Bedrooms are our most favourite spots in the house! Apart from giving us a good night’s sleep, these rooms also act as our private territories. Whether it is a shared room with your partner or an exclusive personal space, investing in a good décor, especially a beautiful bedroom ceiling design is highly recommended!

Bedroom Ceiling Designs Save

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No matter how bad a day has been, you can come back to your cosy den and enjoy a moment of solitude. With false ceilings that enhance the aesthetics and set the right mood and environment, there is no doubt you want to get confined to the bedroom all day long! So, what are we waiting for? Let’s start exploring these beautiful bedroom ceiling designs to choose your favourite pick!

Latest Bedroom False Ceiling Ideas for Your Dream Home:

Here are our 15 simple and romantic bedroom ceiling designs with images for inspiration. Let’s have a look into it.

1. Simple Ceiling Design for Bedroom:

Simple Ceiling Design for Bedroom Save

Check out this simple, yet luxurious bedroom ceiling! The recessed style roof is touched with bright LED lights on the corners. The highlight is the stylish decorative element on the side, which adds a totally new look to the room. Keeping the rest of the interior colour scheme in white can help you achieve a lively environment.

2. False Ceiling Designs for Master Bedroom:

False Ceiling Designs for Master Bedroom Save

This bedroom tray ceiling speaks of class and elegance. It is minimalistic, yet trendy. Along with making your room look glamorous, the ceiling also serves many purposes. It’s a conceal all the ugly wiring behind to reveal only a clean and neat looking room! Another benefit is the noise reduction to help you enjoy a calm sleep!

3. False Ceiling Design for Small Bedroom:

False Ceiling Design for Small Bedroom Save

The size of the room must never be a barrier for a good décor. If you plan carefully, even the tiniest of the rooms can be converted into masterpieces. Here is one such ceiling design that gives full coverage, without the crampy feel. Adding lights in the gaps lend an illusion of a bright and airy room, which is a very clever technique.

4. False Ceiling Design for Bedroom with Fan:

False Ceiling Design for Bedroom with Fan Save

Here is an example of a bedroom that makes you want to crash into the bed right away! The oddly shaped room is neatly defined with a tray false ceiling and a designer fan in the centre. Adding a row of light fixtures in the gap can control the amount of brightness in the room. For reading and other purposes, you can get a couple of neon bulbs installed on the sides.

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5. Latest Ceiling Designs for Girls Bedroom:

Latest Ceiling Designs for Girls Bedroom Save

Pretty girls always desire for something as pretty as them! Here is a lovely all-pink themed bedroom that features different shades of this dainty colour. The ceiling has a dual-toned gypsum board carving, placed right above the twin beds. It works as an extension of the wall and is accentuated with tiny lights.

6. Kids Bedroom False Ceiling:

Kids Bedroom False Ceiling Save

Take a look at the adorable kid’s room cum baby nursery. The entire room is filled with creative elements to make their stay cosy and comfortable. The ceiling stands a highlight of the entire décor. The plain blue false ceiling has a tiny cloud-like shape being suspended from above. Lights are added to bring these fluffy balls into life!

7. Pop Ceiling Designs for Bedroom Indian:

Pop Ceiling Designs for Bedroom Indian Save

This is a beautiful ceiling idea for a contemporary Indian bedroom. The elegant white ceiling features different shaped panels, against a dark background. The grooves in between allow for lighting and maintenance of the roof. It can hide all the wiring work to give you a sophisticated bedroom that you will be proud of!

8. Gypsum Ceiling Design for Bedroom:

Gypsum Ceiling Design for Bedroom Save

If you are fond of vivid colours, then the ceiling is sure to allure you! The stylish suspended ceiling is made with coloured blocks put together to give this contrasting effect. The main false ceiling features a recession, into which a wooden and gypsum element is added. Square shaped LED bulbs are fixed around it to give you this picture-perfect room!

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9. PVC False Ceiling Design for Bedroom:

PVC False Ceiling Design for Bedroom Save

This elegant blue-themed bedroom sets the right tone for a peaceful and calming sleep. The walls and the furniture are done in lighter shades of blue. To keep up with the colour scheme, the ceiling suspension is also done in a blue-coloured PVC laminate that transforms the entire look of your room! This concept works with almost any pastel colour.

10. Wooden False Ceiling Designs for Bedroom:

Wooden False Ceiling Designs for Bedroom Save

When it comes to giving an aristocratic look, nothing can come close to the beauty of wood! If you are unsure of a fully covered wooden ceiling, then go for this idea! The roof corners are accentuated with stained wooden logs to add a rustic charm! This is a stark contrast to the rest of the elements in the room. Modest, yet spot on!

11. Wall Ceiling Design for Bedroom:

Wall Ceiling Design for Bedroom Save

This gorgeous ceiling is definitely worth a second glance. The bedroom wall is accentuated with a soft, cushion type of design for you to learn and enjoy a movie or read a book! The unique feature, in this case, is the way it runs all along with the ceiling until it touches the opposite wall. It’s like an added decoration on your false roof.

12. Contemporary False Ceiling Designs for Bedroom:

Contemporary False Ceiling Designs for Bedroom Save

This new-age ceiling design is a real show stealer! The idea is to elevate the roof area with a crisscross arrangement of PVC sheets. This is such a simple concept, but the results speak for themselves. The centre portion is kept empty to hold a light or a fan. If we had one word to describe this, it would be “Fabulous”!

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13. False Ceiling Design for Rectangular Bedroom:

False Ceiling Design for Rectangular Bedroom Save

If your bedroom is in a typical rectangular shape and you wonder how to design it, then take a look at this stunner! The conventional tray ceiling is decorated with rustic wood panelling in the centre. Wood, along with adding beauty to the interiors, can also act as a wonderful insulation material, which can result in energy savings.

14. Round Ceiling Design for Bedroom:

Round Ceiling Design for Bedroom Save

Sleep like a king in this palace inspired bedroom. The typical shape of this room allows for a lot of experimentation with the ceiling design. So, instead of opting for the normal, square or rectangle, you can twist it into the round shape. The circular element comes with a mirror finish glaze and highlighted with bright neon bulbs.

15. False Ceiling Design for Square Bedroom:

False Ceiling Design for Square Bedroom Save

Square ceilings are the most popularly used designs in most bedrooms. They are easy to install, maintain and involve no complexities. Here is one such idea which works for almost any sized room. The downlights used in the apertures add a beautiful visual appeal due to their shining effect. The centre portion is left empty for a statement lamp or a fan!

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That completes our list of trending bedroom ceiling designs. Before zeroing on a pattern, we would advise you to speak to you an interior designer to analyze the type of material, cost and the décor elements on it. Also, budget plays an important role too! So, plan well and go through a few catalogues to pick the best one that fits your bill!


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