Tattoos can be carved on any part of the body; it depends on your desire and wish. But it should be inked in such a place which makes a person appear more charming and alluring.

Generally, females get tattooed designs on body parts that makes them appear more intense and tantalizing that’s the belly button. As this is a natural place tattoo design appear can appear very intense and many designs just look fabulous around the belly area only.

Simple and Stylish Belly Button Tattoo Designs:

Let’s have a quick look at the top 10+ different types of belly button tattoos.

1. Shining Belly Button Tattoo Designs:

As it is said that without the sun life cannot exist, similarly the development of a child take through the mother’s naval when he is in the womb. Around the naval sun are tattooed and the shaded sun rays give a remarkable look to the wearer of this tattoo.

2. Cool Belly Button Tattoo Designs:

The lower belly area could be an alluring place to get a tattoo design. This design covers almost the lower as well as the belly area giving an enticing and seducing appearance to the wearer. The heart shape in the centre along with birds on opposite sides gives a distinct and ravishing appearance.

3. Amazing Belly Button Tattoo Designs:

A dolphin tattoo symbolizes the intelligence and friendly nature of a person, so by tattooing in near naval, you could display your qualities in a silent and cool way. The black-inked dolphin tattoo lends a distinct appearance to the wearer. This is an awesome tattoo design and a cool of expressing without words.

4. Fabulous Belly Button Tattoo Designs:

The crescent moon is designed with a skull figure inside, making it appear spectacular. To add a more incredible look small cute three blue coloured stars are depicted near the naval making it appear more sensational. A beautiful way of expressing through tattoo designs your affection towards the stars and the moon.

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5. Elegant Belly Button Tattoo Designs:

In the design, cute flower petals are designed around the belly button and the diamond shape with small dots above it lends a radiant appearance to the design. This is one simple and elegant tattoo on the belly button for male folk.

6. Sparkling Belly Button Tattoo Designs:

Here comes a trendy and extremely gorgeous appearing tattoo design. On the naval fabulous small butterfly is crafted in beautiful shades of green and silver sprinkles adding a more enhanced look to it. As butterflies possess similar characteristics to the female, a perfect and cool design for every female.

7. Cartoon Belly Button Tattoo Designs:

You can get these cartoon designs customized according to your favourite character and get some quotes tattooed to make them appear more unique and clear. This could be a great tattoo design for a person who loves to craft funky tattoo designs.

8. Ancient Belly Button Tattoo Designs:

This type of design appears very simple yet with a touch of elegance. This tribal design appears unique, the twist and small curves appear astounding when tattooed on the belly button.

9. Ornamental Belly Button Tattoo Designs:

These tattoo designs look very real as if the wearer is wearing ornaments near the naval. The semi-circle in black ink and the small flowers with a cute butterfly make the design appear more attractive. The soothing colours add a more realistic look to the design.

A belly button tattoo is a great attention seeker, so you should research well before you decide on any design. These belly tattoos look amazing, glamorous, enticing and sexy on both men and women. There are many different kinds of belly tattoo designs so fix one which enhances your personality and lends you a fabulous look.

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