Bengal Cotton Sarees – To Get Sophisticated Look In These 20 Designs

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Cotton sarees are a staple in every woman’s wardrobe. With the scorching summers just around the corner, why stick to the old and boring sarees? Hit the refresh button with these traditional icons of Indian ethnic wear- Bengal Cotton Sarees! Originated in Bengal, these cotton sarees are known for using superior quality cotton threads, which are almost impossible to spot in other parts of the country. They are the first choice for most women who prefer these sarees for their classy and comfortable feel. From the world-famous Tant sarees to Dhakai Jamdani sarees, Bengal Cottons have come a long way.

Bengal Cotton Sarees Importance:

Bengal cotton sarees have earned global fame for their delicately woven fabrics. The neighbouring weavers trained the local artisans about the various techniques of weaving, which gave rise to the wide varieties of Bengal cotton sarees. The cotton industry in West Bengal is one of the largest textile industries in the country, which supports thousands of weavers and designers.

Features of Bengal Cotton Sarees:

Take a look at some of the interesting facts of Bengal Cotton Sarees:

  • Pure Bengal Cotton sarees are made with fine cotton threads, which lend them an airy and breathable feel.
  • Among these sarees are two most sought-after varieties – The Baluchari and the Tant sarees
  • Tant sarees are lightweight drapes, which come in earthy colours and simple designs
  • Baluchari sarees are woven with complex scenes from Indian mythology, which earned them a GI status.
  • Bengal cotton sarees were originally made for the aristocratic class, but with changing, times were made available to the mainstream society.
  • These sarees need some heavy maintenance in terms of getting them ironed, applying starch for stiffness and dry cleaning to avoid colour leaks.

Latest Bengali Cotton Sarees Designs with Images:

Read on to know more about some popular Bengal Cotton sarees varieties, along with the top designs in this segment.

1. Black And Red Cotton:

The base color for the saree is in a deep midnight black with woven floral motifs in red and blue. While the body color has faint smooth touch, the wide borderline of the saree sports a plain red. The pallu portion is Jamdani woven strips work.

Saree Design: Black Jamdani Bengal cotton saree

Material: Bengal Cotton

Preferred Occasions: Ethnic and Work wear

Suitable Body Shape: Suitable for all body types

2. Peach Delight:

sarees 2

This peach and maroon Bengal cotton saree is one of the popular designs in this segment. The soothing combination of peach and red makes it perfect for the hot summers of India. The saree is adorned with a golden border on all sides to add a touch of richness. It is best paired with a contrast coloured blouse.

Saree Design: Peach and Maroon Bengal Cotton Saree With Golden Zari

Material: Bengal Cotton

Preferred Occasions: Ethnic Wear

Suitable Body Shape: Suitable for all body types

3. The Fun Look:

Just like the last saree sported a soft color, this time, this saree had the best of the shades included in it. The base of the saree has a bright sky blue hue with a beautiful gray borderline. The other part of the saree, the basic design of the pallu is made of occasional buttas with navy blue color this a beautiful choice for a calm evening saree.

Saree Design: Blue Pure Bengal Cotton Saree with butta work

Material: Bengal Cotton

Preferred Occasions: Ethnic and Work wear

Suitable Body Shape: Suitable for all body types

4. The Puja Look:

sarees 4

This off-white Bengal Cotton saree is specially made for Pujas and religious ceremonies. The saree has an elegant look, whose beauty is elevated with a simple red border, highlighted with black temple motifs. This saree is best paired with a red or a green blouse to look ethereal. Wear it the Bengali way and get ready to seek the blessings of Ma Durga.

Saree Design: White Bengal Cotton Saree With Red Border

Material: Bengal Cotton

Preferred Occasions: Religious Occasions

Suitable Body Shape: Suitable for all body types

5. Bengal Dhakai Jamdani:

sarees 5

The Jamdani Dhakai is one of the best kinds of cotton sarees that Bengal talent can offer. Throughout the entire length of the saree, the fabric sports floral artwork of fines and flowers in white and blue. The upper part of the saree has a soft mauve blue with the lower part having a dull white.

Saree Design: Mauve Blue and Off-White Dhakai Jamdani Saree

Material: Bengal Cotton

Preferred Occasions: Small gatherings, Day Events

Suitable Body Shape: Suitable for all body types

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6. The Talent Displayed:

sarees 6

It is often common for Bengal sarees to sport the essential skills and cultures related to Bengal and her ethnicity, this saree being a loud example. Along the borders of the saree is a beautiful writing pattern while the rest of the saree looks mellow but filled with colors of blue and white.

Saree Design: White and Black Bengal Cotton Saree With Hand painted Design

Material: Bengal Cotton

Preferred Occasions: Ethnic and Work wear

Suitable Body Shape: Suitable for all body types

7. The Half Bengal Saree:

sarees 7

This beautiful saree in canary yellow and pop white makes a delightful addition to your collection where this authentic Bengal cotton in half can be sported during a sunny day outside. The saree sports milk white on the down and a chic yellow up front.

Saree Design: White and Yellow Dhakai Jamdani Saree

Material: Bengal Cotton

Preferred Occasions: Day Parties, Social Gatherings

Suitable Body Shape: Suitable for all body types

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8. The Kojagori Print:

sarees 8

Kojagori print is referred to as one of the beautiful printed fabrics used in the making of these cotton sarees. This print is made of the simplest of elements and at the same time, screams of sober fun. The borderline is red and orange while the body is white and patterned.

Saree Design: Off-White and Maroon Kojagori Printed Bengal Cotton Saree

Material: Bengal Cotton

Preferred Occasions: Ethnic and Work wear

Suitable Body Shape: Suitable for all body types

9. The Elegant Look:

This saree looks absolutely gorgeous in plain but solid color where the base or body of the saree is in black and off white, with the borderline being a gray and black and pallu region is comes with big and small lines pattern.

Saree Design: Off White and Black Cotton Bengal Handloom Saree

Material: Bengal Cotton

Preferred Occasions: Work wear

Suitable Body Shape: Suitable for all body types

How To Style Bengal Cotton Sarees?

If you are confused about how to style a Bengal Cotton saree, check out these simple tips:

  • Bengal cotton sarees are best worn for simple occasions, to workplaces and even casual outings.
  • Wearing them in the signature Bengali style can earn you tons of compliments.
  • For weddings and large-scale events, opt for Baluchari or Jamdani sarees to look rich.
  • These sarees are best accessorised with pearls, terracotta, german silver and other earthy jewellery.
  • A beautifully made bun with a white gajra is perfect with these sarees.
  • Don’t forget to wear a big, round, red bindi with matching bangles.

Suitable blouses With Bengal Cotton Sarees:

Cotton Sarees of Bengal are usually sober in appearance and are best paired with simple blouses. Some of the best-suited patterns are:

  • Plain cotton blouse
  • Contrast coloured raw silk blouse
  • Neutral color lace blouse
  • Printed Boat neck blouse
  • Mulmul Spaghetti blouse
  • Cotton silk deep neck blouse

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Don’t these beautiful Bengal cotton saree designs give you major fashion goals? With growing popularity for handwoven sarees among youngsters, Bengal cotton sarees deserve a special mention. They are quite versatile and suit almost any body type, age group and complexion. Plus, you can easily dress up or dress down in these gorgeous drapes. So, what are you waiting for? Choose your favorite pick and get ready to earn some likes and loves!