Speaking of Rangolis, there are several designs which have emerged till date. The best ones are the ones which use 15 dots rangoli. If you are looking for some cool designs, you may refer to the following paragraphs.

1. Bird Dot Rangoli Design:

Birds are some of the world’s most wonderful and unique creatures. Creating a Rangoli which projects the beauty of these magnificent species, that to using dots is sure to look super fabulous. You can use bright and cheerful colours such as yellow and green and draw fancy patterns and designs in the centre to highlight and accentuate its beauty.

2. Simple 15-Dot Design:

The simple green and pink 15 dot design look lovely in appearance. The combination of colours is beautiful and subtle. The designs and patterns used are also very fancy and attractive. This kind of design does not take up too much time and can be done at home without the help of a professional.

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3. Fish 15 Dot Rangoli Design:

These 15 dot Rangoli designs are very pretty and artistic in appearance. Drawing four fishes with fancy floral patterns in the side and centre looks unique and marvellous. You can also add some colourful dots to accentuate the simplicity and beauty of this Rangoli design. You can also make this for a Rangoli competition.

4. Intricate 15 Dot Rangoli Design:

The intricate 15 dot Rangoli design is very fancy and requires the help of a professional. The image of four giant lotuses and pretty purple flowers right near it is just amazing. The fresh and intricate patterns in the center look superb. This design is very appealing to the eye and is sure to fetch you a lot of compliments.

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5. Stylish 15 Dot Floral Rangoli Design:

The stylish floral 15 dot Rangoli is very well defined and shaped. The combination of colours used is very light yet beautiful. The rangoli pattern might look very simple but isn’t that simple to make. You can create it at home or use it to give your guests a very warm and hearty welcome. The design is undoubtedly a winner.

6. Artistic 15 Dot Rangoli Design:

To draw an artistic Rangoli design using 15 dots, all you need is the help of a professional, some colours and innovation. Since flowers are the most popular patterns used, you can create them easily. Make sure the designs you create look attractive and also hold special significance. Be sure of the colours you use as they add life to your Rangoli designs.

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7. Kashmiri 15 Dot Rangoli Design:

A Kashmiri Rangoli design using 15 dots is the best one to be seen till date. Several colours are used for this one, and the appearance of it is remarkable. You can use blue and orange to fill the colours of flowers in the centre and create lotuses and light purple flowers on the outside. Use green leaves to give it a natural look.

8. Professional 15 Dot Rangoli:

The professional 15 dot Rangoli design is one of the best designs to be seen. The image resembles orange bricks drying under the sun. You can use bright colours such as pink, blue and green to make it look presentable.

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9. Diamond 15 Dot Rangoli:

The diamond 15 dots design is quite similar to the shape of diamonds. The green coloured stars in the middle also look bright and exciting. This design, on the whole, is very classy to look at and can be made with the help of a professional.


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