Congratulations! Your little bundle of joy just made an entire trip around the sun, which calls for a celebration! The first birthday is a joyous family event as parents and relatives come together to celebrate the entry of their baby girl or boy into the world. But what’s a 1st birthday party without a bright and beautiful cake to light up the event? A well-designed 1st birthday cake design can attract your child’s attention and even impress your guests with the efforts you have put into it!

This article spotlights the 20 simple and best First Birthday Cake Designs for Baby Girls and Boys in a wide range of themes, colours and sizes to create memories for a lifetime.

20 Latest and Beautiful First Birthday Cake Designs for Baby Girls and Boys 2024:

Here is a collection of 20 best and trending cake design ideas for first year birthday parties of baby girls and boys in 2024.

1. Mickey Mouse 1st Birthday Cake Design:

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If there is one first birthday cake theme that never goes out of the party scene, it is the classic Mickey Mouse! Kids love Mickey Mouse for its adorable looks and ever-smiling nature, making the design an instant hit at the party. Here is one best mickey-mouse first birthday cake design for boys, in three tiers that looks quite attractive in the signature yellow, white, black and red colours. You can choose fondant or buttercream covering based on your taste and pick three different flavours in each tier: chocolate, Oreo, vanilla, etc. Then, decorating it in fondant swirls and Mickey shapes like feet, hands, and ears will make all the kids at your party scream in excitement!

2. Unicorn First Birthday Cake Design:

Image Source: pinterest

There is something mythical and fun about unicorns that girls of all ages love and adore! Here is a cute unicorn’s first birthday cake idea for baby girls, which features a dreamy pastel theme. The delicate colours, the beautiful floral patterns, number one, rainbow and baby unicorn toppers add a special charm to the cake. You can cover the body with buttercream and design the accents in fondant. The custom-made fondant plaque with your girl’s name in muted gold steals the show!

3. Jungle Theme 1 Year Birthday Cake:

Your little one will love this jungle-themed first birthday cake as it invites crazy jungle vibes into the party hall. The idea is to use many earthy and green colours to recreate the safari effect on the cake. Using fondant is best as it lends a neat look, but buttercream also works well. Feel free to unleash your creativity with the design by using fondant toppers of your kid’s favourite animals, creepers, palm trees and even a python for some added drama. This two-tier cake infuses fun and adventure that all kids and adults will love!

4. Rainbow Theme 1 Birthday Cake Design:

Image Source: pinterest

If you prefer a minimalistic first birthday cake design, look no further than this pretty rainbow-themed cake. The cake features simplicity and elegance in the design concept and colour combination that reflects the innocent beauty of your baby girl. The two-tier cake has a buttercream frosting with rainbow and cloud topper in fondant. Adding a gold shimmer number 1 candle and edible gold foil elevates the look of this gorgeous cake. Now, as a final surprise element, use seven layers of rainbow-coloured sponge inside to make his seemingly simple cake a colourful masterpiece!

5. 1st Birthday Barbie Cake Design:

Image Source: pinterest

Does your little girl enjoy playing with Barbie dolls? Take her doll adoration to the next level with this cake that features an edible form of Barbie. The beautiful first birthday cake idea for girls makes for an impressive centrepiece at your party. You can pick a doll with a cute face and a cheerful smile that resembles your daughter and design a cake around it like a 3D dress. Customize the colours to match the birthday outfit of your baby doll and get ready to enjoy tons of compliments from your guests. Don’t forget to use different piping techniques to add beautiful textures to the edible dress!

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6. Royal Prince First Year Birthday Cake Design:

Image Source: pinterest

Your little Highness just completed a 365-day ride around the sun, which calls for a huge celebration in your kingdom. What better to mark this milestone than with this majestic cake?! The royal prince’s first birthday cake design for boys stands tall with an impressive 4-tier model in white and royal blue. Adding accents like crowns, brooches, beads and laces in gold colour brings out the royalty and elegance in the cake. Use a cute royal prince topper and a fondant number one topper or candle to finish the look. Also, it’s a good idea to use two or three different flavours in the tiers to treat the taste buds of your guests!

7. Spiderman Number 1 Birthday Cake:

Your little hero deserves nothing less than a superhero cake for his first birthday. Here is a simple Spiderman first birthday cake for boys that features all the elements of the Marvel comic series. The first step is picking Spiderman-themed colours – red, blue, black and hints of yellow. Cover up the body with fondant or buttercream and use fondant accents of Spiderman’s face, web and even Manhattan skyscrapers on the sides. Use a name and number topper to finish the look and get ready to watch your little guy go “Spidey!”

8. Peppa Pig Happy First Birthday Cake Design:

Does your baby snort and gurgle like Peppa Pig and her family members? Take their love for this adorable cartoon character to the next level with a Peppa Pig-themed first birthday cake. The two-tier cake can be custom-made for girls and boys by featuring a suitable character for the topper. For girls, you can use a Peppa topper and for boys, use a George topper. Adding Peppa’s family members or her friends brings life to the cake and makes it look like an edible version of their favourite cartoon show.

9. Monster Theme 1 Birthday Cake:

Image Source: pinterest

Funny, cute and goofy monsters never fail to grab children’s attention. Monster-theme cakes are unique first birthday ideas with adorable monsters with popping eyes. The design elements are quite simple. Cover the 3-tier cake in fondant or buttercream frosting and feel free to add any number of eyes, lips, teeth and horns to make them as attractive as possible. Using bright colours like yellow, blue, green and orange is highly recommended! Go for a fondant topper or a custom name and number cutting to increase the visual appeal.

10. Baby Shark-Do-Do Theme 1st Birthday Cake Design:

Image Source: facebook

Your baby will gleam in excitement after you unveil this amazing baby shark’s first birthday cake design. The two-tier designer birthday cake features an ocean theme with cute fondant figurines of baby sharks and family. The top tier highlights the main characters, while the lower tier features a textural effect with blue fondant waves and sea creatures. Adding some biscuit crumbs on the bottom creates a seabed effect and breathes life into the cake. Don’t forget to play the rhyme in the background to get your little guests grooving to the lyrics!

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11. Frozen Theme No. 1 Birthday Cake Design:

Image Source: pinterest

Re-create the magic of winter wonderland from the ‘Frozen’ movie with this beautiful cake design. ‘Frozen’ is one of the most popular first birthday cake themes with central characters like Anna, Elsa and even Olaf. Here is a lovely 1st birthday cake design that your little princess will absolutely love. The tall, single-tier cake features drip icing with buttercream swirls and fondant snowflakes and edible picture cuttings of the characters. Adding a delicate net to mimic Elsa’s princess outfit creates a 3D effect on the cake and makes it picture-perfect! You can also use Frozen theme desserts to decorate the table and treat your little guests to some wintery goodies.

12. Boss Baby Theme 1 Yr Birthday Cake:

Image Source: pinterest

Show the world who the real boss at your home is with the trending Boss Baby’s first birthday cake design. The cake features the movie’s central character, ‘The Boss Baby’, who is ready to step up his role from a baby to a boss. Covering the cake in white fondant sets the right backdrop for the elements to shine. Use fondant to create ties, bows, buttons, suspender belts, letters of the name and the number one topper. Place an edible cutting of the boss baby picture works as a focal element of the cake and binds the entire theme.

13. Elephant Theme First Birthday Cake Photo:

Image Source: pinterest

Elephant cakes are another popular cake design idea for first birthdays as they capture two main themes- innocence and cuteness. Here is one such elephant first birthday cake design for baby boys, which features an adorable baby elephant flying in its dreamy world. The single-tier cake has a buttercream frosting with the shapes of clouds, an elephant topper, a hot air balloon, and a basket in fondant. The 3D effect of the fondant figurines adds a realistic look to the cake and leaves your kid thrilled at the idea of an elephant visiting his party. Depending on the number of guests, you can easily convert this design into a two or three-tier cake.

14. Butterfly Theme 1st Birthday Cake Design:

Image Source: pinterest

Nothing can represent the delicate and innocent beauty of your baby girl more than this lovely butterfly-theme cake. Butterfly designs are quite popular as first birthday cake ideas as these beautiful bugs are rich in symbolism. Using pastel pink and white to cover the tiers is a good idea to create a pleasant effect. Just add some pink butterflies, sugar flowers and edible French lace to accentuate the tiers and give a classy look. Stick a name plaque cut in a beautiful font and shiny gold metal to add an element of bling to the otherwise subtle cake.

15. Teddy Bear First Birthday Cake Design for Twins:

Image Source: pinterest

One of the biggest challenges for parents of twins is to pick the right cake design that both can enjoy. Instead of buying two cakes for your babies, try this unique first birthday cake idea for twins, which features a half-and-half design. You can split the cake into two sections to customize the colours, themes and decorations to suit the child’s taste and personality. When in doubt, go for a popular character like a teddy bear and gender-appropriate colours like pink and blue for twin baby boys and girls.

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16. Photo Print 1 Year Birthday Cake Design:

Image Source: pinterest

Photo cakes are the best way to relive precious memories of your baby in an edible format. These custom-made first birthday cake designs add extraness to your celebration by adding a personal touch. You can go for a single picture or multiple picture frames to capture some of your favourite photos of your little one. Words can’t express the joy you and your family will experience after taking a mini trip down memory lane with all the pictures sitting on the cake. What’s more?! Your guests will have a great chance to view your selected memories and even eat them; how cool!

17. Rustic 1st Birthday Cake Design:

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Rustic cakes are a hot favourite trend in the first birthday party scene of the year. These cakes have minimal to zero decoration to make them look more natural and elegant. The country-side-inspired cake design features semi-naked frosting on the sides and top to partially reveal the spongy layers inside. You can use natural décor elements like flowers and leaves to add colour and texture to the cake. A simple number one cake topper elevates the overall look to another level. By making simple décor and colour changes, you can customize a rustic cake to suit baby girls and boys.

18. Dinosaur 1st Birthday Cake Design:

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Dinosaurs fascinate kids with their larger-than-life bodies and strange appearance, which they can’t relate to with any other animal in the real world. Choosing a dinosaur theme for your kid’s first birthday cake is a great idea to give him a taste of the Jurassic world. This cake fits the bill of a cute 1st birthday cake for a little boy or girl, thanks to its adorable baby dinosaur topper. The design is also simple, with a single tier and buttercream frosting. Using natural colours like green and brown gives a pleasant look and shifts the spotlight to the lovable little dinosaur.

19. Floral Theme First Birthday Cake:

A sweet and simple cake design is all you need to bring a smile to your kid’s face. Floral cakes tick all boxes when it comes to making a statement and keeping it elegant on a first birthday party. Here is one such first birthday cake design that features floral elements. The round cake has a fondant covered with gumpaste flowers and sugar beads for a decorative look. Since it’s a floral theme, you can try out multiple flowers or stick to one variety, like roses or peonies. You can replace a cake topper with a happy birthday message in frosting to get a neat finishing.

20. Cowboy 1st Birthday Cake Design:

Image Source:

Looking for a Western cake theme to celebrate your kid’s first birthday party? Try this trending cowboy cake design suitable for 1 year old baby boys. You can opt for a simple round cake in chocolate buttercream frosting and decorate it with fun elements like horses, starts, cowboys, ropes etc. Just stick these gum paste elements on the front of the cake to achieve a 3D effect without trying too hard. Use a number one candle or a fondant number shape to indicate the age of the child.

Don’t you love these 20 easy and best cake designs for first birthday parties? Well-designed cakes can create lasting memories and turn an event into a joyous celebration. You can use these designs as a reference and add a creative touch to make your kid’s first birthday cake look unique and impressive. So, which of these ideas are you willing you try this year?

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