Pomegranate seeds are one of the delicious and highly nutritious foods available in nature. However, not many are aware of Pomegranate oil extracted from these seeds. Pomegranate seed oil is an anti-oxidant rich oil, that has a slightly fruity scent. It is used in many skin and hair care products including shampoos, moisturizers, soaps and even in some medications. Pomegranate oil can penetrate deep into the skin and work at the root level. This is also one of the best oils enriched with Vitamin C and flavonoids. Let’s understand more about some of the best Pomegranate seed oil benefits to skin, hair and health.

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What Is Pomegranate Seed Oil?

Pomegranate seed oil is an essential oil that is obtained by cold pressing the Pomegranate seeds. It is a natural light-coloured oil that has an amber smell and is used mainly in aromatherapy and cosmetic products. Pomegranate seed oil is mainly intended for topical applications, but a little amount can be consumed internally to treat certain health disorders.

How To Use Pomegranate Seed Oil?

Pomegranate oil is safe for external applications. However, it is highly potent and hence cannot be used directly on the skin. The recommended way to use this oil is to combine it with a carrier oil like Coconut or Olive. It is dangerous to consume this oil without taking the advice of a doctor. Also, taking more than the recommended dosage can be dangerous.

Nutritional Value Of Pomegranate Seed Oil:

Check out the nutritional breakup of Pomegranate seed Oil per half-cup serving:

  • Total Calories: 72
  • Carbohydrates: 16.3 gm
  • Protein: 1.5 gm
  • Fat: 1 gm
  • Fibre: 3.5 gm
  • Sugars: 11.9 gm
  • Vitamin C: 8.9 mg
  • Potassium: 205 mg
  • Phosphorous: 31 mg

Amazing Pomegranate Seed Oil Benefits:

Here are our 11 top pomegranate seed oil uses for health, hair and skin. Let’s have a look into them.

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1. Good For Heart Health:

Pomegranate seed oil is great for the heart because it helps to keep you active thus by increasing the blood circulation in the body and also by providing the body with healthy fats which help to fight against obesity, diabetes and other overweight problems.

2. Cancer Prevention:

Any sort of damage to DNA in your body can slowly lead to the increase in cancer cells which is detrimental to your body. It is the job of Pomegranate seed oil to help alter these cancer cells so that you can lead a healthy lifestyle. The antioxidants which are present in the oil help to protect the body against any cancer cells present in the colon, lungs and breast.

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3. Aid In Weight Loss:

Pomegranate is known to fight triglyceride which is the fat that is very bad for your blood and causes belly fat and excess weight to form over time. Pomegranate helps to kill these fat-causing agents before they can even mingle with your blood thus solving the problem before it even occurs and as for the triglycerides that are already present, the agents present in Pomegranate help to break them down effectively so that the excess fat in your body is reduced over time.

4. Treat Muscle Aches and Inflamed Areas Of The Body:

Pomegranate seed oil is the perfect way to cool down any inflammations on your body which might be bothering you. Applying the oil to areas of your body that ache is a good way to relax the muscles because of the oxidizing factor present in the oil.

5. Increases Immunity:

Pomegranate is a very healthy and tasty food that helps to boost your immune system which in turn fights away disease and keeps you healthy. Increasing your immunity also helps you to fight against any hormonal imbalance as well which is perfect for your body.

6. Flawless Skin:

Pomegranate is also known to provide flawless skin by getting rid of pimples and even acne. The benefits of Pomegranate seed oil for face can be achieved by massaging it on the skin for good blood circulation and glowing skin. You can even use Pomegranate oil creams to achieve the desired results.

7. Pomegranate Seed Oil Benefits For Skin:

Pomegranate seed oil is also well known for treating burns, cuts, skin lesions and inflammations effectively. The agents present in the oil are very natural healers that help to heal your skin over time. Using Pomegranate seed oil for skin is also well known for dealing with problems like psoriasis which is an irritating skin disease.

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8. Pomegranate Seed Oil Benefits For Hair Growth:

Pomegranate seed oil is also perfect to help treat your hair because it has active oxidizing and nutritious ingredients that help to increase hair growth and strength of the roots. By penetrating deep into the hair follicles, it can stimulate good circulation in the scalp and lend beautiful hair. Apply a good amount of Pomegranate seed oil to your hair at least thrice a week to get the most effective results.

9. Lowers Blood Pressure:

The pomegranate seed oil has been proven to be effective in lowering high blood pressure levels. The oil is enriched with bio-active polyphenols, flavonoids and other antioxidants which can control your blood pressure and promote a healthy heart.

10. Anti-Inflammatory Properties:

Pomegranate oil has wonderful anti-inflammatory properties, which can reduce the inflammation on the skin and also reduce acne breakouts. It has bacteria-fighting agents, which can reduce infections on the skin. To use Pomegranate seed oil for acne, Just mix a few drops of this oil with coconut or olive oils and applying it on the affected area, to observe visible changes in just a few days.

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11. Treats Menopause Symptoms:

The symptoms of Menopause can be quite uncomfortable to deal with. Pomegranate oil has been proven to reduce hot flushes, perspiration, mood swings, tiredness, anxiety and sleep issues. Pomegranate oil-infused creams were also proven to be effective in hydrating the vaginal area and offer relief from dryness.

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Pomegranate oil, as discussed above, is a powerful ingredient and must never be own without taking doctor’s advice. Especially pregnant women and lactating mothers must be very cautious with their usage and are best avoided. If you observe any skin irritation, headache or any other side effects, it is advised to discontinue the usage. Pomegranate oil is not easy to prepare at home and must be bought from trusted brands only! So, consult your doctor and try to reap the wonderful pomegranate seed oil benefits for health, skin and hair!


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