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18 Best Benefits Of Aloe Vera For Skin

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The usage of Aloe gel and juice has been known to treat various types of skin allergies and other problems. This is a plant which retains excessive amounts of water in its leaves. Its leaves are prickly and also contain a mucous laxative agent. If this is externally used, this can treat several problems which are external. This can also be useful for soothing and rejuvenation and therefore can be included in regular beauty routines. This can be bought from stores for people who do not get these from directly the plants. These people can go to stores and buy packaged juices and also gels from good brands which offer good quality products.

There are also variety of creams and lotions which contain the extracts of this. For those who do not want this in the other forms, they can buy this in the powdered form and use this in their regular routines. A teaspoon of the extract can be used regularly for massaging and this can make the surface more toned and also more rejuvenated. This is also rich in anti-bacterial properties which can be good. This is also often consumed but this should be done under prescription because excessive dosage can cause severe harm.

aloe vera for skin

Uses And Benefits Of Aloe Vera For Skin:

Below are the top 18 benefits of Aloe Vera for skin that a person should definitely try out to get efficient outcomes on skin.

1. Rejuvenation:

The Aloe Vera gel of this plant is known for its healing benefits. This can be used by a person with regular sunscreen lotions to make the surface much softer and this can also heal any other problems. These day people usually do not get time for a cleaning up but this extract can be helpful to make the dead cells of the surface to get rejuvenated and this can be very refreshing as well. This can be used with regular lotions or any form of creams which a person is comfortable using. The extracts can be purchased in juice or gel form. The powder form is not adequate for this usage.

2. Cell Repair:

The aloe gel is very helpful for repairing the damaged and also scarred cells. This can be good for capillary dilation and help make a person look plump. This makes the surface cells which are sagging to look more vibrant and this can also give a rejuvenated look. If a person wants to avoid any chemical lotions then this can be a regular serum that can be used at night or at least few hours before going out in the UVA and UVB rays.

Diff aloevera gels

3. Natural Sunscreen:

This contains the natural ultra ray protection which can be very helpful for those people who do not like the usage of market available sunscreen lotions. This gel can be bought from the market in packaged form and then this can be directly massaged on the surface. This can be massaged like regular lotions on the arms, the face and also on any exposed parts of the body. This should be done on a regular basis to see noticeable difference.

4. Natural Scrub:

The laxative from this plant can be bought from known brands and this can be taken abut a tea spoon every day and made into a paste with other ingredients. If a person wants to make a natural paste with this then rice powder can be used about half a teaspoon with some turmeric in this. These can be used for normal skins. For people who have rashes, they can use some other agents or even store bought scrubs and use a teaspoon of the gel to this. This gives a smooth feel and also this gets rid of any dead cells.

Aloe vera gel juice

5. Moisturizer For Dryness:

This can be a good regular usage moisturizer for a person who does not get good results from use of any store bought lotions. If a person wants to use natural thing, then this can be a good alternative to store bought lotions. If a person has scales on hands, or if a person wants a natural foot moisturizer, then this can be massaged with other essential oils. This can be used for a regular massage to give good skin.

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6. Acne Treatment:

Usually people who suffer from Eczema, Psoriasis and acne or even boils on the surface, they can use natural gel extracts either store bought in the form of powder or gel and this can be used directly on areas that need to be treated to make these infection free. This can be used with other medicines to have benefits. This contains anti-bacterial properties which are beneficial.

aloe vera for skin care

7. Natural Anti-oxidant:

The Laxative agent contains Aloe-Emodin this is good as an anti oxidant. This is quite useful for cell repair and also it fights off free radicals which can be damaging to the surface. This also delays aging process and people who have sagging surface can us this n a regular basis to repair the tissues of the surface. This contains all antoids, Vitamin A, C, and E and other trace elements which may be good for treating the surface.

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8. Sun Burn Soothing:

If a person has the problem of getting sun burns, this can be soothed by the cooling effect of the Aloe gel. This plant contains excessive amounts of water. This is retained in the leaves. These leaves can be long wise cut and then the extracts can be taken out. This can be kept in fridge to cool this down. This can also be made into ice chunks and then used on affected burn areas. This soothes and also the mineral and vitamin content repairs the burn areas.

9. Effective For Severe Allergy:

The Aloe Vera plant is rich in anti-bacterial agents and also it contains ingredients which are very soothing to the surface. This can be a good and instant remedy for any type of insect bite and also other forms of rashes and allergies. This can be useful for insect bites, mosquito bites and the other itch problems.

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10. Stop Skin Aging:

No one likes look older. There are several products which promise you to make your skin younger. But nothing can be more useful than Aloe Vera. If you make a pack of Aloe Vera and add oatmeal and olive oil in it and apply in on your skin then you can able to see the result within a month. The leaves contain antioxidants and vitamin E and C and beta carotene which help to improve the natural fairness and keep it hydrated.

11. Acts As A Natural Moisturizer:

Aloe Vera leaf acts as natural moisturizer. Doctors advise Aloe Vera Uses for Skin Care. The Aloe Vera gel can help you to get rid of oil free skin. For this you first need to peel off the layer of the leaf, and then hollow out the gel and apply gently on your skin. If you do it regularly then you can able to see the result within few days.

12. Healing Power:

It has a great healing power. It can work as a natural medicine in various wounds. It is anti-inflammatory, so it also helps to cure small cuts, insect bites and bruises. It also works as aftershave lotion for soothing irritated skin.

13. Lighten Blemishes:

You will see a wonder if you apply the gel on the scars and blemish of your skin. People suggest Aloe Vera for Skin Whitening. You can add lemon juice with it. The mixture of Aloe Vera gel and lemon juice can cure the scars and blemishes. But you need to apply it for few months.

14. Hair Growth:

Hair fall is a common problem for everyone. There are various uses of the leaves. But the most important one is that it helps to promote hair growth. You need to mix the gel with castor oil and then gently massage it on your scalp. You need to leave it for overnight and then rinse with shampoo.For better result you need to continue it for few months.

15. Helps To Reduce Dandruff:

It is very difficult to find a person who does not have dandruff on his or her scalp. It is better than any commercial shampoo. It does not have any side effects. It helps to remove the dead cells of the scalp and soothe it. It can be helpful for reducing the oiliness of the scalp.

16. As Conditioner:

All of you apply conditioner after shampooing. But do you have any idea of a natural conditioner? If not then you will astonish to hear that aloe gel is the best conditioner for you. There are various amazing Uses of Aloe Vera for Skin, but this one will make you speechless. If you use it as a conditioner then it can also help to make hair glossy and smooth.

17. Helps To Build Immunity:

Most of you only prefer to apply it on your skin or hair. There are several Benefits Of Aloe Vera For skin but it has also the power to boost the immune system. It also lowers the risk of cancer by helping your body to fight against tumors. Researches show that it has the power to shrink the tumors and lowers the rate of cancer.

18. Digestion:

There are various internal benefits of Aloe Vera. It is said that it can improve the digestion and by doing this it helps to decrease the chance of ulcers. It is said that it is laxative but others are of the different view. The juice is prescribed for the patients of rheumatism and arthritis. To test it you can cut the foliage in water otherwise chew the fresh leafs.

Grow Aloe Vera at your home and use it for its many benefits. It is easy to grow and nurture as a plant and you will be amazed by the various beneficial effects it has for your skin and body.