A bedroom is the cosy retreat of the house, a place where you like to unwind after a long day. It should reflect your style and aesthetic, incorporate your favourite colours and decor, and feel like your own private den to rest and decompress. If you are planning to redecorate your bedroom anytime soon, we have the right inspiration for you here in this article. Read on to check out the 25 best and cool bedroom decorating ideas with images.

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Best Ways To Decorate Your Bedroom:

  • Choose the design according to the size of your bedroom. Too much clutter in a small bedroom will only make the space feel more claustrophobic and closed.
  • Match the colour palettes of the walls and the floor to avoid too much clashing of colours.
  • Please choose the right size of the furniture and comfortable ones while you are at it.
  • Try to indulge in luxurious window drapes and bed drapes as they can make or break the look of a room.
  • Make sure you have plenty of storage options.
  • Please do not overlook the ceiling and personalize it according to the decor too.

Latest Bedroom Decorating Ideas In India:

Here are our 25 modern yet cute bedroom decorating ideas that will give you much-needed inspiration while designing your home.

1. Small Bedroom Decorating Ideas:

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This bedroom decorating idea is chic and modern and involves geometric wallpaper in a grey palette, which lends a trendy touch to the bedroom. The colourful framed pictures mounted on the wall create a one-of-a-kind masterpiece wall, which is exceptionally pleasing to look at. The plants and flowers on the side table create a homely atmosphere. Pile on matching grey pillows, and you are good to go.

2. Bedroom Interior Decoration:

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Our gaze immediately falls onto the uber-stylish bed, which looks very comforting indeed. The beautiful flower on the wall behind the bed oozes elegance. The soft-hued lighting in the room will do for excellent mood-setting. Overall, this bedroom looks clean and beautiful, emanating a sense of comforting charm.

3. Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas:

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The wall with several wooden frames wrapped in fairy lights makes up the focal point of this bedroom. The black and white theme does not look too monotonous because of the chic elements added here and there in the backdrop. The black and white pillows in various designs lend a good vibe to the place, whereas the customized letter frame in the backdrop personalizes the bedroom and looks elegant.

4. Girl’s Bedroom Decor Ideas:

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The striking pink colour immediately catches our eye when we look at this bedroom. The cute little soft toys can not only be comforting for your girl but also sprinkle a sense of warmth and love in the room. The two chairs look perfect for a cosy tea party for your little one. The shelves are arranged with well-chosen soft toys, and by embellishing the name of your pre-teen using pretty letters on the top shelf, the room indeed looks uniquely personalized.

5. Kid’s Bedroom Decorating Ideas:

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Bright colours attract kids like no other. The bedroom above looks as if it were splashed on the colour blue by the ocean itself! The striking yet calm stripes in the background add a lot of beauty to the room. This room can be the perfect one for two siblings to share, and it does look like they could be having loads of fun in this striking bedroom. The blue-coloured furnishing is indeed eye candy, and the windows promise to sprinkle sunshine into this tastefully decorated room.

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6. Boy’s Bedroom Decor Ideas:

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The striking blue theme is quite a popular choice among boys for their bedrooms. The chequered mattress, draped by cosy blue sheets and cute pillows, looks very comforting and snug indeed. The artsy wall decor, along with the embellished letter on the striped wall, brings personalization to your boy’s bedroom. The wavy blue rug and the classic white lamps further accentuate the stylish looks of the surroundings.

7. Teen Bedroom Decor:

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Teenagers have their distinct style when it comes to decorating their rooms, but this one is bound to resonate with your teen. The pretty lamps on the bedside seem to be spreading waves of warm light, illuminating the entire room vividly. The cabinets beside the bed look clean, and elegant and are bound to be highly functional for your school-going, teenager. The predominant white theme on the walls, as well as on the bed, is bound to usher in a sense of peace and comfort into the minds of your teen, which is indeed much needed these days—the grey-coloured sheets add warmth as well as beauty to the whole look.

8. Men’s Bedroom Decor:

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Right off, the elements of grey and subdued shades are distinctly visible the moment we lay our eyes on the bedroom. The futuristic, chic chandelier adds a dash of charm to the cosy interior. The light streaming from the curtains can light up the comfortable room very well. The modernistic and artsy wall hangings in the background give the room a distinct Evocative persona.

9. Princess Bedroom Decorating Ideas:

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Wallpapers of Disney princesses are much sought after in bedroom decoration for young girls, and the wallpaper on the pink wall, right beside the elegant bed, doesn’t disappoint either. Girls frequently prefer a pink theme, and the decor and style in this one are bound to leave them ecstatic this bedroom is bound to evoke the inner princess for your little one. The soft hues of light pink add a feminine touch and bring cheer to the minds of little ones. The delicate tone on the sofa and the cabinet look quite pleasing to the eye.

10. Children’s Bedroom Decor:

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This vibrant bedroom is shared by siblings, a girl, and a boy, as understood by the bed colours. The lovely cabinets on the wall contrast with the beds and add a dash of colour to the otherwise pale wall. The matching bedside cabinet and the floor rug complete the colourful look of the children’s bedroom. This is an example of cute bedroom decor ideas.

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11. Toddler Bedroom Decorating Ideas:

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Warm and striking colours are a must-have in rooms for little ones. The colour scheme chosen in the place does just that. We can see a splash of various bright colours in the room, which is bound to attract and hold the attention of a toddler. We have a bookshelf in the room, which is simple yet elegant and is filled with books with attractive covers. The presence of soft toys and pretty wall prints is sure to keep your little one happy.

12. Indian Wedding Bedroom Decoration:

Image Source: pinterest

For one of the most memorable nights in anyone’s life, we need exceptional room decor, indeed. The room is splashed in red colour, almost synonymous with love and romance. The beautiful and intricate rose petals are splattered on the white sheets, which represent purity. The lighting is always of paramount importance, and here, the gorgeous bedside lamps bathe the room in dark, soft hues and facilitate a sense of intimacy and togetherness, perfect for newly married couples.

13. Bedroom Decorating Ideas For Couples:

Image Source: pinterest

This one is one of the romantic bedroom decor ideas, done up in all red. With bold colours rocking the interior decor world, this bedroom certainly shows that red is the way to go. The beautiful reddish-brown wallpaper dominates the bedroom. The velvet throws and cushions on the bed look visually bold and pleasing. The bedside cabinets and the matching lamps are the perfect decor for this bold master bedroom, complete with matching semi-sheer curtains which let in enough light.

14. Christmas Bedroom Decor:

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With the season of Christmas set to begin soon, there is no reason not to start ringing in the festivities by decorating your bedroom too. The bold, vivid theme of white and red on the bed raises one’s festive spirit as soon as they enter the room. The miniature Christmas tree at the bedside is an all-time must-have classic. The Holly wreaths on the wall behind the bed give the room a very festive vibe. This well-decorated room is sure to set the spirits soaring during the Christmas season!

15. Minimalist Bedroom Decorating Ideas:

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Minimalism is fast catching on with Millennials these days, so why not try and have a Minimalism style bedroom decor? The beautiful rug beneath the bed looks like eye candy and the serene scenery on the wall adds a dash of classic to the whole setting. Hats being used as decor pieces are in vogue now, and the bedside cabinet, with a wood finish, looks pleasant to the eye and adds an aesthetic touch to the entire room.

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16. Vintage Bedroom Decor:

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Vintage-themed bedrooms are rapidly becoming popular choices these days. This quaint bedroom setting promises to take you back in time to the classic old days. The lampshade gives a plush look to the room, and the flowery vintage prints on the bed sheets are sure to catch anyone’s fancy. The chair beside the bed further gives a rustic feel. The light blue wallpaper in the background gives a pleasing look to the elegant bedroom.

17. Turquoise Bedroom Decor:

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This is one of the modern bedroom decor ideas. It is done in a gorgeous shade of turquoise blue, which sets up the mood for peaceful vibes. This super calming blue shade is used in several shades in this master bedroom. The walls are done up in a paler hue, while the striped rug lends a chic feel to the place. The printed throw on the bed with the matching drapes on the bedside cabinet makes everything feel at home. The love symbol with lights looks like something right out of a dream.

18. Traditional Bedroom Decor:

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When we look at this bedroom, the soft colours, as well as the pretty textured fabrics, immediately pop out. Perfect for a traditional theme bedroom styling, the chandelier adds an old-world grace and charm to the surroundings. The quaint lamps emanate comforting hues, which beckon the reader to get transported back to the 80s. The classical painting on the wall, as well as the pretty clocks, arranged beautifully over another painting, bring a sense of refined style and sophistication to the opulent bedroom.

19. Apartment Bedroom Decor:

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This bedroom decorating idea is extremely neutral and calming to the eyes. It maximizes the space in the room while lending a classic touch to the room. The entire bedroom is done in white tones, with a few overhead lights in the ceiling lighting up the room. The grey headboard adds a dash of contrast to the room and warms up the ambience.

20. Masculine Bedroom Decor:

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This stylish and sexy bedroom oozes manliness, from the dark and subdued shades, which are immediately pleasingly conspicuous. The grey background on the walls adds a sense of edgy elegance to the room. The dark, exquisite rug on the floor, as well as its placement in the, bring in elan and sprinkles personality. This bedroom can be very inviting indeed, after a tiring day at work, where you can fully relax in the snug bed, with dark fluffy pillows beneath your head.

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21. Contemporary Bedroom Decor:

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The classic white theme adopted for decorating and designing this bedroom is incredibly visually appealing. This room radiates an aura of gentle peace, which is perfect for a contemporary setting. We have ample sunlight streaming in from the classical-looking windows, and a plant on the bedside, which further accentuates the natural element of the room. The graceful-looking reading lamps on either side of the bed look rather inviting for us to pick up a book and get lost in reading it in the wonderfully comfortable bed at night.

22. Black and White Bedroom Decor:

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This black and white bedroom looks effortlessly chic. The bedside cabinet matches the colour palette of the room while the storage shelf over the headboard houses contrasting showpieces in a modern theme. The lamp and the pillow add a fun twist while not being overly trendy.

23. Blue Bedroom Decorating Ideas:

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This bedroom gets a brand new lease of life with the super modern painting in the right corner of the wall. The shade of blue is beautifully calm and serene and contrasts with the ink-blue bed upholstery beautifully. The red wine sofa adds a bit of contrasting colour to the room while the lamps add their classical touch to the room.

24. Yellow Bedroom Decorating Ideas:

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This bedroom is washed with yellow, which is the colour of optimism, brightness, and enthusiasm. The warm hues on the cosy-looking bed, as well as the chic and comfortable chairs, add a distinct and tasteful element of style to the room. The lampshade looks very futuristic, sitting on the sleek black table. The potted plant, artfully placed, adds a touch of green. The white background of the room strikes a fascinating contrast indeed, with the yellow and black colour scheme used in the decoration.

25. Pink Bedroom Decor:

Image Source: pinterest

The next time you want to go for romantic bedroom decor ideas, steal some inspiration from this gorgeously pink decor. Anchoring your design around a colour scheme or artwork is a great way to start the design process. The blush pink curtains, the furry, velvety bedspread, and the woolly pink rug steal the show and give the bedroom a punch of modern style.

Bedroom decor is essential as it completes the aesthetics of a place and lends a homely feel to the bedroom. Choosing the right decor is essential as it makes the bedroom complete and makes it a perfect getaway place to relax after a long day. Hope you liked our 25 luxury bedroom decorating ideas and incorporate them while designing your bedroom. Do leave your valuable feedback in the comments below.


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