We all need a bit of privacy every once in a while. Curtains play an essential role in pulling up the room elements together, whether you want to obscure excess light or pollutants coming into your house and create seclusion. There are several materials available, from sheer linen to luxurious velvet. Read on for the collection of 20 best bedroom curtain designs that will help you transform your simple space.

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Best Bedroom Curtain Designs In India:

Here are our 20 simple and modern bedroom curtain designs with images. Let’s have a look at them.

1. Kids Bedroom Curtain Design:

Hanging any simple curtain is not enough when you are decorating your kid’s room. A delicate balance between style and functionality will help ignite your kid’s imagination. These light blue long curtains with beautiful symbolic patterns give your kid’s room a fun and playful finish, and the bare wall colours of the space elevate the curtain to another extent.

2. Girls Bedroom Curtains:

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If you are a fan of pink, then this girl’s bedroom curtains will hit your sweet spot. These beautiful curtains are filled with heart patterns in a colour combination of pink and blue. The design of the curtains goes hand in hand with the interiors of the bedroom. The subtle colours are elevated by the plain white background on the curtains.

3. Boys Bedroom Curtain Designs:

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Decorating a kid’s room is never easy, as you need to take a lot of things into consideration. This is a beautiful boy’s bedroom curtains that have colourful horse patterns on them. These window curtains highlight the ways in the centre with large blue patches on either side. It is in contrast with the simple all-white colour palette of the room.

4. Cotton Curtain Designs for Bedroom:

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Cotton curtains for the bedroom are an inexpensive way to beautify the space effectively. The designs on these long curtains have an exquisite pattern in two variations. These curtains’ speciality stands different when placed apart but form a beautiful and fulfilling way when you bring both the curtains together. The colour combination on these curtains is in sync with the colour palette of the room.

5. Grey Bedroom Curtains:

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If you are looking to induce calm and serene features into your bedroom, then grey bedroom curtains are perfect. These curtains perfectly blend in with the grey colour palette of the room. The beautiful white patterns on the plain grey curtain uniquely elevate the space.

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6. White Bedroom Curtain Design:

White is one of the best colours that offer a classy look to your bedroom. These simple white bedroom curtains blend in perfectly with the all-white theme of the space efficiently. Although it is a high-maintenance colour, the elegance and beauty give your room outweigh the disadvantages. You can opt for this colour if your house is a kids-free zone.

7. Pink Bedroom Curtains:

If you want to represent your cheeky personality in your bedroom, then pink bedroom curtains are the perfect option. The bright pink pops out against the austere colour palette of the room, making you feel energized. There are silver dots at the top part of the curtain, and the lower part of it is straightforward, making the design simple yet unique.

8. Green Curtain Designs for Bedroom:

Green curtains for the bedroom are a perfect way to add a new edge to the space. This colour blends easily with many colours making it a viable option to spread a calm and serene ambience. It helps provide a stimulating effect and can be used in different shades of green with beautiful patterns.

9. Blackout Bedroom Curtains:

Who doesn’t want a little bit of privacy in their bedroom? These curtains’ thickness makes it a perfect choice to completely block out sunlight giving you a cosy and comfortable space. Unlike bright, standard colours, the light and powdery blue blends with the room’s white colour palette but stands out elegantly.

10. Master Bedroom Curtain Design:

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Lighting plays a vital role in elevating the beauty of your bedroom. The grey and white combination of this space is further boosted with perfect sunlight. The light grey coloured curtains throughout the room block out sunlight completely whenever you need giving a sober look to your master bedroom. The sliding mechanism of the curtain rod is sleek and easily manageable.

11. Farmhouse Bedroom Curtains:

The balance between old and new features is a perfect representation of farmhouse bedroom curtains. This is one of the best curtains for a surprisingly savvy bedroom and exudes a relaxing, cosy, and warm feel to the space. The white curtains’ subtle patterns match the house’s furniture and contrast to the house’s wooden flooring.

12. Country Bedroom Curtain Designs:

Aqua blue patterned curtains against the off-white walls look beautiful and elevate the décor around the room. This bedroom curtains’ unique feature is that we can pull a string and squeeze the curtain up to half, which reveals the beautiful scenery outside. By pulling them down, you can get the much-needed privacy but with style!

13. Sheer Bedroom Curtains:

Sheer bedroom curtains are the best option if you don’t want to obstruct light completely. These curtains let in enough light to brighten your room and give it a sleek finish. Unlike the simple ones, the patterns on this curtain uniquely beautify them. The colour is in sync with the room’s colour palette and furniture, elevating the curtains further.

14. Mermaid Curtain Designs for Bedroom:

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This is one of the best curtain designs for a bedroom when you love to play with pleasant colours. The light blue represents the sea’s aqua colour, and the beautiful ruffles give you a feel of the fins of a fish. This is a perfect mermaid curtain for the bedroom if you want to depict the fairytale fantasy in your bedroom.

15. Fancy Curtains for Bedroom:

The choice of curtains plays an essential role in elevating the interiors and furniture of the house. The beautiful blend of blue and silver makes it a perfect example of fancy curtains for a bedroom, and the beauty of the space is further elevated when the curtains stand in contrast to the all-white theme around the area.

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16. Floral Bedroom Curtain Designs:

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Grey is one of the choicest colours that ties up all the room elements and maintains neutrality beautifully. These are the floral bedroom curtains that combine the beauty of floral design with the versatility of the colour grey. Unlike the common colour combinations, this single colour beautifies the curtains and gives your room a stylish finish.

17. Shabby Chic Bedroom Curtains:

If you are looking for a casual and simple aesthetic for your bedroom, then the shabby chic design is a perfect choice. The creamy white colour with ruffles is one of the prominent features of these shabby chic bedroom curtains. It indulges in a romantic feel that creates a sense of nostalgia along with comfort. These curtains stand out against the grey-coloured walls of the space.

18. Butterfly Curtain Designs for Bedrooms:

If you want to add spunk to your room, this is the best bedroom window curtains you can try. The beautiful lavender butterflies across the white background of the curtains elevate the beauty of the space. These curtains are bright and in contrast to the neutral grey colour of the walls and the wooden flooring.

19. Designer Curtains for Bedroom:

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These bedroom window curtains are a perfect example of designer curtains. It represents a personal choice of colours in combination with the retro style. The curtains’ design is similar to polka dots except for the dots’ size and the link between them. Multi-colours on the curtain make it a viable option suitable for any interiors.

20. Contemporary Bedroom Curtain Design:

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The subtle colour combination of this space makes it one of the best representations of contemporary bedroom curtains. These light blue sheer curtains capture the external light, partially adding extra elegance to the room. The all-white theme of the room elevates the curtains even more! This is a style that will always remain in manner regardless of the season or year.

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Whether you want to decorate or enjoy some privacy, turn your simple bedroom space into a chic and luxurious one with the bedroom curtain designs from this article. Make a choice based on your taste, the space available, and the colour palette of your room. Don’t forget to let us know how this article has helped you!


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