West Bengal or more commonly known as Bengal, is the state famous for its sweets, hospitality and the love and respect that people show towards their culture and music. The people of Bengal speak the ‘Bengali’ language, which is also the first language of the people of the country ‘Bangladesh.’ Bengalis take their devotion to music, gods and goddess, as well as other forms of art and culture, seriously. This seriousness can be seen in the Bengali baby names.

We can learn and understand a lot about the things and ideologies Bengalis believe in by just glancing through a Bengali baby name list. Love, nature and the gods and goddesses play a vital role in making several decisions, just like a baby’s name. So, let’s check out some of the best Bengali child names and learn more about their meaning and significance.

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Bengali Baby Names with Meanings:

Modern Bengali Baby Boy Names:

1. Koushik:

One of the most head Bengali names ever. The meaning of this name is “love.” The name suggests the loving and caring nature of the child, which will allow him to gain a good amount of attention in future. The name is one of the most mainstream Bengali names ever. The pronunciation of this name is quite authentic as well.

2. Mihir:

Mihir means “the sun.” The name portrays the powerful nature of the child. This is one of the most beautiful names ever. The name is so beautiful that anyone will easily fall in love with this name. The Bengali parents love naming their boys after this particular one. This attitude of the bong parents makes it one of the most used Bengali baby boy names ever.

3. Benoy:

This is a classic Bengali name which folks will adore. The meaning of the term Benoy is “polite.” This means that the child is named and has a polite attitude. This is such a beautiful name. You will also feel the same once you are exposed to the meaning of this name.

4. Ardhendu:

Ardhendu is actually one of the most famous Bengali names ever. The meaning of the term Ardhendu is “half-moon.” The name is generally used in families who are quite religious. This is one of the most catchy Bengali names ever. You will see a lot of Bengali kids carrying this beautiful name.

5. Indroneel:

This is a very common name among the bongs. There may be a number of derivations of this particular name. The most common meaning of this name, according to the Bengali’s, is “blue gem.” The meaning of Indroneel relates to Lord Shiva, who is also regarded as the Blue Gem. This is one of the best names that can be used while naming your Bengali baby boy. It is thus one of the best Bengali baby boy names.

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6. Debesh:

Debesh is clearly the one who is favored by the Gods. The name is quite traditional and is still being used. It also suggests the lucky character of the child, and this can be claimed as one of the best Bengali baby names for boys. The name is pretty sweet and can be said to be one of the best names for little boys out there.

7. Palash:

The meaning of the name Palash is “tree.” This is a pretty peaceful name, and the name can be used for almost any boy child. There is no specific requirement for naming a child by this name. The name Palash is really beautiful and can be said to be one most beautiful Bengali baby boy names.

8. Partho:

Partho generally means a variant of Parth o Arjun. This is a very good and religious name to name your baby son by. The name is so beautiful that anyone will easily fall in love with it. This is one of the most popular Bengali baby names for boys of all time. One cannot just ignore this name as it keeps roaming in your head.

9. Joy:

Are you looking for Bengali baby names for boys? Then this is a wonderful one. This name is quite beautiful, and almost everyone will be fond of you once they hear this name. Joy means “rejoicing,” which you can easily figure out from the beauty of the name. The name is pretty simple and quite fancy at the same time. Who wouldn’t love this name?

10. Arnab:

The name Arnab, also pronounced as Or-nab, means the Ocean and is a popular Bengali name.

11. Ronit:

The name Ronit means someone who brings in lots of joy, a bestowed of Happiness and radiance.

12. Aadi:

The name Aadi can also be used as a Variation of many names. The name means source of life or the one who is first.

13. Anurag:

The name Anurag has feminine variations. This name is unique and means affectionate, adoring or friendly.

14. Debashish:

According to the Vedic astrology, it is believed that any individual whose name starts with a “D” will stand successful. In Bengali, “V” is pronounced as “B.” So, Dev which is pronounced as Deb in Bengali, means “God.” Ashish means “liked by.” Debashish, therefore, means “liked by God.”

15. Shijoy:

Shijoy is a name with joy included in the word. Apart from that, the name means quick and logical. An individual who cannot tolerate injustice and who fights in such situations is termed a Shijoy!

Unique Bengali Baby Girl Names:

16. Bipasha:

The meaning of the name Bipasha is “a river.” A river is a great way for a girl as women have often been compared and complemented with water bodies. “She floats like a river.” The name is really beautiful, and when people figure out the meaning of this name, they will love you even more.

17. Debjani:

Debjani means “beloved.” Here is another amazing name for the Bengali girls. Actually, this is one of the best Bengali baby girl names. One can easily fall in love with the immense beauty and authenticity of this name. The name is very pretty, and almost any girl would wish to have a name like this.

18. Konkana:

Many famous Bengali women carry this name. The meaning of the name Konkona is “bracelet.” A woman is actually a lot more beautiful than a decent bracelet. A woman can never be compared. Her beauty is unique and unmatched, and priceless. The name Konkona is been used by the Bengalis widely for naming girls.

19. Durba:

Durba means a sacred and holy form of grass which is used in the Hindu pujas. The name is really beautiful and will be suitable for a girl as well.

20. Rajkanya:

Last but not least, we have this unique name which means daughter of the king. The name is very beautiful and will suit pretty women only.

21. Oindrilla:

Oindrilla, a very distinct name, is the alternate name for the wife of Lord Indra. A unique name for a lovely girl.

22. Kaushiki:

Kaushiki is the feminine version of the name Kaushik, this Asian baby girl name with k means covered in silk.

23. Bibha:

Bibha or known and pronounced otherwise as Vibha is the name of Goddess Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth and prosperity. The name means the one who brings in a positive light/ray.

24. Bidya:

Bidya is a popular Bengali name that means knowledge. The name is fairly popular across other Hindu cultures and can also be spelt as Vidya.

25. Rima:

The name Rima is a short and sweet name that means a ‘white antelope.’ The animal is extremely rare and beautiful. Thus, the name is also very special.

26. Shambhavi:

While the name is that of the Hindu Lord Ganesha, it is actually used as a female Asian name. The name Shambhavi means the lord himself.

27. Nandana:

The name Nandana is a very joyful name. This name means the ‘one who enjoys being happy or the happiness around.’

28. Jaya:

The name Jaya stands for the significance of success and victory. The name Jaya means the one who always stands taller than the others, the successor, the victory holder.

29. Aritri:

The name Aritri means someone who has the ability to praise and make the god happy with her hymns.

30. Rupa:

The name Rupa has many variations, but the word Rupa in itself means ‘a beauty of the precious metal silver.’

Bengali Celebrity Kids Names:

31. Adira:

Adira is the name of popular actress Rani Mukherjee and her husband Aditya Chopra’s Daughter. The name means moon.

32. Ria:

Ria is the name of yesteryear actress Moonmoon Sen’s elder daughter, who has also been on and off camera.

33. Raima:

Raima is the name of the younger daughter of retired actress Moonmoon Sen. Unlike her elder sister, Raima has managed to create a name in the Bengali film industry.

34. Aradhya:

Famous Bollywood actress Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and husband Abhishek Bachchan’s daughter is named Aradhya.

35. Harun:

Known for their critically acclaimed roles, Konkona Sen Sharma and ex-beau Ranveer Shorey have a son together, Harun.

36. Aakash:

The name Aakash has a very simple and surreal meaning, the Sky. Aakash is the name of popular actress and turned-politician Rupa Ganguly.

37. Nysa:

Kajol, a famous Bengali Bollywood actress, named her firstborn Nysa. The name means a ‘new beginning.’

38. Yug:

Kajol also has a son with beau Ajay Devgan. The name Yug means the present age or generations.

Bengali Unisex Baby Names:

39. Anshu:

The name Anshu is the shortened name of an Indian Goddess. The name means Sun rays or the ray of light.

40. Ambar:

The name Ambar means the sky and is used to address boys as well as girls.

41. Anmol:

Anmol is a lovely name that means ‘precious/too highly valued. This is yet another popular boy as well as a girl name.

42. Arya:

The name Arya was vividly popular in the olden times. The name means ‘great or someone who is very noble.’

43. Kanishka:

Kanishka was the name of very famous ruler and King of Kalinga. The name means ‘supporter of goodness/power or God’s child’.

44. Kashish:

The name Kashish has several meanings that makeup to the name meaning ‘attraction or admiration.’

45. Bhagwati:

Bhagwati was a once popular unisex, not just Bengali but Hindu unisex name. The name Bhagwati is the other name of Goddess Durga.

46. Masum:

The name Masum means ‘someone very innocent and naïve.’ A very adorable unisex Asian baby name.

47. Hira:

The name Hira means the precious stone diamond. The name is also another name for Hindu Goddess Lakshmi.

48. Adya:

The name Adya can be used for both boys and girls. The name means one who is always the first. It is also the name of Goddess Durga.

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Bengali Hindu God Baby names:

49. Dwarakadas:

The name Dwarakadas means the one who is the servant of Dwaraka, abode of Hindu God Lord Krishna, or the name means the Lord himself.

50. Fanibhushan:

Fanibhusan/Fanibhushan is an alternate name for the Hindu god Lord Shiva, the Adiyogi.

51. Ghajeshwar:

Ghajeshwar/Gajeshwar means power. The name is the alternate name of Hindu God lord Ganesha.

52. Ghanshyam:

Ghanashyam is yet another name for the Hindu God Lord Krishna.

53. Aaditri:

Aaditri is an alternate to the Hindu Goddess of power and stability, Durga.

54. Hridaynath:

The name Hridaynath means the Lord of the heart. The name can mean beloved in simple terms.

55. Ilashpasti:

The name Ilashpasti is unique and holds a very strong meaning. Ilashpasti is the name of the Lord of the Earth.

56. Indrakanta:

Indrakanta is a variation of the name of the King of Hindu Gods, Lord Indra.

57. Jaikrishna:

Jai Krishna is the combination of two names that, when attached, mean the Victory of the Hindu God Lord Krishna.

58. Jaivardhan:

The word Jai here means victory, whereas Vardhan is another name of Lord Shiva. The name means the same.

59. Jhareshwar:

The name Jhareshwar as well as an alternate name for the Hindu God Lord Shiva.

60. Kanthamani:

The name Kanthamani can mean either the Hindu Lord Krishna or a necklace jewel if translated.

61. Krishnadas:

The name Krishnadas means one who is the faithful and loving servant of Lord Krishna.

62. Krishnendu:

Krishnendu is the other variation of the Hindu God Lord Krishna’s name. The name also means the Prince of Earth.

63. Krithikesh:

Krithikesh is the alternate name of one of the three divine Hindu Lords, God Brahma.

64. Mahalingam:

Mahalingam is the alternate name of Lord Shiva. We can often spot a Lingam instead of the deity in his temples.

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Bengali Muslim Baby Names:

65. Ali:

The name Ali is a fairly common Islamic name and means ‘superior/prominent or elevated.’

66. Ayan:

The name Ayan has Arabic as well as Hindi meanings and origins. In Arabic, the name means Time/Era.

67. Ahmed:

The name Ahmed means someone who constantly thanks and praises god.

68. Farida:

The Asian Bengali Muslim baby girl name with f means one who is very distinct, with no one to match her.

69. Sara:

The short and sweet Bengali baby girl name starting with s means ‘a princess.’

70. Anwar:

This meaningful Bengali baby boy name starts with a meaning of the one who is full of brightness.

71. Shameem:

This Bengali girl child means ‘a scent, a fragrance of someone or something or a whiff of their smell.’

72. Rashed:

The name Rashed has many variations. The name Rashed means one is following the right guidance and direction.

73. Shaheen:

The Bengali Muslim baby name Shaheen means someone who is or is similar to a Falcon.

74. Aftab:

The name Aftab can mean both the sun and the sunlight, signifying its power, light, and beautiful radiance.

75. Hamida:

The name Hamida has a masculine variation, Hamid. The name Hamida means someone who is very Gracious.

76. Farah:

The name Farah has many variations; the originally originated Arabic name means full of happiness.

77. Shahid:

The name Shahid too has a feminine variation; the name means the one who is a witness.

78. Sadiq:

The Bengali baby boy name starting with s means someone who is honest and sincere.

79. Afsana:

The name Afsana means referring to a beautiful fairy tale or a lovely story.

Above listed are some of the best names for Bengali baby boys and baby girls. The names are all beautiful and hold an alluring charm that makes them all so special. Every name has a unique meaning, and yet there are never-ending options. While there are many options out there, we brought for you some of the most popular Bengali baby names while also some of the unique Bengali baby names in one comprehensive list.


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