The baby hair oil plays a vital role in maintaining the overall health of the hair scalp. The perfect hair growth is required for a newborn baby, which can be in terms of height or hair. The oil for hair growth provides a delicate essence to the baby’s hair. The overall volume, thickness, color, and texture of the strands can be enhanced. The requirement for hair oil is increasing nowadays, and every mom looks for the best one. Its importance teaches that proper blood circulation is needed in the body, which can only be achieved through adequate oiling.

Oiling to Your Child’s Hair – Good or Bad?

It is always good to apply your baby’s hair every day. The baby hair oil can increase proper blood circulation in the scalp. This can even provide moisture to it. Regular oiling is required as the baby grows. The type of climate, hair, and activity can adhere to the process of oiling. Thus, it is crucial to provide perfect oiling to the kids.

Points to Remember During Oiling to Your Kid’s Hair:

The hair oil for kids is essential, as mentioned above. Some of the few two points to be known while oiling is as follows,

  1. Avoid applying too much oil as it can block the essential pores on the scalp. This can also lead to dandruff or dry scalp.
  2. After the bath, remove the remaining oil. If the oil remains, it can be absorbed and put an adverse effect on the hairs. So, it is noted to remove the oil.

What Are The Types of Oils to Use Your Baby’s Hair?

Some of the best baby hair oil in India is as follows,

1. Olive Oil:

Olive oil can provide a healthy environment for the hairs to grow. It can even soften your child’s hair. It is said to be effective in removing caps in infants. The olive is a sort of greasy, which can be used as a shampoo also. After a perfect shampoo, remove the olive oil from the hairs immediately. Thus, oil can be treated as hair oils for infants

2. Coconut oil:

The excellent presence of Vitamin E in the coconut oil makes it the best baby hair oil. It also has protein, vitamin K, and lauric acid. It is also light in comparison to other oils. Some people may use it as a conditioner. But it is beneficial for kid’s hair as it can easily penetrate through their strands. The coconut oil is used in summers as it provides cool nature.

3. Sesame oil:

The sesame is oil, which can protect the hair and scalp. It has the best-penetrating capability to enhance strong hairs. This can be the best hair oil for newborns. The child’s scalp is protected from any kind of fungal infection. Thus, it is a perfect baby hair oil, which can be applied daily.

4. Mustard oil:

The mustard oil can be preferred for winters as it is hot. The blood circulation is increased by the oil to simulate proper hair growth. The mustard oil can be used when there are some symptoms of a cough and cold in the baby. So, mustard oil can be an excellent choice for winters. One can use mustard oil as the best hair oil for toddlers and infants. It can provide significant relief in winters.

Top 10 Best Baby Hair Oil Products in India:

1. Johnson’s Baby Hair Oil:


  • Product Description: There can be many oils for the baby, which can provide complete nourishment. Johnson’s baby hair oil is the one that is widely used in every household. This hair oil is rich in Avocado and Pro-Vitamin B5, which makes the hair look soft and healthy. This oil, when applied on the baby’s scalp, shows zero irritation, which is proven clinically by doctors.
  • The speciality of the Product: This oil is light and non-greasy, which is safe for the baby’s tender scalp and delicate hair.
  • Ingredients: The key ingredients present in this oil are Mineral oil, Avocado Oil, and Olive fruit oil.
  • Rating: 53% of the customers have a 5-star rating, making this product a reliable one at a lower cost.

2. Mother Care Baby Oil:


  • Product Description: This hair oil contains olive oil, which is essential for the baby’s hair. The ingredients present in it provides nourishment to the baby’s hair. This oil is enriched with chamomile and olive oil, which helps to nourish the baby’s hair.
  • The speciality of the product: The speciality of this oil is that it contains some hypo-allergenic properties which can help in fighting germs and scalp related allergies.
  • Ingredients: Olive oil known as a natural moisturiser & Chamomile oil.
  • Rating: More than 65% of mothers opted for this product, thus making it a popular one in this price range.

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3. Chicco Massage Oil:


  • Product Description: This oil comes with the goodness of rice bran oil and Vitamin-E for the nourishment of the tender scalp of the baby. Moreover, it makes the hair smooth and soft. This oil is free from dyes, alcohol, and parabens.
  • The speciality of the product: Most of the baby hair oils contain mineral oil in them. The main speciality of this product is that it is free from mineral oil, and this oil gets absorbed very quickly, which is why this oil is ideal for the nourishment of the baby’s scalp.
  • Ingredients: Rice bran oil and Vitamin-E are the key ingredients.
  • Rating: This product has mixed reviews in the market.

4. Distil Virgin Coconut Oil:


  • Product Description: The distilled oil is designed for kids’ soft, silky, and smooth hair. This oil contains extra virgin olive oil. This oil maintains the strength and thickness of the hair. Hence this is one of the widely chosen products.
  • The speciality of Product: This oil reduces protein loss from the hair.
  • Ingredients: Virgin olive oil is the main ingredient present in this oil.
  • Rating: This product has an average rating of 4.1 out of 5 given by the customers making it one of the reliable products to consider.

5. Mamaearth Nourishing Hair oil:


  • Product Description: Mama earth is one of the famous and reputable brands in the market because of its pure organic content. This mama earth hair oil is enriched with virgin coconut oil, almond & avocado oil, which makes it get absorbed quickly into the scalp, thus providing nourishment to the scalp.
  • The speciality of the Product: Unlike most of the hair oils present in the market, this oil is free from mineral oil, and it is organic, making it free from any artificial fragrant ingredients. The artificial fragrant ingredients may harm the tender scalp of the babies.
  • Ingredients: The key ingredients in it are coconut oil along with almond and avocado oil.
  • Rating: 61% of the customers have given a 5-star rating for this product, which makes it one of the best in the market.

6. Niconi Conditioning Hair Oil:


  • Product Description: Niconi hair oil for babies is one of the mildest oils with almost zero irritation on the scalp, available in the market. Different babies have different types of scalps. Some babies scalp can withstand moderate hair oil while some others can only withstand mild oils. This is one such gentle hair oil that is rich in Vitamin E, making the hair healthy and soft. This hair oil locks up to 10 times more moisture inside the scalp.
  • The speciality of the Product: This oil is very light and non-greasy with no irritation for the baby.
  • Ingredients: The essential elements present are Mineral oil, Vitamin E fragrance, and Phenyl Trimethicone.
  • Rating: As on date, there are no reviews present, but we hope you are the first ones to rate it.

7. The Mom’s co Natural Baby Hair oil:


  • Product Description: These days, most of the people are sick of using artificial, chemical-based products. When it comes to their babies, people have become much more cautious and straight away, picking up organic products. Mom’s Co hair oil is one such natural organic products available in the market. Organic amla oil and bhringraj oil are the main ingredients present in this oil that thicken and strengthen the baby’s hair.
  • The speciality of the Product: Like all the organic oils, this oil is also free from toxins, which makes it the safest products. This oil contains ten powerful oils, which boosts the baby’s hair growth.
  • Ingredients: The key ingredients present in this oil are Bhringraj oil, Organic amla oil, Avacado oil, Marula oil, Argan oil.
  • Rating: This product is rated 4.3 out of 5 in the market.

8. Just Born Baby’s Natural Hair oil:


  • Product Description: This is a light, calming, and non-greasy hair oil that is enriched with olive oil, walnut oil, and natural almond oil. This oil also contains Vitamin E, which is responsible for the enhancement of hair growth in babies. Gentle massage of this oil on the scalp improves blood circulation, which soothes the scalp and feels relaxing.
  • The speciality of the Product: This oil has Vitamin E and antioxidants in it, which, when applied on the scalp, gives a relaxed feeling. Just like other organic oils, this oil is also free from artificial toxins, and most importantly, this oil is alcohol-free.
  • Ingredients: The essential ingredients present in this oil are walnut oil, oat oil, olive oil, and obviously the almond oil.
  • Rating: No reviews available for this product to date. Get a chance to review this product and share your thoughts with other customers.

9. Mee-Mee Baby Oil:


  • Product Description: This oil is specially made for baby’s delicate scalp. It contains a vibrant mix of sunflower oil and olive oil. The sunflower seed oil is an emollient that locks down the moisture in the scalp. It provides natural nourishment to the hair.
  • The speciality of the Product: This oil is paraben-free. Massaging with this oil helps in improve blood circulation, and the sunflower seed oil traps the moisture in the scalp.
  • Ingredients: The oil has a mix of olive oil and sunflower oil.
  • Rating: 66% of the customers have given a 5-star rating to this product.

10. Mom and World Baby Hair Oil:


  • Product Description: Unlike the other oils mentioned above, this oil is cold-pressed oil, i.e., this oil is free from heat. Due to which, the essential nutrients present in the oil are not lost. This oil contains coconut and Jojoba oil, which is a scalp moisturiser. This is completely toxin-free and blends gently.
  • The speciality of the Product: This oil is paraben-free. Also free from mineral oil and is sulfate-free. This is purely organic and cold-pressed, i.e., free from heat.
  • Ingredients: The ingredients present in this oil are almond and olive oil along with coconut oil and avocado oil. All of which is cold-pressed.
  • Rating: This has an excellent rating of 4.3 stars out of 5 because it is cold-pressed oil.

Tips for Using Oil on Baby’s Hair:

The baby hair oil should not be applied in excess.

  • This could lead to permanent blocking of pores and create problems of dandruff and dry scalp.
  • Also, the oil should not be retained in the hair oil. One should remove it soon after taking a bath. This can create damage with the dust from the atmosphere and produce a flaky scalp.
  • The oil can be heated up for proper massaging. The heated oil has the capability to retain moisture for a longer time.

Babies require hair oil and scalp massage for the development of hair growth and also for the closure of the skull (babies below 15 months). Hence a good hair oil with essential ingredients must be applied on the scalp of the baby. The products shown above are readily available in the market at an affordable cost. Start using your preferred one and share your experiences with us.

Frequently Asked Questions And Answers:

Q1. Is oiling a Good Option for a Child’s Hair?

Ans: Yes, oiling is the must process for the baby’s hair. The blood circulation and moisturisation in the scalp are possible only through oiling. The best baby hair oil can be chosen for the same work. The oiling may depend on the activity level of the child. So, it is necessary to appropriately apply for the betterment of the baby’s hair.

Q2. What Are The Tips for The Best Oiling of The Baby’s Hair?

Ans: The process of oiling is perfect for the scalp’s health. Some of the tips are that one should never apply an excess of oil, the oil should not remain in hair, selection of the oil should be appropriate, and oil can be warmed up. So, these tips are to be considered for the best oiling of the child’s hair.

Q3. Best Hair Oil for Baby’s Hair?

Ans: The selection for the best oil should be made on the mentioned content of necessary herbs. Some of the best baby hair oils are coconut, sesame, castor, olive, mustard oil, etc. These oils are generally mixed up with some essential vitamins to provide better nourishment for the baby’s hair. The baby hair oil is very crucial at an early age.

Q4. Should Oiling Be Done Regularly for Babies?

Ans: Yes, oiling, and hair massage for babies should be done regularly. Because the scalp of babies is tender and soft, the scalps should get strengthened, and the hair should become thickened. Babies often fall in the process of crawling, standing, and walking; the strengthened scalp can withstand any minor head injuries. Hence oiling for babies should be done regularly.

Q5. How Should The Oiling be Done for Babies?

Ans: Oiling for babies is essential for the development and nourishment of the scalp. This has to be done regularly and preferably twice a day. Take an ample quantity of oil in your hand and massage gently on the scalp of the baby in circular motions to improve the blood circulation in the scalp. Oil the hair right from the roots of the hair follicle, which helps in the nourishment.

The best baby hair oil in India can have many essential ingredients. But to choose, it becomes a difficult task. The oil can be selected on the efficiency and controls, i.e., the proper content of useful minerals and vitamins. The hairs are to be nourished from the birth itself. The growth is needed to retain healthy and soft hair. So, it has become necessary for the parents to buy some effective best baby hair oil.

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