15 Amazing Benefits of Barley Water

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Barley, a whole grain that looks quite similar to the wheat berries, is one of the most popular cereals in India. The rich nutty flavor along with its chewy texture makes it quite appealing as a cereal. Barley water is prepared by boiling 1 cup of barley in about 3 pints of water and then simmering until the quantity is halved. A well-known home remedy for kidney stones, this liquid can be used along with honey and freshly squeezed orange juice for preparing an energy drink. These are just few of the benefits of barley water. Take a deep delve into this write-up to catch a glimpse of what this super drink has in store for your health. But before that here is how you can prepare this drink at home.

How to make barley water at home:


Pearl barley – ¼ cup
Water – 3 cups + 1 cup
Crystal salt – to taste [Those who want a sweet version can add sugar, brown sugar, molasses, jaggery, or honey.]
Lemon juice – 1 tbsp


1. Soak thoroughly cleaned barely in 3 cups of water overnight.
2. Pressure cook in the same water for about 4 whistles. Lower the flame and allow to cook for another 10 minutes until barley turns mushy.
3. Take out the cooked barley after the pressure subsides.
4. Allow the mixture to cool thoroughly before straining and flavoring.
Serve the refreshing drink garnished with a lemon wedge.

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Barley water benefits:

1. Shed those excess pounds:

Packed with fibers, this drink keeps you full for a longer period of time and suppresses your appetite. Plus, the fibers also ensure that the toxins are flushed out of the system. A lower appetite combined with a toxin-free body offers guaranteed weight loss.

2. Innate anti-cancerous properties:

Being a storehouse of antioxidants, regular inclusion of this drink in your diet could thwart off the risk of cancer by scavenging the free radicals. The presence of fiber triggers the production of good bacteria in your gut, thus shielding you against colon cancer.

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3. Good for diabetics:

Along with maintaining the sugar levels in blood, this drink retards the body’s potential to absorb carbohydrates. Thus, diabetics can rely on barley water for maintaining their glucose levels.

4. Protection for the heart:

The presence of fibers, both soluble and insoluble ones, in plentiful amounts in this drink aids in lowering the levels of the bad cholesterol. The lower the LDL levels are, the safer your heart will be.

5. For a stronger digestive system:

Give your digestive system a good dose of fiber by consuming a glass of barley water daily. Along with improving the digestive fire, it acts as a natural anti-flatulent agent. The presence of fiber in good amounts also renders a laxative power to this drink, making it an ideal home remedy for constipation.

6. Good for your kidneys:

As mentioned earlier, people suffering from renal stones can take the help of this drink to flush out the small calcium deposits. It also detoxifies the kidneys, thus thwarting off the risk of renal cancer.

7. Natural remedy for anemia:

The presence of copper in this drink aids in improving the production of hemoglobin, thus lowering the chances of onset of anemia. Those who have anemia can also consume this iron-rich drink to improve the red blood cells counts.

8. For a better immune system:

The presence of Vitamin C in surplus amounts in this drink strengthens your immune system, keeping frequent recurrences of cold and cough at bay. Keep your fatigue away by rendering a dose of iron with a glass of barley water. The better your immune system is, the lower the chances of you falling sick will be.

9. Shields against gallstones:

The insoluble fibers of barley water lower the secretion of bile acids. The lower the levels of bile acids are, the better the insulin sensitivity will be. This, in turn, diminishes the triglycerides level, preventing the formation of gallstones.

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10. Averts atherosclerosis:

Vitamin B complex present in this energy drink lowers the levels of cholesterol. This, in turn, prevents fats from getting deposited on arterial walls and thickening it. In short, the lower levels of cholesterol and LDL obstruct the development of atherosclerosis.

11. For stronger bones:

Calcium, copper, and phosphorous, present in barley water, strengthen the bones and improve their overall health. The drink also contains manganese, which plays a major role in the production of bones. A glass of this drink is known to contain calcium eleven times more than a glass of milk. This drink is also replete with iron, thus making it an ideal drink to avert and cure osteoporosis.

12. Natural antidote for poisoning:

Studies suggest that barley water has the potential antidote properties that could be utilized for thwarting off the risks associated with poisoning.

13. Keeps your skin young and healthy:

Packed with vitamin C and other antioxidants, this super liquid scavenges the free radicals that trigger the early onset of wrinkles, fine lays, and saggy skin. The presence of selenium in this liquid helps in retaining the elasticity of the skin. Thus, regular use of barley water could help in keeping your skin well-toned, supple, youthful, and radiant.

14. Promotes the growth and health of your hair:

The presence of niacin, thiamine, and Procyanidin B-3 enables this water of barley to promote hair growth, rendering a thick, lush hair. Iron and copper enriched barley water improves the production red blood cells, thereby offering relief from hair loss due to anemia. The presence of copper also aids in maintaining the color of your hair by triggering melanin secretion in right amounts.

Barley Water For Women:

Barley water has found to be immensely beneficial for women. Pregnant and lactating women can rely consume this drink, on a regular basis, to improve the quality and quantity of breast milk secreted. Here is what this humble drink can do for the women during pregnancy and breastfeeding:
1. The analgesic properties of this drink helps in soothing the pain experienced during the initial days of breastfeeding.
2. It stimulates the production of digestive juices, thereby easing indigestion and related problems in the mothers as well as babies.
3. Being low in glycemic index, it could aid the new mothers to shed the pregnancy weight in a healthy way.
4. Sip the drink to ease morning sickness experienced during the first trimester.
5. It safeguards women from urinary tract and yeast infections experienced during pregnancy.
6. Regular use of this drink can prevent gestational diabetes in pregnant women.
7. Keep pregnancy-triggered edema and hypertension at bay with this awesome drink.
8. Barley water is also known to ease nasal congestion during pregnancy.
9. Prevent the formation of gallstones at bay with barley water during pregnancy.

Despite being gifted with so many excellent healing qualities by nature, barley water is, in fact, one of the most underestimated drinks. Now that you know about the various benefits of barley water, start including it as a part of your daily diet right away!

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