A gorgeous bride flaunting her Mehendi is one of the best shots anyone can find in a bunch of photographs. But because Mehendi is quite common in all weddings, a unique design plays a vital role in making the bride stand out beautifully in a sea of decorations. After all, it is a meaningful and memorable day for the bride, and therefore have a competitive streak to look the best is necessary.

We present you with the best and latest backhand mehndi designs in varying sizes and patterns. Without further ado, let us go through the plans and choose what impresses you the most.

25+ Gorgeous Back Hand Mehndi Designs:

These backhand Mehndi designs need not be only for a bride, but you can try these beautiful patterns for any special occasion, from festivals to significant family functions. So flaunt your beautiful hands by adorning any one of the designs mentioned below.

1. Artistic Back Hand Mehendi Design:

Florals, motifs are common combinations you can find in backhand mehndi design patterns. You can find intricate details such as crisscross lines on the fingers, semi-circles filled with beautiful patterns. Top the design off with bright and gorgeous nail paint that enhances the beauty of the plan.

2. Diamond Shape Mehendi Design On Back Hand:

This design is a simple yet elegant choice for people who don’t like elaborate arrangements at the back of their hands. The fingers are filled with alternate patterns, while the central area of the hand’s back has a diamond shape surrounded by curvy patterns. Since the site around by the diamond is left empty, the design looks impressive.

3. Arabic Back Hand Mehndi Designs:

Add a breath of fresh air to your mehndi by choosing an Arabic design. The beautiful floral motifs in a diagonal way create an attractive outlook to the back of your hand. Another unique addition to the plan is the dotted line that looks like a small net. This design looks beautiful for every occasion.

4. Jewelry Modern Back Hand Mehndi Design:

Jewellery pattern is gaining popularity and is one of the favourites of mehndi artists all around. You can either go for elaborate or straightforward designs based on your choice, which replicates common women’s jewellery. These designs are most apt and suitable for the backhand.

5. Arabic Fusion Back Hand Mehendi Design:

This is yet another back-hand mehndi design that combines the beauty of both Arabic and Indian designs exceptionally. The intricate details in this design look beautiful ad cover most of your hand, leaving out your fingers except the index finger. This design looks gorgeous at the back of your hand.

6. Exquisite Mehndi Design Back Hand:

If you are looking to incorporate Indian style mehndi designs, which has elaborate and detailed patterns, this backhand mehndi design can be a perfect choice. This design elevates the centre’s way and on the fingers since there is open space left around the hand. You can boost it further by adding bright nail paint.

7. Floral Back Mehendi Designs:

Floral patterns have always been an essential part of mehndi patterns for many decades, and this pattern looks similar to Arabic design. The large roses done on the back of your hand has a dark outer line filled with thin lines in the centre. This simple design looks exceptional for every occasion.

8. Pakistani Back Hand Mehendi Design Pattern:

The intricate patterns and style are commonly found in Pakistani mehndi designs, and you can incorporate them if you are a fan of such a sort. Unlike many other ways, this design completely covers your fingers with detailed and unique designs. Another uniqueness of this mehndi design is the placement of a broad bracelet at the back of your hand.

9. Rajasthani Back Hand Mehendi Design:

The combination of floral motifs and jewellery patterns makes the Rajasthani back hand mehndi designs unique. These designs are detailed, elaborate, and applied to the hands and legs of brides. This gorgeous design may take some time to use at the back of your hand but looks beautiful on the wearer.

10. Simple Back Hand Mehendi Design:

If you are looking for a simple yet elegant design for the back of your hand, then this pattern is the perfect option. The entire structure is made up of vertical lines in combination with dots. The little finger has crisscross lines, whereas the index finger has beautiful circular patterns leaving all the other fingers empty. It makes the design unique and stand out.

11. Filling Back Hand Mehendi Design:

This design is the perfect option for people who would not want to leave any open space at the back of their hands. It has a combination of patterns that fill up your hand entirely and create a look that reminds you of a maze. You can leave your nails open and fill them up with dazzling nail colour.

12. Eloberate Back Hand Mehendi Designs:

Elaborate back hand mehndi designs are pretty popular among brides, and when they include the traditional patterns like mandala design, it takes it up a notch. This mandala art mehndi design looks impressive both on the front and back of your hand. By covering up the area around the mandala, the plan is further elevated exceptionally.

13. Peacock Arabic Latest Back Hand Mehndi:

In Indian culture, peacocks represent royalty and, therefore, a familiar figure you can find in henna designs. The combination of peacock motifs with other patterns creates a festive look to the wearer’s backhand. You can either elaborate the plan or use it in a slanting way as per your choice.

14. Unique Mehndi Back Hand Design With Leaf Motifs:

This is a semi-circle design at the back of your hand filled with motifs that look similar to thin leaves and rice grains. This design is filled with elaborate and beautiful patterns that fill up space elegantly and give your hand an edgy look. This design is a perfect choice for adding a modern twist to the henna design.

15. Mandala Stylish Mehndi Designs For Back Hand:

Mandala art is one of the ancient and commonly found mehndi designs among women of all ages. This design is simple and has a giant mandala at the centre, leaving the design space around the structure clear. You can also fill up the area as per your choice if you are into intricate and detailed patterns.

16. Stylish Back Hand Mehndi Designs:

This is yet another stylish backhand henna design that includes the traditional importance of mehndi while incorporating mandala art into it. You can add a modern touch to it by leaving it as shown in the picture or adding additional motifs to create an elaborate pattern.

17. Back Hand Arabic Mehndi Design:

If you are a fan of Arabic mehndi designs with a fusion of Indian style, you can choose this pattern without thinking. This design is simple but has a unique elegance, making it a choice for people who love simplicity. You can further elevate the design by adding an exceptional nail colour.

18. Beautiful Ring Back Hand Mehndi:

This is yet another example of jewellery mehndi designs that are the favourite choice of henna artists. These designs are best suited for the back of your hands since they exude the elegance of authentic jewellery. The bracelet and the ring connector look beautiful and can look like a replacement for original jewellery.

19. Intricate Bridal Back Hand Mehndi Design:

If you are a bride looking for the best-looking back hand mehndi designs for your special day, this can be a perfect choice. The mandala in the centre is followed by unique and intricate patterns all over the hand. You can add different designs as per your choice creating a unique look for a bride.

20. Simple Back Hand Mehndi Design:

These simple Mehndi designs are very creative and stylish. The small flowers and intricate details make the mehndi design look fabulous. This distinctive type of the back-hand’s mehndi design is awesome that has been appeared with leaf and flowers shaped patterns.

21. Black Back Hand Mehndi Design:

The black back hand mehndi design has been made for the feminine crowd. It is for those who are trying Mehndi tattoos for the first time. This mehndi design with floral and leaf pattern looks simple, pleasant and attractive on everyone skin.

22. Breathtaking Back Side Mehndi Design:

A mehndi design made in rich black colour with some nice patterns, created in the old Mughal style looks glorious and spectacular on the skin. The border and the shading of the mehndi design covering the backhand completely are just mesmerizing.

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23. Finger Back Hand Mehndi Design:

This outline looks like the adornments where the ring is joined to the finger. The example is kept extremely customary with bloom themes and globule works. It begins from the middle finger on both hands and keeps running down the back of the hand till the wrist.

24. Traditional Back Hand Mehndi Design:

This mehndi design is exceptionally present day contort to the conventional mehndi outline. This can also be used as the henna tattoo without applying mehndi on the palm. The mehndi art takes after the tribal block pattern which keeps running down through the little finger.

25. Arabic Back Hand Mehndi Design:

Dark mehndi has been used to improve the fringes and customary to top up the whole outline. The Henna art on the palm and the back of the hand are practically indistinguishable from each other. Enough space is left between the designs, giving it an extremely non-chaotic look.

26. Tattoo Style Back Hand Mehndi:

This design is one of the perfect designs of mehndi and it gives a very tremendous look to the hands. The mehndi motif will be traditional with small flower and leaf motifs with beaded chain designs that are separated appropriately which makes the outline engaging and emerge.


It is indeed a perfect end for the list of some of the best backhand mehndi designs. Choose the design that suits your personality and taste and turn all the heads on your special day. From floral arrangements to motifs and bracelet designs, we presented you with attractive options. So get the chosen masterpiece drawn with a skilful mehndi artist’s help and flaunt your gorgeous hands.

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