Mehndi or henna is a form of temporary tattoo which will be applied by women in India and some Arab countries. There are many more designs which are available. One of the most common out of these is bangle mehndi designs. Floral patterns and designs are the integral part of all mehendi designs. Bangle designs will also be included in these patterns and curves. Some bangle style designs involve tattooing just the wrist while others spread throughout the length of the arm.

Mehandi generally leaves behind a reddish brown color, however with new technology new kinds of mehandi tattoos have been developed. These include colored, glittery forms of mehendi which are also attractive as the plain henna tattoos. Here are 15 different kinds of bangles mehndi design images.

2022 Latest Bangle Mehndi Designs For Hands:

1. Bangle Style Mehndi Designs for Hands:

This is a typical mehandi design where floral patterns are drawn in lines starts from the palm and stretched till the elbow. It gives the appearance of several colored bangles adorning the limb. This can be varied in multiple ways either can apply floral or spirals pattern or a bit of both.

2. Bangle Style Mehndi Design:

This design includes of plain ring around the finger and a single elaborate bangle shape around the wrist, while keeping the palm completely empty. Though this doesn’t go with the general mehandi designs that are extremely ornamental it has a certain finesse that sets it apart.

3. Mehndi Bangle Designs in Hands:

Mehndis are the common tradition in marriages of many countries. The bride and the groom will apply mehandi tattoos with complicated designs. Elbow length bangles, fraught with small details, are commonly worn by people in such occasions. The above bangle mehndi designs for full hands is an best option for brides.

4. Colored Bangle Mehendi Designs:

Many people prefer applying glitter mehendi designs for most of occasions as they can match with different color combinations with their outfits. This design is simple yet elegant. It has colored bangle type mehandi design which looks prettier and more alluring.

5. Simple Bangle Mehndi Designs For Hands:

Though mehandi designs are prone to be intricate, youngsters prefer less fanfare. Simple bangle henna art around the wrist with beautiful plain curves when anyone is short of time or not a lover of excessive ornamentation can go for this type of design.

6. Elegant Mehndi Bangle Design:

Amidst intricate flower mehndi patterns designs sport net like bangle wound around the wrist. It provides a sort of relief to the design by allowing some of the skin to peep from within the design. It has covered with floral and paisleys pattern which is just adorable.

7. Spiral Bangle Mehendi Designs:

It is true that mehendi designs will always have floral patterns incorporated in them and sometimes just spirals aswell. A simple bangle with large and less elaborate spiral designs looks excellent as any other mehendi design and the above women’s simplistic nature gives pretentious look.

8. Floral Bangle Mehandi Designs:

While some people will wish to stand opt out of floral mehndi designs, other opt for only flowers adorning their palms and arms. This type of mehendi design gives completely neat and clean look to the hand and the diminutive motifs on the entire fingers are designed that is stylish.

9. Bangle Style Mehndi Design:

People who love to apply thick mehandi on their hands, this will be perfect for them. This design has started from middle finger and stretched till the wrist as a bangle henna art, fingers are given with simple design to highlight the main design.

10. Arabic Bangle Mehndi Design:

This bangle style mehendi design around the wrist is an awesome creativity. It has started with paisleys pattern from the middle finger and stretched with a broad bangle art on the wrist using spiral and dotted pattern, tip of the fingers are highlighted with simple design.

11. Bangle Mehndi Designs Latest:

The design totally resembles as the gate of palace and down on the wrist, the pattern is very distinct and same the tower is made can observe on the mehendi design. This mehendi motif is quite easy and convenient to create and of course it pulls everyone attention.

12. Bracelet Bangle Design:

This is one of the simple yet adorable designs which has paisleys and beaded chain pattern. The wrist is perfectly designed as a bangle with broad lines touching with one flower, index finger is covered with dots and lines and the rest of the part is left empty.

13. Ethnic Bangle Mehendi Design:

This heavy mehndi design as bangle will be a good option by a bride. It has combination of floral, lines and dotted pattern, started from middle finger and stretched till the wrist and a little space left in middle and it looks like a unique henna art.

14. Savvy Bangle Mehandi Design:

This special mehendi design can even be applied on the palms of everyone like young, old, adult or children. This is tremendous mehendi design and the eye will be never move another way this mehendi motif looks like a chain as it makes everyone feel that they have worn chain bracelet.

15. Gujarati Bangle Mehndi Design:

This round bangle mehandi is embellished on the palm with the faultless design. This Gujarati bangle mehendi art is the best to apply for wedding; it is also known as jewelery art which will just look elegant on anyone and this design has specially gained a great deal of popularity.

Bangle mehandi designs are essentially originated from the Middle East furthermore performed by artisans around the world. This impeccable bangle mehandi outlines are genuinely eminent and give a finishing adaptable mix to the general identities. These designs require very less time and are usually simple and sweet ones that add a hint of color to the hands but do not clutter the hands or give an over-decked look.


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