15 Modern Bedroom Sets Collections For 2018

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Starting from the interior decor ideas to a modular kitchen, the change is everywhere to be found. In the present day when people are going gala over the looks more than comfort, people tend to choose style over comfort any day. With that the size of the living spaces became small and the size of furniture became small as well. The size of the beds began to be divided as per the need and number of people sleeping on it. If a single person sleeps on a bed, then a single size bed was bought and so on.

Modern Bedroom Sets Collection Designs India:

Let’s see the best 15 modern bedroom sets collections for your reference.

1. King Size Bedroom Sets:

King Size Bedroom Sets

The bedroom furniture sets should be bought keeping in mind the aura of the room is giving. If the outlook of the house is traditional, then one should match it up with similar traditional and antique furniture. The bedroom sets are usually of the same colour and are matched with the background wall. One can also mix and match styles and contrast or match the furniture based on his taste.

2. Snow Theme Bedroom Sets:

Snow Theme Bedroom Sets

White is a welcoming colour and provides an inviting atmosphere for your house. The white bedroom set is generally made of wood sometimes with metal and lasts for a longer period of time. The whole point of coloring the furniture white is that they provide an extra longer tenure and protection from extreme temperature. White furniture sets do not tend to lose colour quickly.

3. Kids’ Bedroom Sets:

Kids’ Bedroom Sets

A kid’s bedroom set generally differs according to their age. If he/she is an infant then beds are not necessary and instead of that a cot might be compulsory. If two or more kids share their room with each other than bunker beds can be allocated. It saves a lot of floor space, economical on the pocket and is a practical approach.

4. Contemporary Bedroom Set:

Contemporary Bedroom Set

The modern bedroom sets are nothing different from the regular bedroom sets apart from the stylisation ground. The basic purpose of a bedroom set is to fulfil any need that a person might need in his bedroom. They not only fulfil this basic need but also hold the capability of changing the total outlook of the room.

5. Eclectic Bedroom Design:

eclectic bedroom desgn

Eclectic bedroom set furniture is capable to give even a small room an antique touch. The room is decorated with a small double bed and some necessary furniture that also leaves a good space for comfort. The design can also be applicable to the medium area rooms.

6. Cottage Style Bedroom Furniture:

Cottage Style Bedroom Furniture

Want to give your house a traditional touch with cottage style furniture! Here are complete cottage style wood bedroom sets that would surely accomplish your needs. The room is given traditional bed with boxes below, showcase, tables, and much more for completing the sets with a perfect touch.

7. Mediterranean Sets for Bedroom:

Mediterranean Sets for Bedroom

Mediterranean designs give your children bedroom sets a unique watery touch. It is capable to decorate the smallest space giving you a showcase which includes two beds in it. To make the theme more effective, colours like blue, white and brownish yellow are used with wave designs.

8. Romantic Bedroom Furniture:

Romantic Bedroom Furniture

Complete bedroom sets also carry sensual ideas to decorate your room with romantic patterns. The furniture includes a queen size bed with decorative edges, window ridges in curvy designs along with similar stools, dressing tables, cupboards, etc. to which a furry mate is given to add some charm.

9. Asian Bedroom Designs:

Asian Bedroom Designs

Inspired by the nature and looking for a similar theme for your bedroom! The Asian designs come with similar designs. The complete room is given an earth texture, with a natural background to the bed as the main wall. Along with the shallow bed, the side tables are also given a colour which matches the theme, with a white floral pot.

10. Coastal Theme Bedroom Furniture:

Coastal Theme Bedroom Furniture

Love the wondrous coastal regions! Why not decorate your bedroom with such surroundings! Yes, a bed along with other furniture when made with light wooden spring texture, a coastal tree beside it with other similar coastal antiques would give you the best view of coastal view for your bedroom.

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11. Colourful Bedroom Sets for Children:

colourful bedroom sets for childern

The kids bedroom furniture sets need to be colourful that give a bright look to the bedroom. The furniture has a dual upside-down bed set in white with a ladder and several drawers attached to it. The room also has a small dressing table for the kids and another drawer table which carries various colours with it.

12. Old World Bedroom Furniture:

old world bedroom furniture

A master bed, a television showcase, a dressing table, and a tea corner, is that your dream for a better bedroom! The bedroom furniture sets it provides you come with dark brown wooden colour, to blemish your bedroom with a contrast carpet and designer window curtains.

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13. Eye Shaped Bedroom Furniture:

Eye Shaped Bedroom Furniture

A designer look to your bedroom can be elevated with the help of fibre and wooden designs giving the furniture an eye shape antiques. The bed is also given a similar pattern, along with the wall showcases, in fine paints matching the theme.

14. Bedroom Furniture for Twins:

Bedroom Furniture for Twins

Having twins and wants to give them a similar room! Why not combine them to one, with similar furniture! Yes, the kid’s bedroom sets with same colour, furniture, and other belongings is perfect for your twins. The cupboards are made with a single bed within with a centre stair to the top of both the showcase.

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15. Harry Porter Theme Furniture for Room:

Harry Porter Theme Furniture for Room

Want to gift your kid the world of his superhero! Complete bedroom sets with harry porter theme is what would suit your desire. The room is decorated with furniture related to the series of chamber of secrets with the car bed, the magical mirror and similar dressing table too.

The bedroom is an essential part of the human life. And hence, it needs to be decorated accordingly to gift you some relaxation. The bedroom furniture sets play a vital role in getting your dream room designed. With various wall combinations and designer furniture even the smallest room can be given a luxurious touch.

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