Amla Oil Benefits And Uses

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Amla oil is rich in vitamin C. Amla is a seasonal fruit however; this is often stored and dried as powder. To grind these and to make a powder can be difficult therefore many people tend to buy these from market available brands which sell these in powdered form. Not only the fruits are used but even the bark of the tree can be useful for extraction. Amla oil should be massaged everyday for benefits. This is quite affordable and is a very good remedy if used properly and also a person can warm this over indirect heat and then use this when this is slightly warm as this helps this to penetrate the surface.

Amla oil is also easier to go within the roots then gives strength and therefore this also rejuvenates. For people who want a natural remedy for hair growth, this oil is quite helpful for them. These amla oils are sold on a wide scale and available in most shops. Amla is a very commonly used ingredient in many popular product brands like Dabur, Vatika, Vaadi Herbals and vedic line. These brands popularly use this ingredient and also several other companies in their mostly products.

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Amazing Advantages And Benefits Of Amla Oil:

Amla, amla juice and amla oil all are some of the ways in which you can benefit for your body, skin and hair. The idea is to understand the benefits of amla oil to get the perfect results. Below are the top 15 well known uses and benefits of amla oil that a person should be aware of them.

1) Gives Strength To The Hair:

Amla has been seen since the ancient times that this is much beneficial oil that helps to strengthen the roots. This is good for people who have thinning and brittleness. This can be very beneficial for those people.

2) Improves The Cuticles:

Amla oil can be used on the nails as well to make the cuticles to soothe. This can help in softening them and therefore people who has dry cuticle problem, they can massage this amla oil on the hands.

3) Gives Glow When Used On Body:

This is rich in vitamin C and other nutrients. This is beneficial if this is massaged on the body. You will get glowing skin fastly and safely

4) Relieves Tension:

This amla oil when massaged properly and warmed slightly can be very helpful for helping to make the blood circulate better and can help in sound sleep. This is therefore very good for people suffering from stress disorders.

5) Prevents Greying:

This amla oil is very beneficial for preventing greying conditions. This can keep the head healthy and can also impart a blackish tint. This has iron and therefore a natural black tint can be seen without any artificial peroxide colouring when this is regularly massaged. This benefit can be increased if a person also uses herbal packs. This can be made with dry powder about 4 table spoons and this can be made into a pate with warm water. Lemon juice can be added if there are problems of flakiness.

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6) Conditioner:

This amla oil rich in anti oxidant properties and therefore it also conditions the hair strands when this is massaged on hair and scalp.

7) Reduces Fungal Infections:

Many people suffer from problems of fungal acne on the head. This can be reduced if this amla oil is massaged everyday with gentle motions. Because this contains anti fungal properties.

8) Prevents Dandruff:

This is very good for preventing dandruff as this contains high amounts of vitamin C and anti oxidants. Regular usage of good brand product can treat the problem of flakes in many people.

9) Increases Hair Growth:

Amla oil is rich in nutrients and also has anti oxidants properties. This also has less denseness and therefore this can penetrate the roots better than most other variety. This therefore nourishes the roots from the inside and regular usage can help in increasing hair growth quickly.

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10) Improves Brain Health:

Amla Oil is supposed to be highly rich in vitamins and minerals. There is high level of iron in the liquid as well that helps in providing the right amount of oxygen to the brain. Application of amla oil is responsible for overall brain health especially in improving memory.

11) Prevents Tumorous Cell Growth:

This is one of the top notch benefits that is associated with good quality and pure amla oil. The rich levels of antioxidants in amla oil helps in prevention of all the damage caused by free radicals on our bodies. The ORAC (Oxidative Radiance Activity Capacity) also helps in keeping away the cells from oxidative stress. This helps in keeping away from the deadly cancer and preventing tumor growth in the body.

12) Anti-Aging Properties:

One of the worth mentioning benefits of amla oil is the anti-aging properties it has for the skin. Amla oil can be used on the skin for the very same. You can even mix some of the good quality oil in face masks for best benefits. The antioxidant properties help in the production of collagen which helps in stimulating new cell growth. This is indeed something worth trying!

13) Astringent Properties:

Amla Oil has the ability to make skin firm and toned. It helps in shrinking the pores. Usage of amla oil on the skin gives you the benefit of astringent. The best is that it does so naturally and in a skin safe manner.

14) Treats Dryness Of The Skin:

For those who have dry patches on the skin, we have some good news for you! Applying amla oil on the skin overnight makes it soft, supple and hydrated in the morning. This should be done on a regular basis to get freedom from dryness. The hydrating properties and antioxidants will surely keep the skin glowing and free from problems.

15) Healthy For The Eyes:

Amla oil, according to researchers, is definitely healthy for the eyes. Along with treatment of nearsightedness, it also helps in curing cataracts. It protects the retina from oxidative stress because of high levels of antioxidants. This prevents macular degeneration and loss of vision.

Overall, you can really benefit with this super liquid that comes in the form of amla oil. In fact, amla oil can be easily prepared at home as well. This not only makes it a budget idea but also gives you the assurance of purity in the product.

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