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15 Amazing Ankle Tattoo Designs With Names

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Tattoos are a great way of expression. Not only expression, but they also liven up our body part by adding a style statement to it. Though there isn’t a specific body part where you can get a tattoo done, but you have a liberty to get it engraved anywhere you feel like on your body part. Ankle according to me is the best place to get a tattoo done on it. The charm of an ankle tattoo designs is never ending and its looks even more attractive when you step-out with a pair of ballerinas, heels or even slippers.

ankle tattoo designs

Ankle is being considered the most delicate part of the body and for that reason and uniquely the females of our society. Whenever we talk about ankle tattoo designs would be considered the most attractive and the popular part for us. Ankle tattoos work very well as they can be flaunted at will. The shoes attract the attention to the tattoos and vice versa also. Ankle is being considered the most painless part of human body as there is very little fat on the ankle, just skin stretched over the bone. The less tissue between the needle and the bone, tattooing process would be more painful. Thus higher up on the ankle the process would be less painful.

There are various types of tattoos which you can get it designed on your ankle to look gracious. You should think and decided the design to be carved on your ankle as each tattoos has its own meaning and it even depicts your nature and taste. So next time you decide just do a detailed research of the design you decided for your beautiful ankle.

Simple Tattoo Designs on Ankle for Girls:

Let us now discuss the 15 best ankle tattoo designs with pictures and their meanings for girls and women’s. You can pick any one from those according to your needs.

1. Butterfly Ankle Tattoo Design:

Colorful Small Creature

Small creatures like tortoise, birds, rabbit, butterflies etc. look very cute on ankle, especially when they are colorful. They simply shows the cuteness of yours and makes your ankle look more attractive. Every creature designed has their own resemblance like fox is known for its cunning nature. In many culture it symbolizes sex and magic. Crab tattoo is gaining popularity as it is zodiac constellation and signifies Cancer the fourth sun sign. It is also great eye catcher. This type of unique ankle tattoos liked by women and girls.

2. Heart Ankle Tattoo Design:

Best Ankle Tattoo Designs With Meaning1-edited11

Tattoo art says that we can even wear our hearts on our anklets even. There are many designs of heart which you can get it designed on your anklet like pierced heart tattoo with an arrows sticking out, sacred heart, twins heart, locked heart and many more. Thus this is one of the sexiest designs which you can get it engraved on your ankle. It is very popular among the list of ankle tattoos for women.

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3. Feather Tattoo On Ankle:

Feather Tattoo

Feather symbolizes freedom and on the other hand, it is a true symbol of tenderness. Having a small and elegant feather on your ankle would depict how tender and soft you are from heart. Also it will show that you love to be free and wish to fly high just like a bird. So, if this is your personality, go for this elegant and attractive tattoo for your ankle. You can consider this is one of the most perfect ankle tattoo designs for girls with true heart.

4. Barbed Wire Designs:

Best Ankle Tattoo Designs With Meaning1-edited13

Barbed wire tattoo depicts your strength that you have overcome adversity or any hard experience, or religious faith. Barbed wire tattoo design is very common in men but now it is appreciated in women folk also. The tattoo design represents courage, strength of a person to overcome any situation. Barbed wire tattoos is a great choice for every age group.

5. Princess Crown Ankle Tattoo Design:

Either a girl wants to feel like a fairy or a princess. If you are a true princess at heart or daddy’s princess at your home, then this small and cute crown is a perfect tattoo design for your ankle. Though this tattoo is small but surely would depict the ‘princess’ side of yours through it and would attract everyone around you.

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6. Ankle Line Tattoo Design:

Ankle line tattoo is a kind of tattoo which tends to cover the whole ankle line of yours with small traditional designs like flowers, dots or stems. This design is very elegant and simple yet it attracts many eye-balls. This kind of design suits a girl which ‘simple living, high thinking’ persona towards life. If you are one of them, then this design is just perfect for you. This is one of the best ankle tattoos for girls.

7. Ankle Swirl Tattoo:

Swirl tattoo is a kind of abstract tattoo design which has no definite meaning but on the other hand, has a very strong expression of elegance and simplicity. This kind of design can be directly connected to the fairy tales where a fairy swirls her charm all around. This design is elegant and very attractive, and is perfect for every kind of girl who loves to believe in her dreams and tries to pursue them.

8. Maori Ankle Tattoo Design:

Maori Tattoo Design

The Maoris are actually the indigenous Polynesian people who are found in New Zealand. They have a common form of body art, known as moko. This Moko is commonly known as Maori Tattooing. This form of tattoo art is most common form of body art and is loved by people all around the world. A simple maori tattoo design is just perfect for ankles, to show your love towards the art and tradition.

9. Simple Flower Ankle Tattoo:

A simple flower on the ankle is probably one of the most loved ankle tattoo designs amongst women. It is sober, it is simple and elegant which clearly depicts the charisma and charm of a girl. Girls who like small tattoos generally they choose simple designs as they will look good for decades to come. It even explains the simple nature of the girl.

10. Lovely Cross Ankle Tattoo:

Best Ankle Tattoo Designs With Meaning1-edited10

This ethical rosary tattoo is a beaded necklace with a cross emblem on it. This ankle tattoo is a very popular among both men and women. This tattoo resembles love, faith, hope, prayers and Christianity. In the world of tattoo it is considered to be a Christian symbol tattoo.

11. Love Birds Ankle Tattoo:

Love Birds

A pair of love birds is considered as a true expression of love and peace, and having it on your ankle is the best way to show how romantic and peaceful you are at heart. This design is loved by girls especially with those who believe in true love and therefore makes this designs as one of the most loved ankle tattoo design.

12.  Traditional Celtic Tattoo Design on Ankle:

Best Ankle Tattoo Designs With Meaning1-edited12

One more strong and symbolic tattoo design is Celtic anklet tattoos which convey a strong traditional nature and a love of history. The Celts designs have being known to depict their history in graphic tattoo art. There is enormous Celtic design which you can get it designed on your tattoo like Celtic knots, Celtic tree of life, Celtic cross and many more for you to choose.

13. Into The Fairyland:

Girls love fairy tales and the fairyland. Every girl wants to feel like a fairy with magical glittery butterflies all around her. This colorful ‘into the fairyland’ design gives a feeling of a fairyland. It makes you feel like a fairy with the magic wand and surrounded by beautiful butterflies. This design is one of the best tattoo designs for girls.

14. Small Music Tattoos Designs:

Best Ankle Tattoo Designs With Meaning1-edited14

This anklet designs is the most preferred among the ladies folk. It resembles the person love for music. Fashionable women’s flaunt such tattoos to give an impression to their anklet. You can design flowered and often feathered, chained and various types of anklet tattoos can be colored with numerous shades of purple, pink or ink of your favorite shade.

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15. Beautiful Vine Tattoos For Anklets:

Best Ankle Tattoo Designs With Meaning1-edited15

Vine tattoos are described as one of the most feminine way of decorating the ankles with various inks. They look very decorative and very attractive with well depicted floral designs. Vine tattoos look very cool and amazing of the anklets as it is decorated with various shades.

The above are the most desirable ankle tattoo designs for girls and women. So now you can get beautiful tattoo designed on your ankle and look more sexy and appealing.

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