A bedroom is one’s heaven, meant for relaxation. If you want to give a makeover to your old bedroom, painting it with the latest trending designs might be the most inexpensive way to do it. Since colours and the light in your bedroom reflect your mood and personality, a well-painted bedroom has become an absolute necessity nowadays. Whether you are looking for a calming shade or one that looks enticing and bold, you are sure to discover your choice among our list of top 25 trending paint colours for your bedroom.

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Best Paint Colors For Bedroom:

Here are our 25 simple and modern bedroom painting designs that will give you much-needed inspiration while designing your bedroom.

1. Children’s Bedroom Paint Ideas:

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The bedroom comes to life with this classic blue paint colour on the walls. It contributes to the sense of warmth, fullness, and energy while keeping it calm and pleasing as well. The matching animated bed drapes and different furnishings in lighter colours add a splash of colour to the bedroom and reflect the cool tones of the walls. This shade of blue isn’t overpowering, but draws the eye and is pleasant to look at. So, if blue is your favourite colour, why not make it the colour theme of your bedroom?

2. Boys Bedroom Colour Designs:

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This bedroom looks wonderfully swanky and contemporary, ideal for a boy’s bedroom. The deep navy blue colour illuminates the entire room while the trendy shelves inject pops of colour to break the monotony. The colourful furniture contrasts nicely with the walls, giving an edgy and balanced look to the room without making it too moody and dull. This modern, trendy, and cool bedroom is an ideal gift for your boy the next time you remodel his room.

3. Men’s Bedroom Colour Designs:

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This deep-set blue colour of the walls creates a royal canvas for the rest of the bedroom and makes the elegant wooden furniture stand out in contrast. This colour is strikingly modern and sets the mood for your man, be it business or relaxation. The ceiling allows natural light to shine through and makes the colour of the walls look more vibrant and luxurious. This modern colour scheme is quite popular nowadays and the perfect choice for a master bedroom.

4. Teenage Bedroom Colour Schemes:

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Silky grey walls with an understated floral pattern create the perfect backdrop for your teenager to indulge their whims and fancies in. The brightly patterned carpet and sunny floral bed drapes keep the bedroom from looking dull and washed out. The wall colour looks surprisingly cosy and is perfect for creating a teenager’s private hideout. Why wait, go ahead, and earn those extra brownie points from your teen by gifting them this stylish bedroom!

5. Toddler Bedroom Painting Designs:

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Thinking of gifting your toddler his bedroom? This loud, vivid blue would make an excellent colour for a toddler to play and sleep. This colour is in synergy with the high energy levels of kids and also exudes a pleasant and calming vibe. The colourful elements against the serene backdrop create a playful, warm atmosphere and spread cheer and joy. This vibrant blue colour is sure to captivate your toddlers’ interest and make playtime so much more fun for them.

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6. Master Bedroom Colour Design:

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One can never go wrong with florals is what they say? A super light blue shade with contrasting blush blossoms is enough to inject warmth and cheer into any space. The lavender blossoms, contrasting bed drapes, and furniture in muted tones contribute to the easy class and elegance this bedroom emanates. This wonderfully modern bedroom painting idea has become quite popular nowadays and leaves you with a feeling of tropical vibes.

7. Wall Painting Designs For Bedroom:

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You can create a statement wall in your bedroom with this design, which draws the eye immediately and keeps things fun and interesting. It has become popular nowadays to match a single colour palette for the wall and furnishings and to create a range of shifting light experiences with the pattern to entice the viewer. The bright white bed and furniture keep the space simple and plain, while the creative floral pattern livens things up and highlights the entire wall. Opt for this bedroom paint idea if you want to unleash your creative side the next time.

8. Texture Paint Designs For Bedroom:

This classic, vintage bedroom has all the right colour pairings to create a refreshing palette for the mood. The textured painting on the wall is a blend of lighter hues, lending a clean, airy look to the room. The results are understated, yet an edgy feel to the room. The dark violet drapes and bed furnishings add an element of mystique and personality to the bedroom. This finish is perfect if you want a colourful yet chic and romantic look for your master bedroom; hence you know which one to choose the next time you remodel your bedroom.

9. Asian Paints Bedroom Colour Combinations:

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This wonderful colour combination would be ideal for a beachfront house as it has the perfect mix of blue and violet hues. The colour scheme is marvellous and entirely modern. The white ceiling and curtains, along with the lighter colours in the bed drapes, prevent the colours from overpowering the room. The way the colours blend in to create an interesting effect is fantastic and allows the clean look of the furniture to come through. This gorgeous colour allows the natural light to shine through all the elements in the bedroom.

10. Colour Combinations For Bedroom Wall:

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This stunning bedroom features a tasteful clash of blue and yellow colours, which make the space look extremely inviting and sleek. The minimal, artistic decor in muted tones of white and yellow adds depth to the room and virtually matches the paint colours of the bedroom. The clear, blue walls offer a stunning backdrop to the sunny yellow clock to sit on. The colour clash is swanky and lends a creative ambience to the entire room. The next time you want to refurbish your bedroom artistically, you know which one to choose.

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11. Purple Colour For Bedroom:

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This fun, vibrant purple colour is sure to be a hit on the house since it is adorably attractive and calming as well. It emanates a relaxing effect as it is done with minimal furnishings in a subdued grey. This is a great colour scape for a modern master bedroom, which is clean and comfortable. The magical purple hue is sure to be eye-catching and also makes the room feel happy and pleasing to be in. It is a great way to revamp your bedroom with a minimalistic approach.

12. Blue Bedroom Colour Design:

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These deep blue walls are perfect for this bedroom, clearly a kid’s or a teenager’s bedroom, and bring the intricate flooring into light by standing in contrast. The colour of the walls alone is enough to add a pop of fun to this modern, artistic bedroom that features minimal embellishments. The playful patterns on the furnishings add a touch of vibrancy to the depth of the blue colour in the bedroom.

13. Green Bedroom Painting Designs:

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If you are a nature lover and want a burst of the environment in your bedroom, this fun green colour is for you! Green reflects tranquillity, renewal, and freshness. It is soothing, and fun, and brings out your creative best. The furnishings and drapes are done in lighter elements of green to create a cohesive feel for the whole area. Escape into your natural facade by painting your bedroom with this gorgeous shade of vivid green.

14. Dark Bedroom Colour Design:

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If you are one of those people who like their bedrooms dark but not too moody, then this steel grey colour is for you. It is an unusual and versatile colour but creates a statement when paired with lighter furnishings to pull the light in. It is a lovely grounding colour and exudes a calming, luxurious, and confident feel in your bedroom without making it too dark or moody.

15. Light Bedroom Colour Design:

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A soothing soft blue, this bedroom is sure to make you feel like you have dived headfirst into the icy oceanside, making you feel refreshed. It symbolizes wisdom and reliability. It adds an ethereal, dream-like feeling to the space and creates an interesting background for the lighter white furnishings and drapes. It exudes serene energy, and if this colour doesn’t uplift your mood and make it soar, we don’t know what will!

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16. Brown Paint Colours For Bedroom:

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This warm brown bedroom exudes warmth and cosiness. The cosy bedding and the rustic brown furniture make the bedroom wonderfully serene and pleasing. The lighter art element but in the same hue of frown adds intrigue to the room while breaking the monotony. This paint colour for the bedroom is perfect for those who do not like colourful or neon colours and love a timeless bedroom.

17. Grey Bedroom Painting Designs:

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In the colour wheel, grey represents neutrality and balance. The wispy grey walls are a perfect match to the entire decor in variations of grey and set the canvas for the grey theme wonderfully! The grey attributes to a calming and pleasant atmosphere in the bedroom without creating much distraction. It is a modern spin on the boring greys and brings out that crisp, pleasant emotion within you.

18. Bright Bedroom Colour Design:

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With a bedroom colour like this one, you can easily drift off into the seaside for a vacation! The walls are pale blue and make the entire space feel extremely airy and light. It creates a fantastic canvas for the lighter elements and ceiling throughout the room. The more subdued furnishings and lighter decor are sure to keep you comfortable and cosy. Opt for this one if you want your dreamland!

19. Pink Bedroom Colour Designs:

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Pink is the universal colour of love, friendship, and approachability. No wonder little girls love pink in all its glory! The lush grey drapes stand against the blush pink paint in this bedroom, creating a modern and whimsical space. The decor is in different variations of greys and whites and keeps this pink from being too pink! This type of contemporary bedroom is trending now and features a lot of interesting colour play. So, if you want to keep your bedroom modern yet colourful, this one is good for you.

20. White Colour Bedroom Design:

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This bedroom is definitely a showstopper, timeless, and intriguing. White is often called the absence of any colour, but we think it makes all the other colours pop and makes its statement. It is the colour of spirituality, sincerity, and goodness. The muted decor in subtle tones also creates a refreshing atmosphere. If you want the perfect setup to read a book and drift off into a peaceful sleep, then this is it. It is a pure, cool, inviting space that can re-energize you!

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21. Yellow Bedroom Colour Designs:

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Yellow represents warmth, cheer, and fascination. It represents optimism, intellect, and positive energy. This happy colour is sure to inspire you to leave your sorrows at the door and bring out the best in you. The muted white furnishings lend serenity to the space. It is nearly impossible for you to be down in a bedroom as fantastic as this, so if you want your bedroom to be your happy little world, invest in this sunny yellow hue.

22. Orange Bedroom Colour Designs:

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This bedroom proves just how good a bright orange wall can look against a more subdued white wall of paint. Orange is the colour of enthusiasm, determination, and stimulation. It promotes a general feeling of wellness. The lighter decor and the modern piece on the wall add a glamorous aesthetic touch and accentuate the orange’s bright shining personality. If you want colours that can put you to bed and inspire you to jump out of it too, no better one than this!

23. Red Bedroom Colour Designs:

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If you want a surprise pop of colour in your bedroom, opt for this brick-red paint, which exudes high energy, and boldness and is calming too. The white mosaic pattern on the wall gives a fresh, timeless look to your bedroom, while also looking warm and chic. The white, black, and red decor used to make the space look subdued and also create an interesting distraction from the red. The fiery red colour is sure to inspire you and motivate you at the same time with its beautiful gloss.

24. Black Bedroom Painting Designs:

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White and black are opposites, as different as two colours can be! White represents new beginnings, while black portrays luxury and confidence. The inky black walls in this bedroom stand in stark contrast to the white curtains and bed decor and create quite a picture. Darker tones are known to make smaller spaces look bigger and amplified. The furnishings in white undertones keep the room from getting too dark and moody and add a touch of elegance to the room. The next time you want a simple yet cool bedroom paint colour, go for this one!

25. Girls Bedroom Colour Design:

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These aqua-coloured walls give a fresh and energetic look to the room while keeping it sophisticated and classy. It creates a feminine look without being overly girly and is extremely soothing and refreshing to look at. Here, the slightly contrasting pink cushions and the furniture in subtle shades complement this bedroom colour and design perfectly. Invest in this beautiful aqua tone for your bedroom if you want to bring nature into your bedroom!

If you are planning to change the look of your bedroom anytime soon, but with a limited budget, simply repainting the room will add much-needed freshness to the room without a major change in upholstery and furniture. We hope that our fantastic lineup of trending painting ideas for the bedroom has inspired you to unleash your creative side. So fret no more, use one of the above 25 best bedroom painting designs and get ready to have compliments flow your way! Do let us know which one was your favourite in the comment section below!


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