Ambigram tattoo design is an exclusive type of tattoo in which the letters or figures are created distinctly to make it readable both right side up and upside down. It is a beautiful piece of art and has gained extreme popularity among today’s tattoo lovers.

Best Ambigram Tattoos With Images And Meanings:

This article has compiled a list of the 15 best Ambigram tattoo designs with pictures and meanings that rock you.

1. Cross Designs Ambigram Tattoo:

This cross ambigram tattoo is almost perfect for people who like to be a little spiritual and believe in God. You can get work done in the way of a cross so that the middle word becomes the common one, and like a crossword puzzle, you can read this word from all sides. It is extremely stylish as well as standard. You can also get this one done in any size and on any body part. Cross designs are trendy tattoo designs, and something like this will surely be very uncommon. It is one of the best ambigram tattoo designs for men.

2. Carpe Diem Ambigram Tattoo Designs:

This is one quote that you should never forget throughout your life, which will help you a hundred times. It is also one perfect ambigram tattoo design, and it simply means ‘take the opportunity or ‘grab the chance’. This is, of course, extremely important for us to welcome all the opportunities, no matter how big or small they are, to make the most of these. We simply never know what can give us happiness.

3. Love For The Family Ambigram Tattoo:

No matter how old you become, the love for your mom and dad will never decrease in your heart. It will, in turn, increase, and since we can never thank our parents enough for whatever they have done for us, some of the best ambigram tattoos make our work very simple. You can get some quotes inked, but when it comes to Ambigram, a single word is a better option and getting the words ‘mother’ or ‘father’ inked on your hands or neck can be thoughtful. You can get this done as a birthday gift for your mom and dad, and their expressions are sure to be priceless.

4. Angel And Wings Ambigram Tattoo Art:

While choosing from ambigram tattoo designs, we often choose the first letters of names or the usual one-word motivational ones such as love, life, faith, family and all. Let us now do something different and thank our guardian angel by getting inked with the word ‘ANGEL’ in a beautiful font and elaborating the whole thing with typical angel wings. With this design, you can cover the entire front portion of your hands from the inner joint to the wrist.

5. Name’s First Letter Ambigram Tattoo Designs:

Some people find inking an entire name on their skin in Ambigram quite dull. They love to make it more mystifying by discarding all other letters of the word except the first one. If you also want to keep it short and sweet, get the first letter of your name tattooed on your skin in Ambigram. Add some shades or a beautiful design to it for a more intense effect.

6. The Word ‘Life’ Ambigram Tattoos:

‘Life is the most precious thing that God has gifted us. If you want to celebrate your life and live it to the fullest, get a tattoo in Ambigram. The word inked on your skin will keep reminding you how beautiful your journey of existence is and how thankful you are to God for this.

7. The Word ‘Love’ Ambigram Tattoo Designs:

Love is the most beautiful feeling experienced by human beings. It always has a deep and vast meaning, whether it refers to a familial emotion or a romantic sensation. So, go for a tattoo showcasing the word ‘love’ on your skin in Ambigram. It would work as a medium for spreading your love and making you feel upon those gloomy days. This is one of the popular ambigram tattoo designs for girls.

8. The Word ‘Faith’ Ambigram Tattoo Designs:

An ambigram tattoo displaying the word ‘Faith’ is also very common among today’s generation. It doubles the self-confidence of the person and pushes her to reach particular goals. Being a word with powerful meaning, it serves as a lesson to people and boosts their faiths.

9. Your Best Achievement Ambigram Tattoos:

Nothing can be as good as getting a tattoo design depicting your best achievement in Ambigram. It has become quite popular now. Let others know how much effort you had to put into accomplishing that. It can always give you an incredible feeling.

10. Zodiac Sign Ambigram Tattoo Designs:

Our zodiac signs say a lot about us. Hence, many people like getting their zodiac signs tattooed on their skin in Ambigram. It is undoubtedly an exceptional concept and gives us a smart and contemporary look. If you also feel proud to be a passionate Leo or a protective Taurus, do not miss the chance to show it to the world through your tattoo.

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11. Subject Names Ambigram Tattoos:

Not a single person likes to study when they are small, but as we grow up there are certain subjects which engross us, and we love to read books on them. How about keeping the essence of these subjects with us forever and expressing our love towards them? It is an excellent way with the help of ambigram tattoos. You can get it done, especially on your right hand or anywhere else as of that matter but do it broadly to make it look more prominent and beautiful.

12. Three-Dimensional Figures Ambigram Tattoos:

Those who love three-dimensional tattoos can add a twist to their style by choosing an Ambigram with three-dimensional effects. These 3-D Ambigrams are not only a great sort of body art, but they also look highly realistic. So, if you are looking for something different to make your tattoo stand apart from your friends, choose it without hesitation.

13. Face Of A Person Ambigram Tattoo Art:

If you want to go one step further, opt for a face Ambigram. However, creating the face of your desired person perfectly on the skin might be a bit difficult. Hence, most people try to get something done, which symbolizes their personalities. It can be a public face with specific features you admire or simply the face of an angel or a devil. If you are a person of mixed personality, go for a look with an angel and a devil on either side.

14. Name of A Person Ambigram Tattoo:

What can be more exciting than getting a tattoo that reflects your own identity? Yes, you can write your name as a tattoo and uniquely celebrate your existence. This is known to be the most popular design for an Ambigram tattoo. If you wish, you can also get the name of the most lovable person of your life tattooed in Ambigram. Adding vibrant colours to them would even double up the fun.

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15. Arm Ambigram Tattoos:

This is one of the most fantastic ambigram tattoos and can be done on anyone, a male or a female. Extremely stylish and extremely fashionable this one!


When tattoos have become a rage, people are looking for newer and newer designs, and these ambigram tattoos are great ideas, so if you are planning to get a tattoo done, get one of this kind very soon.

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