Wouldn’t it be great, if you could hear the pleasing sound of bells while entering your pooja room? Such a relaxing and pleasing sound that would be generated by the pooja room bell door designs, isn’t it? The use of hanging bells for pooja rooms is an ancient tradition but it has become quite a trend in recent times.

Since the pooja room is a sacred place, its entrance should also be unique. There can be no better way than to have bells for the pooja door to create a pleasing and soothing sound for the devotees every time they enter the pooja room for their prayers.

Latest Bells For Pooja Door In India:

To attract the users and to add a charming appeal to the pooja room, these bells are made available in different styles, colours, and patterns. Here are some of the pooja room door design bells that you can use in your way for create a lasting impression:

1. Bells with Glass Door:

Image Source: pinterest

One of the best styles of using pooja room doors with bells is to get the combination of a glass door with bells. The combination is unique and also looks amazingly beautiful. You can combine either limited bells on the door or can add as many bells as you like.

This type of bell for the door is also a recommendable design of pooja room doorbell Vastu and thus ensures to bring maximum happiness and warmth in the house. You can also choose the colour and design of the bells according to the interior of your pooja room.

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2. Bell Craving on Wooden Door:

Image Source: pinterest

It is always a good idea to combine traditions with style and this is also something that you can do with your pooja door idea. One of the simple yet attractive ideas for using pooja room door designs with bells is to crave the bell design on the wooden door.

To make this design more realistic, you can also put some real bells in the cravings and get the pleasing sound of the bells as and when needed. You can either create this same design on the full door or partition the door into half with this design and use some other design on the remaining door half.

3. Designer Hanging Bell on Pooja Door:

Image Source: pinterest

Using a designer bell on your pooja door is one subtle idea for creating a lasting and unique impression and also to avoid overdoing the use of bells for pooja doors. You can just use 1 or 2 designer hanging bells on your pooja door and you are done with the needed decorations.

There are plenty number of designer hanging bells available in the market which the users can invest in. You can choose the hanging bell according to your style and personality. The best part of using such designer hanging pooja room bells is that they require no special effort to place them on the pooja doors.

4. Brass Doorbell with Ganesha Statue for Pooja Door:

If you want something unique and stylish in pooja doorbell design, then this is something which you will love. This is not a traditional bell design for the pooja room but is a unique and different doorbell design for the pooja room. It comes in brass material and can be accompanied by a Lord Ganesha statue or even with any other God statue.

This is also not a hanging bell but you can simply use this pooja room bell door design by placing the doorbell on top of the pooja room door. The installation of this doorbell is quite easy and doesn’t require any effort.

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5. Side Hanging Bells for Pooja Room Door:

No matter if you have a big-sized temple or a small-sized one, these side hanging bells can be used for both. As per the latest trends, these side-hanging bells are being preferred on small mandirs as they not only look good but also save maximum space.

This side hanging bell door for the pooja room comes in varying sizes and designs and thus can be easily selected according to the overall look of the pooja room. You can also use some of the other decorative items along with these pooja room hanging bells to create an awesome attraction for the users.

6. Unique Traditional Door Bell for Pooja Room in Brass:

If you don’t want to use a hanging doorbell for your pooja room, then you can try the traditional bell as well. There are quite a few options available in the category of the unique traditional doorbell in brass material. The best part of this idea of pooja room doors with bells is that these bells can be placed at one particular position, particularly on top of the pooja door and as a result, they don’t interfere with the user’s way.

These short and fixed bells also look stylish and elegant on the pooja room doors. These are also quite affordable as well and can either be used on a single basis or in multiple numbers.

7. Shubh Labh Hanging Bells for Pooja Room Door:

Many people like to keep everything as per the traditions in their pooja room. Therefore, rather than going with the stylish doorbells, they prefer using the traditional bells. If you are also one of them, then this Shubh Labh hanging bell will excite you.

This Shubh Labh doorbell for pooja room is also one recommended pooja room doorbell Vastu which can attract all the positivity and warmth just at the doors of your pooja room. You can either place one of these bell hangings in the centre of the door or use a pair of these bell hangings for both doors.

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8. Bell with Diya Design for Pooja Room Door:

Bells and Diyas are two essential things for any mandir. Both things play a significant role in the pooja room for creating the authenticity of the pooja room along with creating a pleasant environment in the pooja room.

Now imagine how amazing will it get if both these important elements of the pooja room are combined. You can use this bell with Diya design in your pooja room door and can get the benefits of a bell door for a pooja room. You can get many options in the design of these bells and that too in varying colour options.

9. Om Bell Design for Pooja Room Door:

Another trending pooja doorbell design which has become a favourite of many people is the Ombell design. It combines the design of the Om symbol and bells and thus creates an amazing design in the pooja room hanging bells design.

You can find a good variety of designs in this type of Om bells and that too at an affordable price range. The use of a single Om bell on the door of the pooja room will create an amazing sight for the people. To make a balance between the bells for the pooja mandir, you can use 2 of these Om bell-designed doorbells on both the doors of the pooja room.

10. Traditional Pooja Door Bell Design:

Image Source: pinterest

This is one of the traditional designs in the type of pooja room bells. You can try having the design of the bell on either the glass door or even on a wooden door. Undoubtedly, the bell design will look good on all types of door designs.

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Despite using real bells on the door of the pooja room, you can create the design of bells in the pooja room door. This design idea will not only preserve the space for some other decorations but will also look good and modern in its ways.

These are some of the most common and popular pooja room door designs with bells which will make your pooja room look attractive and special. The market is flooded with many types of designs of doorbells for pooja rooms. You will surely find the most suitable one according to your likings and preferences. Also, the installation of these hanging bells for the pooja room is quite easy and convenient for the users.

If you need any further help in choosing the pooja room door design bells, then please do comment below. We will get back to you with the best possible information about the bell design for your pooja room.


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