The application of Mehandi on skin has been going on from time immemorial. It is a form of art that never seems to age. In the ancient times mostly the women of Asian and African origin would be applying Mehndi but lately application of Mehendi has taken a new turn. It has become a trend among the most of the women living across the globe. Since applying Mehandi is easy, painless and is not a permanent marking on the body, it has become popular all over the world in the form of temporary tattoo.

Though application of Mehndi is common on the hands and legs, women apply Mehandi on their bellies as well. It is a different fact that in some cultures of India, application of Mehndi on the belly of the pregnant women is something of a custom but belly Mehendi has become a new trend among the women as well. Here’s a list of some beautiful belly Mehndi designs with pictures that you would definitely appreciate.

Best Belly Mehndi Designs With Photos:

1. Flower Belly Mehendi Designs:

If you want to show off your flat belly with a beautiful temporary tattoo then this design would do the trick for you since it is not only beautiful but is also very pretty to look at. Apply this Mehndi design and go flaunt your flat stomach.

2. Simple Belly Mehandi Design:

This is a simple and small design of Mehendi applied around the navel area and is perfect to show off your flat stomach without you looking tacky. And the best part of this mehandi design is that it will even go with your western outfits.

3. Creeper Belly Mehendi Designs:

This is a very pretty mehndi design drawn on the belly and is perfect not only to flaunt your flat stomach but also to flaunt at ceremonies and other occasions.

4. Spider Belly Mehndi Design:

This is an cute intricate mehendi design which does not need words to describe it. A very simple and yet pretty mehandi design which is designed for you to flaunt yourself for any type of occasions.

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5. Beautiful Caterpillar Belly Mehandi Designs:

This is yet another beautiful mehndi tattoo design which can be drawn on the belly. I like to call this design as the ‘caterpillar’ design due to the projections around the designs. This is indeed a gorgeous design for you to flaunt your style and flat belly.

6. Intricate Belly Mehendi Design:

Pregnancy is the most beautiful period in a woman’s life. And though some cultures have a custom of applying Mehendi on the belly of the pregnant lady, you could still apply it even if you are not a believer of old customs and rituals. I mean you do not need customs to tell you when to look beautiful right?

7. Cool Belly Mehndi Designs:

This is a very pretty mehndi design which will look excellent if you have a flat tummy and is desperate to flaunt it because this is one of those beautiful designs which will not let you down.

8. Colorful Belly Mehandi Design:

This is a very colourful Mehendi design which looks amazing and is great choice for applying on the belly.

If you want your Mehendi to look the best then it is advisable to apply a mixture of sugar and lemon. This will make the colour more permanent.


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