Ben Affleck is Hollywood’s notable actor/ director in every conceivable genre, whose award-winning acting/directing career spans decades. This article gives you a glimpse into the Hollywood elite’s mind. The turning point in Affleck’s career came with the success of the movie Good Will Hunting, though he was cast as a bully and heel in his early films. Ben Affleck’s unique and exciting tattoos stand right behind his powerhouse acting prowess and unashamed of his humanity.

Ben Affleck is an Oscar-winning producer, director, versatile actor and writer whose talent reflects in his movies. Although the actor has been through several controversies regarding his high-profile relationship’s success and failures and personal battles with addiction, he has remained a powerhouse performer.

In detail, let us go through this article to learn more about Ben Affleck’s tattoos.

All The Ben Affleck Tattoos:

Ben Affleck’s tattoos represent his eclectic tastes and styles, from small cover-ups to a stunning entire back piece. Let us go through them in detail:

1. Ben Affleck’s Phoenix Tattoo On The Back:

Image Source: Instagram

The picture of Ben Affleck’s Back Tattoo came to the notice of fans during the filming of Triple Frontier, a Netflix movie. Initially, many speculated that this Tattoo was fake. Still, Affleck cleared the rumours saying the Tattoo on his back holds significant meaning to him and is original. The actor calls the “phoenix rising from his ass” Tattoo.

Phoenix is powerful imagery which acts as a symbol of rebirth after a struggle. Many summarized that the meaning of this Tattoo is the actor overcoming the painful divorce from Jennifer Garner, his longtime partner and mother of his children. Since Ben has stated this Tattoo represents something important, the speculation seems right.

2. Ben Affleck’s Dolphin Tattoo:

Image Source: Instagram

A small dolphin on the lower back/right hip is the smallest and least visible of Ben Affleck’s tattoos. The actor isn’t likely in a rush to show off this Tattoo because it appears old, low quality and simple in its shape. However, according to the actor, Ben’s previous Tattoo of his ex and high school sweetheart was covered using this Dolphin tattoo.

3. Ben Affleck’s OV Tattoo:

Image Source: Instagram

Ben Affleck has a mysterious tattoo with OV’s capital letters on his shoulder blade. He also has MOH NON-TE engraved above and TA OR underneath OV, which completes the design beautifully. The rudimentary approach used to create this enigmatic design features highly ornate letters which have faded over time. There is speculation in the industry that the actor has memorialized his high-profile battles with addiction to his relationship with Garner in these tattoos.

4. Ben Affleck Cross Tattoo On Left Shoulder:

Image Source: Instagram

Ben Affleck sports a stylized cross on his left bicep and shoulder, updated with time with the addition of various flowers to the cross with diamond and spade ace cards. It becomes more of an eye-catching and vibrant tattoo design with colours. Like many wearers, Ben Affleck feels free to update and create a dynamic tattoo piece that acts as an extension of one’s personality with the evolution of the wearer.

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5. Ben Affleck’s right Bicep Tattoo:

Image Source: Instagram

Another Ben Affleck tattoo that has continued to evolve is the one on his right bicep. Initially fashionable in the 1990s, the actor got a coil of barbed wire wrapping around his bicep. But with time, the actor incorporated a cross with playing cards which remained unchanged for years.

Ben Affleck has continued to upgrade this ink in a few ways more recently. First, the garland of roses was used to cover the barbed wire piece, increasing the Tattoo’s appeal. Additionally, the Tattoo is tied up in its entirety by adding a tree design that covers up the existing ink.

Image Source: Instagram


Despite being one of Hollywood’s A-listers, Ben Affleck maintains an earth attitude regarding his tattoos. The actor’s tattoos remind us of an individual’s never-ending growth and provide a testament to a specific point in our life. The actor has regretted some tattoos and covered them with new ones. Don’t forget to let us know if you found the article interesting and get to know about your favourite actor!

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