Nail arts are a new rage and style statement among girls from celebrities to the girl next door. It’s time that you give your regular nail polishes some touch of vivid creativity. Don’t worry; you don’t have to be a nail artist to recreate trendy nail art designs on your nails. Nail arts in animal prints are among one of the most trendy nail art designs that girls love to sport. These are easy to recreate too.

Animal Print Designs for Nails:

Today we are providing you with the top 9 images of animal nail arts and simple little tips on how to recreate them. Have a look!

1. Simple Black and White Leopard Print Design:

This can be an easy to do nail art on the go. So simple and good to look at that at least you would definitely want to try it at least once even if you are not too much into nail arts. This can be easily recreated with the help of just 1 toothpick and black and white nail polish. You can use other colours for the base too. It’s however best to use a light colour for the base and a dark colour for the dots. Give it a try!

2. Glitter Leopard Print Nail Art:

Try out this nail art in glitter base paint and use your dotting tools or toothpicks for the duos funky looking leopard prints. Create non-joint circles with your toothpick in brown or black and fill in the centre with aqua blue colour.

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3. Abstract Zebra Print Nail Design:

You can recreate this same design by using 2 colours for the base viz. White and orange. Use a sponge for the air brush effect of the base colours. Lastly you can use a nail art brush to draw tree branch shapes from both sides dragged into the centre for the zebra pattern. An awesome idea for a nail art!

4. Fun Animal Faces Nail Art Design:

If you have good hands at painting then you can try making this fun animal nail art designs using acrylic colours or nail polishes of various colours.

5. Simple Zebra Nail Design:

This is a mix of zebra and tiny leopard print nail design. Try out this design with the help of your nail art brush and toothpicks. This is a very eye-catching nail art design. You must try this one out!

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6. Giraffe Face Nail Art Design:

Try out a cute giraffe design and blow everyone’s mind. It’s not that difficult if you got your dotting tools, toothpick and nail art brush. You can use acrylic paints for drawing the design.

7. Leopard and Zebra Tri-Colour Mix and Match Nail Design:

Try out this awesome and cool nail art design using 3 colours for the base. Give those zebra patterns with the help of black polish and your nail art brush. For the leopard print, you can use the blunt end of a toothpick. Try it out!

8. Easy Panda Bear Animal Print Design:

This kind of acute and sweet panda bear design can be easily recreated using your dotting tools and/or toothpicks blunt end. Additionally, add some bows at the head of one panda to convert it into a female panda bear. It’s cute and simple. Give it a try today!

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9. Cute Faced Animal Nail Art Design:

You can easily recreate this animal print nail art design if you have a good hand for painting and drawing. Give different shapes to your nails like a panda bear, teddy bear, cat faces, bunny rabbit faces, caterpillar faces, frogs, butterflies, giraffe, butterflies, etc.

Did you like this sweet compilation of nail art animal print designs? Which ones will you give a try? Leave us your feedback.


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