Top 9 Benefits Of Alkaline Water

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You must have heard a lot about benefits of drinking alkaline water these days. Are you wondering is alkaline water good for you? This post provides you all information about alkaline water and also its goodness.

benefits of alkaline water

Alkaline water is water that has a pH more than 7. Normally drinking water has a pH of 7 while the pH of alkaline water measure around 8 or 9. The high pH helps in neutralizing the harmful acidic effects in the body and therefore bestows various health benefits. Moreover regular use of alkaline water has also been beneficial in curing several body aliments. Read on to learn about top 9 benefits of alkaline water.

1. Works As A Powerful Antioxidant:

Alkaline water works as a powerful antioxidants that helps to safeguard the body from the harmful effects of free radicals. The formation of free radicals can be attracted to various factors such as smoke and pollution. These free radicals adversely affect the body’s immune system thereby increasing the susceptibility to various diseases. Alkaline water is a power house of antioxidants that work best in combating the effects of free radicals.

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2. Is A Good Detoxifying Agent:

Detoxification is one of the amazing alkaline water benefits. Drinking alkaline water helps to eliminate toxins and other wastes from the body. Accumulation of toxins in the body is known to be the cause of various illnesses and diseases. Drinking alkaline water helps in neutralizing the acidity and also removes acid waste products from the tissues and cells.

3. Promotes Hydration:

In order to ensure overall good health it is important to keep your body hydrated. This is achieved more easily by drinking alkaline water rather than tap water. Alkaline water possesses molecular content that is easily absorbed in the body. Also the naturally occurring ionized minerals in alkaline water helps in efficient blood circulation. Therefore drinking alkaline water is recommended for healthy functioning of the body.

4. Helps In Maintaining The Normal pH Of The Body:

Drinking alkaline water is the most natural way to maintain the pH level in the body that tends to become more acidic owing to several factors like consuming high acid foods, exposure to various environmental toxins and stress. It is important to maintain an alkaline pH level as severe diseases such as cancer cannot strive in an alkaline environment.

5. Improves Immunity:

Alkaline water enhances the working of your immune system to better fight against diseases and infections. It also improves the healing capacity of the body. Drinking alkaline water every day is crucial for your health in the long run.

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6. Is Good For Bone Health:

Alkaline water is also good for your bone health as it prevents mineral loss from the body. Drinking alkaline water daily has been beneficial is preventing osteoporosis.

7. Helps To Lose Weight:

One of the great benefits of alkaline water is weight loss. Drinking alkaline water is helpful if you are trying to lose weight as it helps in removing the fat accumulated in the body. Also it is easier to lose weight if your body has higher pH level (alkaline state).

8. Helps In Fighting Diabetes:

Maintaining normal sugar level in the body is dependent on the functioning of the pancreas. An alkaline environment is favourable for pancreatic function. Therefore drinking alkaline water is the best way to prevent diabetes.

9. Prevents Cancer:

Cancer cells grow in an acidic environment. Hence maintaining an alkaline balance in the body can prevent the development of malignant cells. Drinking alkaline water helps to achieve this and ultimately results in cancer prevention.

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These were the top reasons of drinking alkaline water; however the benefits of alkaline water are countless. It’s high time to get an alkaline water machine and avail the goodness of alkaline water with your entire family. Spread the word and stay healthy!