Diapers are perfect for babies until they reach an age where they are potty trained. The best diapers can be made of cloth or ready ones that are available in the market. These come in various sizes according to the size of the baby. So you will get them to age-wise as well as weight wise. You can choose the best for your baby from the top baby diapers available. And you have many brands now in the market that promote the use of their diapers. You can also go old school with cloth diapers. There are quite a few local entrepreneurs who sew cloth diapers that can be bought easily. So you have an excellent choice for your baby. The right way would be to use cloth diapers while at home and use padded diapers when going out.

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Table of Content:

  1. What is a Diaper & Diapering a Baby?
  2. Is Diaper Safe for Baby?
  3. Benefits of Diapers
  4. Side Effects of Diapers
  5. Different Types of Diapers for Infants
  6. 15 Best Baby Diaper Brands
  7. Tips & Precautions for Diaper Usage

What is a Diaper and diapering a Baby?

So if you want to know what a diaper is? A diaper is used as an undergarment for babies who have not been potty trained. This is worn as underwear and absorbs urine and faeces without soiling the outer clothes of the child. It usually has an elastic band that fits the waist and the thighs of the baby. So what is diapering? This is the process of putting the diaper on the baby and letting the child roam freely everywhere. This also makes it possible for the parents to take the child outside the home without any problems or hassles.

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Is Diaper Safe for Baby?

So the next question would be – is diaper safe for babies? Well, the answer is yes and no. You can let the child be in a diaper for many hours, but it is essential to leave the child free for a few hours every day. This gives the skin a chance to breathe and doesn’t cause any rashes or skin burns.

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Benefits of Diapers:

The benefits of diapers are quite a few, and this is why parents can no longer move out without them.

  • Diapers help the child to be taken out of the house. So they are very convenient to use. Just put them on, and the child can do his/her job without any problems.
  • Disposable diapers can be used and thrown away, so need not be washed and dried for the next use.
  • In homes with carpeted floors, it makes for an excellent and hygienic product.
  • Parents can also purchase hypoallergenic diapers that come without any chemicals that are safer for babies.
  • Cloth diapers are another great use for parents. They are softer on the skin and let it breathe.
  • Cloth diapers are economical and good for the environment too.

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Side Effects of Diapers:

So we know that diapers help the child to move around without hassles. But there are some disadvantages of diapers as well.

  • Disposable diapers are quite expensive, especially when you need to buy them for quite a few years.
  • Wearing these diapers for many hours in the day or night can cause rashes in babies. Since the diapers are wet, they breed harmful bacteria.
  • This can also lead to prolonged potty training time. Since the child is accustomed to diapers, they may not want to sit on a potty and do their job.

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Different Types of Diapers for Infants:

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There are many types of baby diapers available in the market today. The two main types of diapers are disposable ones and cloth diapers.

Disposable Diapers:

  • Padded: These are diapers that have an absorbent padded sheet that is placed between non-woven fabrics. They are thick absorbent pads that can soak in a lot of liquid and still not sag.
  • Elastic band: The diapers can be fitted with re-sealable tapes, or they can have elastic bands. The newer diapers come with elastic bands that are made from fine elastics so that they do not hurt the child’s waist.
  • Pant style: The latest among these is the pant-style diapers that can be put on the child while standing. This works great for parents of hyperactive kids who jump around a lot.
  • Gussets: There are double gussets that are placed around the legs so that the urine does not come out and gets absorbed by the diaper. This helps when you are carrying the child around a lot.
  • Gel pads: The absorbent pad now comes in a gel form that turns liquid into gel and helps the diaper to stay dry for more time. This is good for nighttime use as it keeps the baby dry.
  • Wetness indicator: You can also have wet diapers indicating the line that lets you know when the diaper is filled up. These are useful when you are out with your child and need to know when to change the diaper.
  • Hypoallergenic: Disposable diapers also come in various fragrances and have essential oils that help the skin of the baby. So babies with skin allergies can have chemical-free diapers that will keep their skin protected.
  • Size: You get disposable diapers according to the age of the baby as well as the weight of the baby.

Cloth Diapers:

  • Cotton: These diapers are made from absorbent cloth fabric that can be reused. These are economical as they can be used again, so you don’t need too many. They come in various colours and styles.
  • Towel pad: Most cloth diapers come with an internal layer of an absorbent microfiber towel, which helps to absorb some of the urine. This can be changed and washed regularly in disinfectant to protect the child.
  • Waterproof: These diapers can also have a waterproof layer so that the outer clothing of the child doesn’t get soiled. These are used when taking the child out of the house.
  • Velcro/Snaps: The traditional cloth diapers were fastened with pins, but now they come with Velcro or even snaps. These are quite easy to put on and safer for the child.
  • Preformed Cloth Diapers: These are just like disposable diapers with all the layers sewn into them. They come ready to use and can be washed easily.
  • All-in-one diaper: These have waterproof layers on the outside as well
  • Pocket Diapers: These have a waterproof outer layer and an opening where you can insert the absorbent microfiber layer.

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15 Best Baby Diaper Brands:

1. Pampers Easy Ups:

Here is a great baby diaper from Pampers that works like a pant style. The diaper can be used for a maximum of 12 hours, so it is great to put this for the night. Because the pant style, it helps the child get used to underwear. The Velcro sides are great for adjusting the diaper as per the child’s comfort. You can tear the diaper once you need to remove it. The lining inside is made of cotton, and this keeps your baby’s skin soft and comfortable. There is an extra lining which helps in absorption. This is a beautiful diaper from a famous brand, so it is the right choice for most mothers.


  • New linings in the diaper make it super absorbent.
  • The pant style design of the diaper is great for kids

Cons: – N/A

2. Luvs Ultra Leakguard:

This is a cool diaper brand that gives you diapers in economical packages of 29 diapers in one. The company is also pretty sure of its product and so gives you a money-back guarantee if you are not happy with the product. So getting these diapers is a win-win situation for you. The diapers come with an extra lining material that helps to absorb for up to 12 hours. These are great for a night or long travel. The waistband in these diapers is wide, so it makes the child comfortable even when moving around. The diapers have a leak-proof design which helps the outer clothes stay dry and doesn’t let them get soiled.


  • The economical brand with many diapers for less amount
  • A money-back option is a beautiful scheme for parents

Cons:- N/A

3. Huggies Little Snugglers:

If your baby is a preemie, then you will need these baby diapers that are specifically designed for preterm babies. The diaper also has a provision for the umbilical cord part to go through. The waistband of the diaper is broad, and this helps against leaks. There is a double layer of absorption at the bottom of the diaper, which is also great for letting the diaper be for up to 12 hours. These preemie diapers also have a wetness indicator which tells you when to change the diapers. There is no fragrance added to these diapers. So they are great for babies who are sensitive, like preterm babies.


  • perfect for preterm babies who are very tiny and delicate

Cons:– N/A

4. Huggies Overnite:

This is one of the best diapers for babies, especially for the nighttime. This lets the baby sleep peacefully the whole night as it gives dryness for up to 12 hours. The gel pad in this diaper works by converting the liquid into a gel form. This diaper stays in place well with the band. There is a friendly elastic band that can be comfortably put on the child. The wetness indicator is an excellent way of knowing when the diaper needs to change. The line on the index will tell you if the diaper has reached its limit. These diapers are made from super soft material that is great for babies with skin allergies too.


  • Works for the whole night.
  • It doesn’t give diaper rashes
  • The wetness indicator is a great save

Cons: – Expensive for continued use

5. Himalaya Total Care Baby Diapers:

Himalaya Total Care Baby Pants Baby Diapers offer exceptional comfort and protection for your little one. Designed with a soft, breathable outer layer and a unique anti-rash shield, these diapers provide all-day dryness and prevent skin irritation. The easy-to-wear pant style ensures hassle-free changes while maintaining a snug fit. Himalaya’s diapers are infused with natural ingredients to soothe delicate skin and keep it healthy. With a focus on quality and care, these baby pants diapers are a reliable choice for ensuring your baby’s well-being and comfort throughout the day and night.


  • Great for babies with sensitive skin

Cons:- N/A

6. Pampers Splashers:

If you want to take your baby to the pool or beach, then this is the best diaper for you. This diaper is specifically designed to not bloat moisture or water. There are double cuffs that line the sides of the legs, which helps prevent them from leaking. The diapers also have sidebands that you can stretch to fit your child comfortably. Since the diapers are for water use, the inner lining is extra so that it can absorb more moisture. These diapers have lovely, colourful designs that make the baby stylish and cute. Try these diapers for your baby and feel the difference.


  • Works for the beach and poolside play
  • It doesn’t get loaded with water easily

Cons:– You may not want to buy these separately just for pool use

7. Honest Diapers:

These are another brand of eco-friendly diapers that you can buy for your baby. They are made from natural items like corn starch and wheat, which do not harm the baby’s skin. Since they use biodegradable products in the diapers, it is environment-friendly too. There are tabs on the sides which can be used to adjust the diaper on the baby. This is great for kids with allergies as the fragrance used is plant-based natural. Hypoallergenic diapers are also an excellent product for sensitive skin babies as it does not use any chemicals or dyes.


  • Eco-friendly product is excellent for parents and the baby
  • An allergy-free diaper makes the baby’s skin happy

Cons:- These can be a bit on the expensive side

8. Baby Ganics Diapers:

If you are looking for soft diapers for your baby, then Baby Genius is the brand for you. These diapers have sides that can be stretched comfortably and securely. You also get a wetness indicator that is perfect to know when the diaper needs to be changed. As the diapers do not contain any chemicals, your baby’s soft skin is protected. The lining of the diaper that touches the baby is made from plant materials, so they are harmless. Even the absorbent layer has plant oil in it that keeps the baby’s skin soft. So choose these excellent eco-friendly diapers for your baby and let their skin breathe freely.


  • Plant materials used in the diapers are perfect for the baby
  • Eco-friendly diapers are always a good choice

Cons:- N/A

9. Pampers Baby Dry Diapers:

Another wonderful company that makes disposable diapers, the Pampers brand, truly pampers your baby! These diapers have three layers of absorbent material that keep your baby’s skin dry. As the diapers have elastic bands, they can stretch out well and keep the baby comfortable in them even when moving around. There are several sizes and fits of these diapers, so you will always find the perfect one for your baby. The wetness indicator of the diapers is also a great way to know exactly when to change their diapers. Choose these diapers for your baby if you want something for about 12 hours at a stretch. With the disposable diaper style, you can easily dispose of these diapers once they are used.


  • Branded diapers work well for many hours in the day or at night

Cons:- N/A

10. MamyPoko Baby Diapers:

MamyPoko Pants Extra Absorb Baby Diapers are designed to provide superior comfort and protection for your baby. These diapers feature a high-absorbent core that locks away moisture, keeping your little one dry and comfortable for extended periods. The soft, breathable material prevents rashes and irritation, ensuring your baby’s delicate skin stays healthy. With an easy-to-use pant-style design, changing diapers becomes convenient and mess-free. MamyPoko’s focus on quality and absorbency makes these diapers a reliable choice for both day and night, allowing your baby to move freely while staying dry and cozy.


  • Biodegradable diapers are good for the environment
  • Hypoallergenic diapers work well for sensitive skin

Cons:- N/A

11. Naty by Nature Diapers:

The R for Rabbit Medium Size Premium Feather Diaper offers optimal comfort and convenience for your baby. Crafted with care, these diapers provide excellent absorbency, keeping your little one dry and cozy throughout the day. The feather-soft material is gentle on delicate skin and helps prevent rashes. With a thoughtfully designed medium size, these diapers ensure a secure fit. The easy-to-fasten tabs make changing hassle-free, while the leak-proof feature adds extra protection. R for Rabbit’s commitment to quality and comfort makes this diaper a reliable choice for providing the best care for your baby’s needs.


  • Eco-friendly diapers are perfect for you and the baby

Cons:- N/A

12. Kirkland Supreme Diapers:

These superabsorbent diapers are an excellent way to keep your baby’s skin dry and comfortable. Your baby can use them for up to 12 hours during the day or at night. These help your baby get a sweet sleep through the night without the wet feeling. There is also a wetness indicator that allows you to gauge the wetness of the diaper. When the line changes from yellow to blue, you know that you have to change the diaper. Even with 12-hour use, the diapers are quite breathable, so your baby feels great. There are no chemicals, and the diapers are hypoallergenic. These are perfect for babies who have sensitive skin.


  • Lovely designs on the outer layer will keep the baby happy
  • Hypoallergenic diapers work wonders for sensitive babies

Cons:– N/A

13. Pampers Cruisers Diapers:

When your babies start with their first and precious steps, they need diapers that will stay firm and secure. Diapers become saggy when they are full, so these special diapers have an extra absorption layer that doesn’t sag. No leakage makes it very comfortable for babies as well as parents. There are perfect elastic straps that help to keep the diaper in place even when the child is running about or walking and falling. The side tabs are very soft, too, and this keeps the baby comfortable and also helps the baby to walk more freely. So do try and use these diapers for your baby who has just started to move around.


  • Perfect for babies who have just started walking
  • Works for 12 hours at a stretch

Cons:– Not hypoallergenic, so babies with sensitive skin may find it a problem

14. Bambo Nature Diapers:

Choose these hypoallergenic diapers for your baby, especially if they have sensitive skin. These diapers are made from organic materials, so they are soft and hypoallergenic. Even kids with asthma or any other allergies can use these diapers as they do not have any chemicals in them. The diapers have breathable material, so the baby feels super comfortable. When a baby is dry, he can sleep well or move and play around without feeling cranky. This keeps the mothers happy too. So choose this diaper if your baby has allergy issues with sensitive skin. Make your baby pleased with these breathable diapers that keep them dry and clean. These are disposable diapers that can be easily disposed of and changed too.


  • The right choice for babies with allergies
  • Hypoallergenic diapers are free from chemicals

Cons:– N/A

15. Supples Premium Diapers:

Supples Premium Diapers offer top-tier comfort and care for your baby. These diapers feature an absorbent core that quickly locks away moisture, ensuring dryness and preventing leaks. The soft, breathable material is gentle on delicate skin, minimizing the risk of irritation and rashes. With an easy-to-fasten design, these diapers make changing convenient and mess-free. The elastic waistband ensures a snug fit, while the wetness indicator aids in timely changes. Supples’ commitment to quality and functionality makes these premium diapers a reliable choice, allowing your baby to explore comfortably while staying dry and happy.


  • The pant-style diaper is the best and easiest to use
  • Soft material makes it breathable for the baby

Cons:– N/A

Tips & Precautions for Diaper Usage:

There are so many different types of diapers for babies that you will find it challenging to decide on the right one for your baby. The baby diaper designs have all their pros and cons, as discussed above. You do need to take certain precautions before deciding on the right diaper for your baby.

  • If your baby is allergic and has problems with his/her skin, then you need to go in for hypoallergenic diapers. These diapers have no chemicals in them, like dyes that can harm the baby’s skin.
  • If your baby has started walking or taking the first steps, then it is good to get diapers that are made pant-style. These can be put on the child without hassles and have soft sidebars to help the baby move and run.
  • Preterm babies can have extra small diapers that are made for them specifically.
  • Always use the diapers just till they are completely soiled. This way, the skin does not get harmed.
  • Apply diaper rash cream to keep babies’ skin smooth and rash-free.

Diaper brands and diaper companies are hard at work to give you and your baby the perfect diapers for specific needs.

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A diaper is the best companion for a mother and her baby. It gives the mother and the baby the freedom to move around and stay dry through the night. The best diaper brands for babies are many, and it may be confusing to decide. But all diaper brands make diapers that are great for your baby and his/her comfort. Each of these different brands of baby diapers gives you diapers that have extra absorbent layers, and new diaper brands also have wetness indicators. They can be pant-style or wrap-around diapers that are perfect for babies of different ages.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers:

Q1. Can We Have Diapers That Are Good for The Environment?

Ans: If you are looking for something that not only helps your baby but the environment too, then eco-friendly diapers are the best bet. Choose ones that are compostable, too, for that extremely environment-friendly diaper. These can be composted once they are soiled by the baby. This way, you help the environment and keep your baby healthy.

Q2. Which is The Best Diaper Type – Cloth or Disposable?

Ans: This is a personal choice, but it is not advisable to use disposable diapers throughout the day. The baby’s skin needs breathing, so it is good to use cloth diapers for some part of the day. Now we have good varieties of cloth diapers too so that they do not get soiled easily from the outside.

Q3. Should I Buy Diapers in Bulk?

Ans: As diapers are a daily use item, it is economically better to buy them in bulk. You will save money this way. Buying diapers when there are offers by shopping malls is also a great idea to save money. But always buy some bigger sizes of diapers, as well as the babies grow every month.


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