9 Best Adventure Camps With Pictures

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Adventure camps are the best part of one’s childhood. They help you meet new people and build friendships and brotherhoods that often last a lifetime. They also help teach you important survival skills and gets you out of your house. In today’s extremely gadget savvy world, the latter is a difficult task to fulfill. Adventure camps help you reconnect with nature and also satisfy your want to explore and be adventurous! Here is a list of nine awesome adventure camps.

Adventure Camps With Pictures:

The Appalachian Mountain Club’s Teen Wilderness Adventure:

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This camp is set in New England and includes spectacular locations like the White Mountain National Forest. These camps include activities like hiking, rock climbing, backpacking, kayaking, canoeing, mountain biking and service and conservation adventures. These camps prove to be very educative for first timers and extremely fun for those who’ve been here before. The kids get separated into different levels according to their age and expertise and each group is assigned supervisors. So there is no danger to their safety. For further details contact – 603-466-2727

West Coast Connection:

The West coast Connection and 360degree Student travel are one of the largest student travel companies in North America. They organize the best adventure camps for budding world travelers. Teens undertaking these programs get to do a variety of activities, all in different locations. They are even made to take part in community service! For further details contact – 800.767.0227

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Thrill Coaster Tours:

This camp is the ultimate experience for adventure seekers all over the world. I mean what better camp is there to attend than the one which takes you for rides on the world’s best roller coasters! The thrill coaster tours headquarters are located in Wood bridge, New Jersey. They take the teens to amusement parks in various parts of the country and watch them enjoy the thrills of the twists and turns of the roller coasters! For further details contact – 888-542-4842

Sanborn Western Camps, Colorado:

The camp is located an hour west of the Colorado Springs. It features 6,000 acres of Aspen, spruce, Douglas-fir, and Ponderosa pine-filled forests. The camp helps adventurers to find friendship and reconnect with nature all as they learn, grow and increase their self-efficacy in surviving in the wild! For further information contact – 719-748-3341

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Camp Chief Ouray, Colorado:

Located in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, this camp is sure to leave you gasping for breath. You wake up every morning to an awesome view of snow clad mountain peaks surrounding you. All outdoorsy activities like archery, canoeing, all-Camp Dance, Riflery, Sports & Games, Camp Craft Skills and camp outs are carried out here. It is one of the best ways of spending one’s summer! For further information contact – 970-887-2648

Camp Lakota:

Camp Lakota is packed with outdoor activities like horseback riding, skateboarding, swimming, rock climbing and so on. it includes plenty of sports and arts to satiate the hunger of an adventure seeker! For further details contact – 845-888-5611

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Camp Kinder Ring:

This camp is located 65 miles away from New York City. It offers its campers a variety of activities ranging from sports to performing arts. The daily routine of the campers is fun packed with thrilling adventures! For further information contact – 845-221-2771

Camp De-Wolfe:

Located in Wading River this Christian Episcopal–affiliated camp, offers a host of activities to its campers. Sailing, swimming and canoeing are just a few of the numerous water sports that the campers can avail of here. For further information contact – 631-929-4325

Camp Hilltop:

Camp Hilltop is an adventurer’s dream come true! It offers both indoor and outdoor activities which include trapeze, laser tag, knitting and photography! For further information contact – 607-637-5201

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