can break down the natural skin structure and cause irreversible damage. Instead, go for a targeted routine and try to maintain a clean and glowing face!


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