Adventure camps are the best part of one’s childhood. They help you meet new people and build friendships and brotherhoods that often last a lifetime. Best adventure camps also help teach you important survival skills and get you out of your house. Summers are the best time to get along with the family and travel with them but you may also like to give your little one a chance to camp by him. There are no. of camps that provide skiing, theatre, music, art and craft, sports, etc. and develop confidence in them and help them overcome their weaknesses, and engage in a new environment. In today’s extremely gadget-savvy world, the latter is a difficult task to fulfil. Adventure camps help you reconnect with nature and also satisfy your wish to explore and be adventurous! Here is a list of nine awesome adventure camps.

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10+ Best Adventure Camps Across the Globe:

There are many adventure camps around the world that offer a wide range of activities and experiences for people of all ages. The best adventure camps are those that provide a safe and enjoyable environment while also offering challenging activities that push participants out of their comfort zones.

Adventure Camps Across the World Shortlisted

1. Outward Bound:

For over 75 years, adventure programs have been offered by this organization, which is recognized as a leader in the field. Programs for both youth and adults are provided that focus on outdoor activities such as hiking, rock climbing, and canoeing.

2. National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS):

Courses in locations around the world are offered by NOLS, which is another well-respected organization that provides adventure programs for all ages. Their programs focus on leadership and wilderness skills.

3. Avid4 Adventure:

Geared specifically towards children and teens, a range of adventure activities such as mountain biking, rock climbing, and kayaking are offered by this camp. The emphasis is on building confidence and outdoor skills.

4. Adventure Treks:

They offer programs for teens in locations around the United States that focus on outdoor activities such as backpacking, rock climbing, and whitewater rafting, and leadership and personal growth are also emphasized by them.

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5. Wilderness Adventures:

This organization focuses on adventure programs for both youth and adults with a focus on outdoor activities like backpacking, rafting, and climbing. Additionally, international programs are offered in locations such as Costa Rica and Tanzania.

6. The Appalachian Mountain Club’s Teen Wilderness Adventure:

These adventure camp activities are set in New England and include spectacular locations like the White Mountain National Forest. The kids can learn a valuable lesson about how humans react to the wilderness. These camps prove to be very educative for first-timers and extremely fun for those who’ve been here before. The kids get separated into different levels according to their age and expertise and each group is assigned, supervisors. So there is no danger to their safety. For further details contact – 603-466-2727.

  • These camps include activities like hiking, rock climbing, backpacking, kayaking, canoeing, mountain biking and service, and conservation adventures.
  • The youth ages 12 years to 18 years are all eligible for this camp.
  • The period ranges between 5 days to 2o days for any outdoor camp and according to the camp chosen by the youth.
  • They develop self-esteem, teamwork, friendship, and a spirit of adventure.
  • If you cancel the trip before 14 days you get a 70% refund, and if after that no refund is provided, if cancelled before 30 days you get a 100% refund.
  • Things to be taken for camp are water, light, survival gear, first aid kit, map and compass, extra food and clothes, sun protection, blister kit, footwear, head and neck woollen, sleeping bag, and tent/shelter.
  • The main months for the camps are April to October and it may vary with the time and weather and the place you are going to.

7. West Coast Connection:

The West Coast Connection and 360degree Student travel are one of the largest student travel companies in North America. They organize the best fun and adventure camps for budding world travellers. Teens undertaking these programs get to do a variety of activities, all in different locations. They are even made to take part in community service! For further details contact – 800.767.0227.

  • They provide tours like baseball tours, global adventures, active teen tours, pre-school summer programs, fashion programs, and community service.
  • They take tours to destinations like Croatia, Iceland, Thailand, Vietnam, Galapagos, Austria, Canada, the USA, etc.
  • The length of the trip may vary from 7 days to 40 days as per the camp chosen from the above-given options.
  • People with high enthusiasm go for these trips of the age group ranging from 14 years and above to experience pure nature love and explore themselves.
  • If you want to explore the world on your own and make new friends do some individual camp trips and just build more confidence and overcome your weaknesses.
  • Things to be taken for camp are water, light, first aid kit, map and compass, extra food and clothes, sun protection, blister kit, footwear, and woollen cloths.

8. Thrill Coaster Tours:

This camp is the ultimate experience for adventure seekers all over the world. I mean what better camp is there to attend than the one which takes you for rides on the world’s best roller coasters! The thrill coaster tours headquarters are located in Wood Bridge, New Jersey. They take the teens to amusement parks in various parts of the country and watch them enjoy the thrills of the twists and turns of the roller coasters! For further details contact – 888-542-4842.

  • This camp is for 6 weeks and constitutes each trip for 2 weeks, the rides are never boring and one can go on and on for rides but as a camping institute, we have to put an end to the trip.
  • As roller coasters are not for very younger kids and they might not be able to stay away from home for much longer, they provide a trip for 11 years to 15 years.
  • The trip begins every Monday and ending it on Friday.
  • There is also a drop-off and pick-up location for every trip from starting and end.
  • The trip is divided into 4 parts: Boston blast tour, southern studio tour, beach goers’ tour and gateway to the west tour.
  • They conduct the trip from July to August as it is a 6 weeks program.
  • You may carry all the essential things needed for coater trips like dizziness kit, comfortable clothes like jeans and shorts so that you can sit properly, extra clothes for the trip, torch, and first aid kit, all the other things necessary.

9. Sanborn Western Camps, Colorado:

This friend adventure camp is located an hour west of Colorado Springs. It features 6,000 acres of Aspen, spruce, Douglas-fir, and Ponderosa pine-filled forests. The camp helps adventurers to find friendship and reconnect with nature all as they learn, grow and increase their self-efficacy in surviving in the wild! For further information contact – 719-748-3341.

  • The camps provided by them are big spring for boys, high trails for girls and juniors camp.
  • They provide activities like horse riding, exploring nature, creative arts, sports, hiking, water fun, special events, fishing, high ropes, mountain biking, cattle round-up, storytelling, campfires, creative writing, technical rock climbing, singing, etc.
  • They even provide facilities like a theatre, hot pool, and fields for sports, a health centre, dining hall, kitchen, etc.
  • The age group for girls and boys trip is 9 years to 16 years and for juniors, it is 7 years to 10 years.
  • Things to take for a trip are a most essential part of any trip as without any packing you won’t be able to continue, things like a torch, first aid kit, clothes, cap, and woolen if going for winter camp, comfortable shoes, etc.
  • The main months to travel are July to August for all the camps and age groups.

10. Camp Chief Ouray, Colorado:

Located in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, this kid’s adventure camp is sure to leave you gasping for breath. You wake up every morning to an awesome view of snow-clad mountain peaks surrounding you. All outdoorsy activities like archery, canoeing, all-Camp Dance, Riflery, Sports & Games, Camp Craft Skills and campouts are carried out here. It is one of the best ways of spending one’s summer! For further information contact – 970-887-2648.

  • They provide camp options like traditional camps, challenger programs, leadership training, adventure trips, horseback riding, trekker trips, minicamps, and international trips.
  • The kids of age 7 years to 18 years are eligible for this camp.
  • You may pack a winter hat, sleeping bag, torch, winter gloves, clothes, sun protector, toiletry, swimsuit, footwear, blanket, shorts, first aid kit, etc.
  • They provide activities like archery and riflery, mini golf outdoor survival, floorball, birding, roller skating, ping pong, thunder ball, and basketball. Etc.
  • The camp is on for all the seasons like there are seasonal camps as well as off-season camps.

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11. Camp Lakota:

It includes plenty of sports and arts to satiate the hunger of an adventure seeker! This is one of the best summer adventure camps. For further details contact – 845-888-5611.

  • They provide some exciting activities like horseback riding, skateboarding, swimming, rock climbing, zip line, low ropes, climbing walls, giant swings, land sports, aquatics in the pool, creative art, lacrosse, beach volleyball, inter-camp games, softball, gaga arena and many more.
  • They do camping in the months of January, February and June to August.
  • Things you need to pack are a torch, first aid kit, clothes, cap, woolen if going for winter camp, comfortable shoes, maps, compass, etc.

12. Camp Kinder Ring:

This camp is located 65 miles away from New York City. It offers its campers a variety of outdoor adventure camps and activities ranging from sports to performing arts. The daily routine of the campers is fun and packed with thrilling adventures! For further information contact – 845-221-2771.

  • They have activities like team sports, overnight trips, arts and crafts, individual sports, cultural arts, carnival events, water activities, adventure centers, competitive singing, Israeli dance, gymnastics, and so on.
  • The camp is started from the month of June to August and it may vary every year as per the weather condition.
  • From the age group of 6 years to 9 years kids come here to participate and do all the activities and enhance them during the vacation.
  • You may carry all the essential things needed for the trip like a dizziness kit, comfortable clothes like jeans and shorts so that you can sit properly, extra clothes for the trip, a torch and first aid kit, maps and compass and all the other things necessary.

13. Camp De-Wolfe:

Located in Wading River this Christian Episcopal-affiliated camp, offers a host of activities to its campers. They provide good nature adventure camps. For further information contact – 631-929-4325.

  • There are many camps like winter camp, summer camp, and fall camp for kids to explore.
  • Things to bring for the trip pillow, clothes, laundry bag, water shoes, raincoat, nightwear, toiletry, torch and batteries, sanitary pad for girls, bottle, and so on.
  • The camps are for 3 to 4 days and for the age group of 7 years to 18 years
  • The camp is held from June to August for summer camps and for winter camp it is held in January.
  • The activities such as archery range, art and crafts, nature trails and campfires pits, basketball, St Luke’s chapel, a challenge course, an outdoor swimming pool and many more.

14. Camp Hilltop:

Camp Hilltop is an adventurer’s dream come true! It offers both indoor and outdoor activities which include trapeze, laser tag, knitting, and photography! For further information contact – 607-637-5201.

  • The trip that is offered may vary from summer to summer and some of the trips are camel beach, Hershey Park, Dorney Park, and wild water kingdom, mountain creek, hiking overnight, biking overnight, and one-day raft trip, etc.
  • They even provide facilities like High Ropes Course, Archery Range, Low Ropes Course, Vertical Playpen, Giant Swing, Large Horse Barn, 2 Riding Rings, Gymnasium, 2 Athletic Fields, Pamper Pole, Overnight Tee Pee Site, Go-Kart Track, Roller Hockey Pavilion, Basketball Court (Lighted), Batting Cage, Volleyball Court, Dance Studio, etc.
  • They provide summer camp between the months of June to August.
  • They provide camps for kids from 8 years to 17 years of age.
  • Things to be taken for camp are water, light, survival gear, first aid kit, map and compass, extra food and clothes, sun protection, blister kit, footwear, head and neck woollen, sleeping bag, and tent/shelter.

Now that you are aware of all the best Adventure camps, plan a quick trip to the place you liked the most, it might be difficult for you to choose but to start off you will have to choose one. This trip will surely build in lots of self-confidence and defeat your weaknesses in you. You will have a new community to join, a new group of friends for life, and you will be able to explore some new things within yourself. Do not forget to share feedback with us.

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1. Are tips included in the cost paid for the trip?

No, the tips are not included in the cost you paid for the trip. Tips are an individual thing to do as per an individual’s choice as to how much to pay and when to pay. Many of the tour pamphlets included information about it and you may choose to pay according to it.

2. What is to be packed for the trip?

Most of the things are included in the trip for daily activities but you have to bring your personal belongings like clothes, water bottle, woollen clothes, shoes, maps and compass, toiletry, torch and battery, sleeping bag, blister kit, first aid kit, etc.

3. Are food facilities provided?

Yes to keep you healthy and energized during the travel, we have excellent cooks for you to provide a sensible combination of tasty and varied food with keeping in mind the hygiene for each and every individual. All activities like trekking and hiking and others do during the trip require a lot of energy.

4. What kind of clothes should a kid wear while camping?

The kid should wear casual and comfortable clothes like jeans and a t-shirt while camping as he will be able to extract more from the camp and enjoy. The fancy clothes may irritate the kid and they may not enjoy the camp and do the activities properly.

5. Do you provide a first aid kit?

Yes, we do provide first aid to kids with basic needs but we do not have any specific medicine if a child is allergic to anything. But when we go on an outdoor trip to the city we do have all kinds of medicines which a child may need for a regular injury and a doctor or nurse with us.


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