Analog clocks! We all are well aware of these types of clocks that help us to read the time. Whatsoever new technologies come or new kinds of clocks that enter the market to cater to the audience who prefer sleek and stylish clocks to add into home decor element, we bet there is nothing like the antique vintage and classic analog clocks. They are simple yet best in the basic looks. There is a certain charm surrounding them when we add them up in our homes. So today, we are here to take you through the latest collection in simple analog clocks varieties and designs trending around us in the market.

Different Types Of Analog Clock Designs In India:

Here we enlisted 15 simple and best analog clock designs with images. Let’s have a look at them.

1. Vintage Analog Clock:


If you are looking for the classic vintage touch that always stands the test of time, how about this one? We love this model. The off-white and black clock design in 38 cm with a wooden look appears beautiful when added to the plain walls. The neutral hues can brighten up your living space seamlessly.

  • Design and Type: Black and Off-White Textured Analog Clock in Wooden Design
  • Shape: Round
  • Material: Wood

2. Analog Alarm Clock:


This is quite a traditional design in alarm clock types. The alarm analog clock here is tiny, fits in different spaces seamlessly. The cute analog clock works well, has good durability, and is perfect for carrying several spaces around you.

  • Design and Type: Black and White Small Alarm Clock
  • Shape: Square
  • Material: Plastic

3. Analog Wall Clock:


We love this contemporary modern design and vibrant hues associated with this alarm clock. The wall clock design comes in teal and cream-coloured texture and shades, with perfect looks added to the large living room. It can stand out as a statement piece easily. What do you think?

  • Design and Type: Teal and Cream Analog Wall Clock
  • Shape: Round
  • Material: Wood

4. Ajanta Analog Square Clock:


Do you want to get back the old memories by adding the classic Ajanta analog wall clock? Well, this particular square design brings us back to the good old days when we were all kids. These clocks used to be in several homes easily, yet it is still among the most trending ones. What do you think?

  • Design and Type: Yellow and Cream Analog Wall Clock
  • Shape: Square
  • Material: Plastic

5. Titan Analog Black Clock:


Now achieve the sleek plush vibes with elegant looks in these Titan analog wall clocks design. The black dial clock appears with the latest contemporary design and can fit in versatile spaces. It is neutral and yet beautiful in looks, adds to fit in perfectly in several themes – right from vintage to boho to Scandinavian vibes décor. We love this one!

  • Design and Type: Black Titan Analog Wall Clock
  • Shape: Round
  • Material: Plastic

6. Brushed Aluminum Analog Clock:

Here is a classic analog clock that is splendid to look at. The large dial is very clear even from a great distance. The white background and the black hands on the clock are perfect for reading the time. The brushed aluminium clock has a nice silver finish at the edge.

7. Metal Atomic Analog Clock:

This simple analog wall clock is great not only to look at but also for functionality. The 16-inch clock can be used as a silent analog clock. The metal base of the clock gives it good sturdiness that will last ages. This clock has a black and white colour that is most common.

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8. 24 Hour Analog Clock:

This is a wonderful simple analog clock that will show you the time in not only the 12-hour format but also the 24-hour format. This is perfect as a teaching analog clock as it shows the time in both formats. Kids can learn how to read time in both ways. This gives them a better understanding of time.

9. Synchronized Analog Clock:

Here is a cool analog clock collection that is synchronized. The idea behind this clock is that when you set the time on the clock, the second hand can be stopped and started from the beginning. This is the real-time analog clock that you can set according to the correct meantime.

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10. Informative Analog Clock:

It is great to get all the information you need about time in one place. This modern analog clock has all the information regarding time and date. The clock shows the time in two formats – using the hands and in numeric form. The clock also shows the date in month, day and date format.

11. Square Analog Clock:

Square is also a great shape for clocks. This square analog clock is quite contemporary and stylish. The cool analog clock is found in most homes and offices. The square frame of the clock can be made of plastic or metal.

12. Animated Analog Clock:

Here is a very cool animated analog clock that you can have on your computer or phone. The animated clock has two hands in the form of human figures. The hour hand is the form of a man and the minute hand is the form of a woman. The animated clock also shows the number of minutes that pass.

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13. Travel Analog Clocks:

You need to know the time wherever you are. If you are on vacation or work, you need an alarm to wake you up in the morning. This analog travel alarm clock is the perfect way to be ready at the right time. The alarm rings at the perfect time to remind you of your day. You can put the alarm off by pressing a button.

14. Kids Analog Clock:

Kids love to colour and bright stuff. This analog clock for kids is the perfect way to teach them and get them interested in the time. The clock is bright and colourful, and this will keep the kids entertained. The hour and minute hands have been labelled as well.

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15. Analog Hook Clock:

Here is a stylish hook clock that you can hang from your wall. It shows the time on either side. The two face clock is great for large rooms as a divider. This is a good looking clock that you can use between rooms. The clock is round and clear so that it can be seen from a distance.

Analog clock designs tell you the time using the hour and minute hands. They can be interactive, teaching, j Query clocks. These can come in round or square frames as well. You can also have analog clocks for colourful kids.

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