There are many kinds of insects, but bug appears beautiful and exciting than Beetles. These insects are found in abundance as much there is sand on the beach.

Beetle tattoos are very symbolic. Every beetle tattoo design has a significant deeper meaning also. It symbolizes luck, love, prosperity, creation and many more. This insect is said that possess two sets of wings which are hardy acts like a shield. Both men and women can design the beetle tattoo on any part of your desire.

Best and Stylish Beetle Tattoo Designs:

Let’s have a look at the top 9 different types of beetle tattoos.

1. Classy Beetle Tattoo Design:

An amazing tattoo design that can be portrayed by anyone and appear more charming than ever. In the other half body of the beetle, the skull is designed with large eye sockets representing eternity. The design has been beautifully inked on the sleeves and lends a striking look to the wearer.

2. Alluring Beetle Tattoo Design:

This is a perfect tattoo design for female folk. In this design, a yellow rose flower has been crafted in an artistic way portraying safety and well being between the lovers. On one edge cute beetle is designed, which enhances the look by many folds.

3. Cute Beetle Car Tattoo Design:

Many renowned car companies in ninety’s created incredible car’s models and named them beetle cars. After that, many other companies named the car engine after this insect, and to date, these cars have captured the market and are the first preference of car lovers.

4. Cool Beetle Tattoo Design:

The beetle tattoo design can be designed in diversified as well. An array of colours is being imposed on the design to make it grander. The blue coloured beetle symbolizes freedom and is pretty sensitive by heart. So a person having these qualities can design this beetle design on their calf and appear distinct from others.

5. Eye Catchy Beetle Tattoo Design:

Some people design tattoo so that it is easily visible and they appear most fascinating and charming. The beetle tattoo is designed on the fingers of the wearer. The design is crafted so that it looks lovely, and you can easily scare others.

6. Astonishing Beetle Tattoo Design:

A huge beetle tattoo is designed in such a way that it covers the entire back, and the moment you are bare body, it makes you appear radiant. This could be an admirable tattoo for people who are in love and inspired by beetles.

7. Elegant Lady Beetle Tattoo Design:

The ladybug is widely considered to bring prosperity and success wherever it flies. It is even believed it brings love to your life, so this tattoo could be a symbol that the wearer is in search of this loved one. This tattoo design is one of the most adored and in-demand tattoo designs among beetle lovers.

8. Marvellous Beetle Tattoo Design:

Here comes a gorgeous, mind-blowing tattoo design. In this, the beetle body parts have been styled with gems and stones and the wings have been glittered with green looking impressive from every corner.

9. Mythological Scarab Beetle Tattoo:

This is a tattoo design that depicts Egyptian mythology about Scarab. The beetle is considered sacred in Egyptian country and has been associated with the creation, protection from evils and even rebirth. These types of tattoos can be designed in many styles like wings opened, flying etc. and appears fabulous in every way.


Beetle tattoos can be designed in various shapes, sizes and vibrant and joyful colours can be added to make them look sensational. Beetle tattoos look most remarkable if they are tattooed in a proper style. In these, you can find many variations are added some elements like flowers, dragons, and many others and make it appear more alluring and appealing.

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