Your own personal safe haven, your kingdom of dreams at home is bound to be the bedroom. When considering remodelling your bedroom furniture, it is essential to keep in mind both functionality and aesthetics of the place. While buying a specific category of furniture for your bedroom, you also need to make sure that the flooring, bedroom wall colour, the lighting and the accessories blend well with it. Incorporating complementary colour palettes and furnishings into the bedroom will create a relaxed and peaceful ambience for you and exemplify your creative style at the same time. Whether you want to go eclectic or minimalistic, we have it all for you in the list of 20 modern bedroom furniture designs given below.

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Best Bedroom Furniture Designs In India:

If you need some inspiration to draw upon while designing your bedroom furniture, here is a list of 20 simple and modern bedroom furniture designs that are sure to transform the look of your bedroom by leaps and bounds. Browse further and enjoy!

1. Ultra Modern Bedroom Furniture:

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This designer bedroom features ultra-stylish and sleek furniture in all white. A spectacular white queen-sized bed with an oversized rug and matching bedside table lay the foundation for the creative concept. A large mirror hung above a matching drawer cabinet creates the illusion of extra large space and reflects the light making the space light and airy. A unique checkered oval table creates a stunning centrepiece while a dark plush rug adds a dash of contrast to the room. The white cabinet and matching lamp on the edge of the room create a natural flow of the theme into the next room and complete the dreamy look of this modern bedroom.

2. Girls Bedroom Furniture Design:

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This hot pink bedroom is clearly for a cute little girl or a teenager who loves pink. Pink is the universal colour for friendship and warmth. The designer, however, hasn’t gone entirely crazy with the colour and mixed and matched it with white to keep it practical. The cute little bed with a pink rug and matching blush cushions win our hearts, and so does the heart-shaped pink carpet below. The window side cabinet and the wallpaper are done up in hot pink and catch the eye, while the computer table and bedside cabinet are kept white to maintain the balance of colour in the room. Go crazy with this Barbie themed bedroom furniture and earn those brownie points from your little princess.

3. Small Space Bedroom Furniture:

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This is a minimalist master bedroom with grey furniture dark undertones. The bed is upholstered with contrasting coloured rugs and cushions to create a style statement. The pale blue wall colour and the matching ice blue curtains create a sense of calm and serenity against the contrasting gry furniture. The yellow bedside lamps and the chic footrest add a dash of colour to the backdrop and create a perfect picture for relaxation.

4. Classic Bedroom Furniture Designs:

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Mid-century bedroom designs are an eclectic mix of traditional and modern. The stunning bed in cream tones with plush velvet upholstery adds a royal touch to the decor. The bedside table, dresser, storage cabinet, and coffee table are all done in the same shade of cream to reinforce the style statement. The beautiful chandelier and the luxurious bedside lamps are all set to motivate you to fall in bed and drift off peacefully.

5. Master Bedroom Furniture Design:

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This contemporary master bedroom is all about contrasting styles and simplicity. This uncomplicated aesthetic done up in various beautiful hues of blue and violet is sure to make you jump out of bed in the mornings with renewed energy. The floor to ceiling windows let in a natural light stream in and create an illusion of larger space. The navy blue frames set against neutral white base colour in the furniture create a chic fashion statement while the ruddy brown rug on the floor makes the space feel cosy and cocooned.

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6. Best Bedroom Furniture Design:

Mirrored Bedroom Furniture Gold Bedroom Ideas New 16 Best Bedroom Colors Kanta Ajjtimes Save

This beautiful bedroom is done in a vibrant beige shade with attention given to tiny details such as matching the shape of the headboard to the mirror hung above the cabinet. The dual-toned bedsheets create an exciting ensemble and add elegance to the backdrop. The curtains and the bedside furniture are all in the same shade of beige with contrasting bits of showpieces, enhancing the overall aesthetics of the place.

7. Interior Design For Bedroom Furniture:

Interior Design For Bedroom Furniture Save

This eclectic bedroom is a classic example of how designer lighting and sleek coloured furniture can bring up the style statement by several notches. Here, the colour base is kept in medium tones, and the single yellow chair and cushions add a bit of sunshine and warmth to the room. The bedside lamp, pendant light over the bed and the storage cabinet are unusual design ideas sure to win you compliments galore.

8. Minimalist Bedroom Furniture Designs:

Minimalist Bedroom Furniture Save

Polish up a modern bedroom with a minimalistic touch. The headboard of the bed and the storage cupboards are done in the same dark shade of chocolate brown and add depth to the room decor. Throw off the monotony of the colour scheme with a bright green contrasting wallpaper, which adds texture to the room and brings in a fun element to your personal haven.

9. Modern Italian Bedroom Furniture:

Modern Italian Bedroom Furniture Save

This Italian bedroom is quite modern, and the grey in several tones amps up the style quotient of the bedroom. The abstract artwork on the wall adds contrast to the otherwise dark dominated space. The mirror on the cabinet reflects light and opens up space. The chic headlamp adds a dash of light to the serene bedroom.

10. Eclectic Bedroom Furniture Design:

Eclectic Bedroom Furniture Save

This stunning bedroom is designed in various hues of brown to keep the atmosphere warm and enticing. The bed upholstery and the artwork on the walls are decorated in a vibrant shade of cream, which gives a sense of luxuriousness to space. The chocolate brown rug, pillows, and the rich brown leather footrest add an oomph factor to the bedroom by throwing in a depth of contrast. The curtains match the floral embellishments on the wall and create a cosy feeling in the bedroom.

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11. PVC Furniture Design Bedroom:

Pvc Furniture Design Bedroom Save

This minimalist-inspired bedroom is made up of PVC and looks extremely sleek and chic. The entire bedroom is done in a monochromatic grey tone. The inbuilt tv on the wall with a sofa creates a cosy nook in the corner for watching movies. The bed upholstery is in a vibrant shade os sea green, and the soft cream pillows uplift the entire room. The modern red artwork in the cream backdrop above the headboard creates a sense of fresh openness and plays with light to create a style statement.

12. Deco Paint Bedroom Furniture Design:

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This simple deco master bedroom design is accentuated by the deep wine red colour of the backdrop. The large window lends a sense of airiness and lets in light to open up space. The cream circle on the wall adds to the abstractedness of the room. The small functional bed in shades of cream, the bedside table, and the chair add stark contrast to the room. The rug matches the eclectic bedside lamp and adds a fashionable aesthetic to the room.

13. Futuristic Bedroom Furniture Designs:

Futuristic Bedroom Furniture Save

The unique bed is the visual anchor in this futuristic bedroom and amps up the fashion quotient of the room by several notches. The entire bedroom is done in contrasting shades of chocolate brown and teal, which complement each other perfectly. The white wallpaper and the sofa set add a dash of playful contrast. The eclectic tv stand design and the wall-mounted shelves double the style factor of the room. The unique ceiling lamps and the recessed ceiling lights create statement lighting in the room.

14. Nill’s Furniture Bedroom:

Nill's Furniture Bedroom Save

Create a stunning look in your bedroom by mixing and matching pastel colours to create a playful niche. Here the bed, bedside table, and the dresser create a neutral base of white on to which the unique colourful play is imposed to make a truly unique personal haven for you. The colourful artwork on the walls and the lavender flowers add freshness to the room while keeping up with the theme.

15. Contemporary Italian Bedroom Furniture:

Contemporary Italian Bedroom Furniture Save

This contemporary Italian bedroom features ultra-sleek furniture and furnishings in a monochromatic grey palette. The huge storage closet matches the bed upholstery and the wallpaper to create an illusion of width. The modern artwork and the coffee table add an eclectic mix of freshness to the backdrop. The unique addition to the room, however, is the large hanging lamp, which creates a tasteful play of light and brightens up space. The matching rug with stripes adds in a dignified look to the room.

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16. Modern Contemporary Bedroom Furniture:

Modern Contemporary Bedroom Furniture Save

Black is the colour of chic and rebellion. Create a fashion statement in your master bedroom with these luxurious black furniture pieces which transform the entire space into a gleaming one. The dresser and the headboard feature the same theme of horizontal stripes, while the round grey footrest draws the eye from the black palette. The stunning black chandelier and headlamp on the dresser ramp up the style statement of the room.

17. Swedish Bedroom Furniture Designs:

Swedish Bedroom Furniture Save

This simple bedroom design has a neutral undertone with a play of light colours. The bed is upholstered in different shades of cream, pale blue, and gold and looks enticingly gorgeous. The bedside tables and the cabinets match the cream shade of the bed and add a sense of elegance to the room. The plush white rug sets the room aglow and is ultra-modern in style.

18. Turkish Bedroom Furniture:

Turkish Bedroom Furniture Designs Save

Wrap your eyes around this gorgeous Turkish bedroom model with statement-furniture. The bed is draped with luxurious upholstery in the beige shade with a colourful mix of pillows adding to the fun quotient. The storage cabinet and the bedside table are decorated in an attractive pattern that matches the stunning headboard of the bed. The opulent chandeliers on either side of the bed and the massive mirror in the backdrop creates a sense of luxury, confidence, and portray slick style.

19. Bedroom Furniture Decoration:

Bedroom Furniture Decoration Save

This contemporary bedroom is done up in classic black and white shades. The furniture is all in a vibrant shade of creamish white and creates an illusion of openness and airiness in the small space available. The beautiful black floral embossed rug and the faux black rug is genuinely refreshing to the eye and adds to the glamour of the room. The stunning black painting against the white backdrop and the green plant in the window complements the bedroom style perfectly.

20. Zen Bedroom Furniture Design:

Zen Bedroom Furniture Save

This super stylish bedroom has a zen atmosphere created by its ultra-modern and sleek furniture. The unique headboard of the bed matches the design of the closet, which has a huge mirror to reflect light and promote an open feel to space. The copper pattern on the cabinet and bed are also featured in the bedside table and the pendant lights and create an unusual colour play in the space. The neutral grey backdrop ensures that the stunning furniture stands out.

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Modern bedroom furniture comes in a whole host of designs and finishes. Create your own style statement by experimenting with furnishings, colours, lighting as there is something for everyone in the cacophony of interior designing. Discover truly ingenious bedroom furniture designs and unleash your talent to create a modern design that is sure to get you out of bed every morning. We hope our super stylish bedroom furniture designs have inspired you a lot.


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