The American actress, model, writer, etc looks mind-blowing without makeup. We are talking about the one and only Bella Thorne. She is also a big-time TV personality and is known for her awesome display of unique beauty on the screens. Bella likes to keep it simple and real behind the lens, and sometimes she becomes over-fond of her natural allure and displays a bare face quite often. This article is all about those moments. Here, you will be provided with some of the best pictures of Bella, where she sports zero makeup on her face.

1. The No-Makeup Selfie:

This is one of the most beautiful pictures of Bella, where she sports her zero makeup face along with her natural allure. Here, Bella looks so innocent and beautiful that her allure makes this one of the best Bella thrones without makeup pictures ever.

2. Another No Makeup Selfie:

Here, we have yet another awesome selfie of Bella showing off her natural allure. She looks almost the same as she looks when she wears makeup. She can go to an event in this way. Bella looks totally amazing in this picture, where she wears no makeup at all.

3. The Old Picture:

Rest assured, one thing can be said for sure Bella is not fake. She likes her natural beauty and doesn’t need to make it look a lot more attractive with the help of beauty products. She can get enough attention by simply showing off her natural allure.

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4. The 2014 Selfie:

Bella looked like this 2 years ago, and her beauty seems to increase with age. Her allure is quite unique and cannot be compared with anything. Bella looks awesome with makeup, for sure. But people should look for more natural beauty pictures of Bella rather than just looking for Bella Throne makeup pictures.

5. The Rough Hair Selfie:

This selfie is a bit different from the previous ones. Here, she looks a lot more impressive and seductive, and this picture is enough to impress her haters and people who don’t know her.

6. The Adorable Facial Allure:

Bella loves taking without-makeup selfies of her. This is a picture where Bella again sports her natural allure along with her awesome smile. The picture can be said to be one of the top-rated Bella Throne without make-up pictures ever.

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7. The Cutie:

Bella is surely the cutie. If you didn’t know, then this picture might reveal that secret. This picture was clicked while Bella Throne was enjoying a smoothie outdoors. This is probably one of the best pictures of Bella without wearing any kind of beauty product and still stealing the show.

8. At the Airport:

Here, we can see a different and much more mature version of Bella, where she displays her natural allure along with her awesome smile. The picture is so beautiful that it can easily impress people all over the internet.

9. That Hairstyle Though!

This was Bella’s hairstyle a few months back. She looks totally different here. The hairstyle makes her kinda look like a different person. But her face and her facial allure are the same. This retro mixed modern touch hairstyle seems to suit her perfectly.

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10. The Back Still Picture:

This picture was posted by Bella on Instagram. The makeup-free picture of Bella surely sets the bar high. Ladies will have to work a lot on their diet and beauty to look this way. But for Bella, it comes naturally.

Bella Thorne is quite beautiful and looks almost the same without any makeup. This article justifies the above statement. After quite a discussion, one thing can be said for sure Bella is probably really proud of her natural allure, and that is why she showcases it so often.


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