Nail arts are a very popular trend among girls of all ages these days. Airbrush nail art techniques are getting very famous these days. This is mostly because of the fact that it’s very easy to create various saloon style nail art patterns using airbrush machine and different stencils.

Usually only professional saloons used to give the air brush style nail arts on nails of customers but now with growing popularity of nail art, these airbrush machines are available in special nail art stores quite easily.

In air brush technique, an airbrush machine is used by the nail artist. It is a small air blowing machine which uses one colour at a time to blow on to the customer’s nails through stencils. Various shapes of stencils are available which can give you amazing patterns and designs without having to go through all the paint of drawing free hand designs or spending hours on to making a nail art.

Airbrush Nail Arts:

Here are our top 9 pictures of airbrush nail art designs. Have a look!

1. Duo Toned Airbrush Nails:

An awesome airbrush nail art that can be created using air brush machine and stencils of the pattern as shown in the picture. For the base you may use sponging technique for the gradient formation. Finish off with a glitter polish.

2. Air Brush Nail Art Using Various Patterns:

This kind of air brush nails can be easily created using a stencil of the shape shown above. Additionally, you can make a transparent French tip design as shown in the picture.

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3. Electrifying Wave Nail Design:

This type of an electrifying wave design can be created using airbrush tool and a nice stencil of the shape of the wave. Pink colour has been sprayed over the red base paint of nail polish for the above texture.

4. Floral Air Brush Nail Art Design:

This kind of an air brush design can be created using floral pattern stencils and an air brush tool. For more variety you can use gradient texturing using two colours of blue for the base and a sponge.

5. Abstract Nail Art Using Airbrush Technique:

An abstract nail art design looks really cool on the nails. We need to use a lot of colours for an abstract looking nails. This can be created without a lot of effort as in free hand technique if we are using an airbrush tool and airbrush spray paints. Good patterns of stencils are needed for this design.

6. French Tip Nails with Airbrush Floral Patterns:

French tips are a favourite of almost all the girls out there. These look very stylish. In order to give your French tips some additional decorations, you can adorn them with airbrush floral designs.

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7. Airbrushed Gradient and Zebra Design:

Animal prints are very popular these days. You can easily create gradient texture and animal print nail designs using stencils of the pattern of animal prints and an airbrush machine.

8. Flowers, Patterns and Rhinestones:

This kind of an air brush effect can be created using floral and pattern stencils. You can additionally use rhinestones for decorating the floral patterns so created.

9. Flames Air Brush Nails Art Design:

An awesome flames design can be created using stencils of the shape of flames and an air brush machine. Colours can be chosen in light and dark shade to be used over a dark or absolutely light base paint. This type of flames designs has become especially popular with the movie the Hunger Games. Try out this design!

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