Top 10 Benefits of Beetroot during Pregnancy

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Beetroot is a red colored and sweet vegetable of the root family. It is usually taken as a salad, but there are also a variety of ways to cook it. Beetroot is high in nutritious elements and vitamins. They are known to naturally detoxify blood and revitalize the body. Not only this, it is known to strengthen the immunity system and both its leaves and roots are full of healing properties.

beetroot during pregnancy

♦ Is Beetroot Good for Pregnancy?

The pregnancy period may induce serious cravings for sweet food at times. But, since this phase is very delicate, one needs to ensure that nutrition comes along with taste. There are numerous advices on the web as what to eat and what to avoid during pregnancy. Almost all fresh vegetables are good in this stage but when it comes specifically to beetroot, we need to do a detailed analysis on its various aspects. Beeturia and rise in blood oxalate levels are some of the risks posed by this otherwise healthy vegetable. So let us take an account of the several benefits along with the safety considerations that need to be taken while including this vegetable in your pregnancy diet plan.

♦ Benefits of Beetroot During Pregnancy:-

1. Beetroot is rich in folates: thus inclusion of beetroots in pregnancy as part of the diet plan reduces the chances of various birth defects. Folic acid also aids in the proper development of the fetus, especially that of the spinal cord.

2. Beetroots are a source of high iron content. A woman during pregnancy can consume beetroots as salads or juice to increase her hemoglobin count. Beetroot juice in pregnancy is highly recommended to control anemia.

3. Another reason to consume beetroot is that it contains Vitamin C. This vitamin not only helps in absorbing iron, but also ensures a healthy and strong fetus in the womb.

4. Betacyanin present in beetroot helps a great deal in maintaining a proper function of the liver. This ensures that your body is always free of any toxins, including those excess fatty acids. Including beet root juice during pregnancy thus minimizes your chances of gaining excessive body weight.

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5. Beetroot is a source of several minerals and nutrients; such as- vitamins A and B, fibers, and carbohydrates. Consuming beet roots helps an expecting mother to maintain her stamina and also keeps the blood pressure levels under control

6. Antioxidants present in beetroot boosts the immunity system of both the developing fetus and the mother.

7. Another element present in beetroot is potassium, which keeps a proper balance of electrolytes and helps in smooth metabolism within the body.

8. Calcium aids in the prevention of osteoporosis and decalcification of teeth in expecting mothers.

9. Swelling and joint pains is a common source of discomfort in pregnant women. Betaine in beetroot has anti inflammatory properties and thus helps in prevention of such issues during pregnancy.

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10. Although beetroot is high in sugar, it has a low glycemic load. This signifies a slow conversion of sugar in the blood, thus helping in keeping sugar levels in check.

Betaine in beetroots may cause nausea and diarrhea; while nitrates might result in weakness and vomiting. Too much inclusion of beetroots in the diet plan increases the chances of beeturia, which is characterized by red urine and stool. High oxalate quantities in beetroot increase chances of kidney stones and the juice may cause temporary paralyzing of vocal cords. During pregnancy, you should consider beetroot in the raw form or a bit boiled to get maximum benefits. However take the advice of your health consultant about the frequency and quantity of beetroots in your diet chart.

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