A modern man’s life is engulfed with plenty of stress, worry and anxiety. With too little time to think of ourselves, many of us are falling prey to early obesity, heart problems, and even sudden deaths. While a workout at the gym may be a good solution, it does not fit everyone’s pocket. The solution – Brisk walking! Brisk walking is one of the best forms of exercises which can be done almost anywhere and anytime. Taking up Brisk walking exercise regularly can help you overcome stress and promote healthy well-being. Let us understand more about the health benefits of Brisk Walking in detail!

What Is Brisk Walking?

To understand the brisk walking meaning, let us break it down. The word “brisk” means quick or speedy. Brisk walking is a term used for walking at a faster pace than the normal. The number of steps involved in brisk walking may vary depending on the age and fitness factors of each person. However, a moderate amount of 100 steps per minute of regarded as brisk walking.

Is Brisk Walking Good For Health?

While your regular walking rounds certainly do plenty of good for you, brisk walking can help you burn more calories and of course, shed more kilos easily. By walking at a pace higher than normal, the body starts using up the stored fat to fuel the performance. Studies have also shown that a 30-minute brisk walk each day regularly, can keep away depression, lethargy and anxiety and make the person feel active.

How To Do Brisk Walking At Home?

If you are looking for an easy way to lose weight and get healthy again, try doing Brisk walk at home. It does not need any prior training, expensive equipment or a trainer. All you need is some space to walk and you are sorted!

  • Warm-Up: Before trying to a brisk walk, remember that your body needs to be physically and mentally ready for it. So, try doing some warm-up exercises like stretches to loosen your body.
  • Proper Posture: Maintaining the right posture is quite important to a brisk walk. You need to stand straight with your abdomen and posterior in line with the spine. Your eyes must look forward and your chin should be parallel to the ground.
  • Initial Pace: Maintain a regular pace initially till your body settles down. Starting at a higher speed in the first few minutes can tire you out and make your heartbeat louder.
  • Increase Pace: Once you are comfortable, use your arm to give your body the right push to a brisk walk. Keep trying till you maintain 80-100 steps per minute with an average brisk walking speed of 2 mph – 3 mph, depending on your body factors.
  • Cool Down: Don’t stop abruptly. Instead of slow down your pace for the last few minutes till you come to a complete halt.

Health Benefits Of Brisk Walking:

Do you know the advantages of brisk walking? Most of the people prefer brisk walking because it is very easy and also natural to perform. Only 20 to 25 minutes of the brisk walk provides tons of benefits to our health. It is also expected that a normal weight man can drop 95 to 100 calories; in the condition, he paces for 30 minutes by the speediness of 2 mph. You have to remember that the perfect brisk walking speed for a healthy and active individual is 2-3 mph.

Top Brisk Walking Benefits:

Here we enlisted 11 best brisk walking benefits in detail. Let’s have a look into them.

1. Makes Heart Healthy:

Brisk walk toughens the heart, raises heartbeat to suggested levels, decrease the danger for cardiac sicknesses, in addition to also decent for muscles as well as lungs. Brisk walking also benefits to drive blood appropriate plus drop bad fats as of the body. In some studies, it has demonstrated that brisk walks reduce the occurrence of a heart attack as well as heart diseases.

2. Lose Weight:

Easy calorie burning is one of the major benefits of brisk walking in the morning.  On the other hand, extra strong, lengthier methods of exercise can actually motivate a counterproductive rise in hunger in numerous men. A brisk walk displayed dependable weight loss equally one of its helpful things. Using brisk walking to lose weight can easily burn up 100 kcal of energy and help you achieve a slim physique.

3. Healthy Body:

Brisk Walking is single of the calmest habit to stay fit. A reasonable dosage of physical workout for 30 minutes every day is sufficient to retain you healthy. The brisk walking is a type of aerobic capability can boost your mood, create your bodily fit, plus recover the excellence of your life. Healthy well-being is one of the best benefits of brisk walking every day.

4. Reduces Stress and Depression:

Brisk Walking profits not only to your body but to your mind also. It benefits to comfort stress as well as nervousness, lessens depression besides reports a confident kick-start to your day. Brisk walking also improves your confidence, recovers the mood in addition to supports to retain you active, confident and pleased in the day. This is one of the best benefits of brisk walking in the evening.

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5. Blood Pressure Decrease:

Numerous readings show brisk walking lessens together systolic as well as diastolic blood pressure in males. This is because brisk walking enhances nitric oxide that permits your blood vessel to relax. Small blood pressure levels can similarly defend in contradiction of heart attack, stroke and kidney failure.

6. Reduces The Threat Of Cancer:

Current investigation has revealed that brisk walking decreases the outcome of colon cancer for the reason that of providing smaller time to cancer-causing cells to be related to the abdominal covering. Brisk walking also underestimates the hazard of Chemotherapy owing to enhanced blood movement.

7. Develops Intelligence:

Brisk walking excites the blood movement and offers oxygen to the brain. It leads to better-quality working of the mind as well as the improved talent to remember. Above and beyond, enough prescription of physical movement is likewise recognized to lessen the danger of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia in senior peoples.

8. Lowers The Chances Of Diabetes And Hypertension:

Systematic brisk walking develops the BMI or body mass index plus blood pressure heights in persons having diabetes. Sanctioning muscle drive clues to extra usage of glucose by means of the muscle cells. It moreover includes the operation of added insulin that recovers blood sugar heights.

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9. Increases Memory:

Brisk walking every day for 40 minutes has shown to improve the memory power of adults. This happens due to the increase in the hippocampus, which is an organ in the brain that is associated with the memory. It is recommended to perform brisk walking for at least 3-4 times a week to attain maximum benefits.

10. Increased Life Expectancy:

Brisk walking regularly prevents a number of heart diseases, diabetes and many other deadly ailments. Thus, the chances of falling prey to sudden deaths is lowered to almost 20-30 % in people who brisk walk for at least 1 hour a day, thrice a week. This directly increases the life span of the person.

11. Strengthens Muscles:

Brisk Walking is one of the major components in many fitness programs to strengthen the muscles. Especially walking up the hill in a brisk manner can burn twice the number of calories and tighten the muscles in leg, back and abdomen areas. The core strength of the muscle groups and their endurance capacity largely increases when done regularly.

If brisk walking for just 3-4 hours a week can do so many wonders to your body, imagine how helpful it can be when you do it every day. Although brisk walking might sound tiresome, it is in fact one of the best exercises which makes you feel less fatigue. You don’t need any gym member or a special training program to get rippling muscles in your lower body! We hope this article has inspired you to start taking up brisk walking today and reap the amazing benefits out of it!

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