The pretty doll cake designs may not be a new phenomenon in baking. However, they always are among the classic designs most young girls love. They are perfect to lit any theme for birthday parties. These doll cake designs come in various styles, and designs, with myriad possibilities. Depending on the party theme or nature of the celebration, you can select the apt design accordingly. Isn’t it interesting?

If you are looking for new and innovative unique Barbie doll cake design ideas, your search ends here. So, let us go ahead and check out the new ideas in doll cake designs. Here we go!

Simple and Best Barbie Doll Cake Designs With Images 2024:

Whether you prefer a unique and very elegant doll cake design or new, innovative, unique designs, we have the perfect trending images to treat you. Continue reading to know more!

1. Pink Barbie Doll Cake Design:

Image Source: pinterest

What better than a stunning Barbie doll cake to celebrate the birthdays of little girls? We have this lovely pink colour barbie doll sitting cake to upscale the celebration bash. The Barbie doll cake design looks elegant and charming and is made with strawberry and vanilla flavours, a perfect choice for most girls in younger age groups. You can further elevate the cake’s design by adding lovely little cupcakes next to the cake. What do you think?

2. 2 Tier Barbie Doll Cake:

Image Source: pinterest

Did you ever come across a 2 tier Barbie doll cake design? This cake design comes in 2 layers, with the bright, striking pink colour fondant and the floral design as finishing touches. This pink Barbie doll cake design in 2 tier layer is a perfect choice to celebrate toddlers’ birthdays. You can order the cake in a similar design with the flavour of your choice, such as vanilla, strawberry or chocolate. Isn’t it lovely?

3. Blue Barbie Doll Cake Design:

Image Source: pinterest

We love this unique and stunning blue colour barbie doll cake design. This doll cake comes in vanilla flavour with blue fondant in a Barbie doll shape. You can custom order this cake for 2 kg or above for several celebrations such as birthdays or any celebration bash and parties. This fondant cake is a perfect choice to have a pleasant cake design to upscale the celebration. Do you agree?

4. Barbie Doll Piano Cake Design:

Image Source: pinterest

If you would love to have a unique Barbie doll cake design, you may love this cute little beautiful pink Barbie doll piano cake design. The Barbie doll with piano in the cake design is absolutely charming and undoubtedly lovely. This cake is made with vanilla flavour, with lots of cream and fondant. It looks intricate and just like a real doll. Isn’t it?

5. Barbie Photo Doll Cake Design:

A unique photo cake design has been trending around us these days. You can also replicate this cake style with the Barbie photo doll cake. Here we see the lovely round 1 kg cake design with the Barbie doll photo. It is a simple yet pink and purple cake, looking elegant and charming. This cake is perfect for birthdays and special celebration events. You can also order this custom cake in the size you wish, such as half a kg and more.

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6. Mini Barbie Doll Cakes:

Image Source: pinterest

Did you ever come across the cute small little Barbie doll cakes? This small doll cake design is a perfect choice to elevate any of your celebrations. The mini cakes are a perfect choice to enhance your cake designs, and you can also pair them with other cakes to give them a beautiful look. These mini Barbie doll cake designs can be made in several colours, such as yellow, green, red, pink, purple, and blue.

7. Fairy Barbie Doll Cake Design:

How about this gorgeous yellow Barbie doll fairy cake design? The fairy cake designs can instantly make any young girls and toddlers happy with their cute and sweet looks. This yellow Barbie cake comes in vanilla flavour with fondant. The colour stars as finishing touches add to a further sweet and beautiful designer look. This yellow Barbie doll cake can also be made in other flavours as you can order.

8. Butterfly Barbie Doll Cake Designs:

Image Source: pinterest

The butterfly and Barbie doll cake design is another of the latest and trending unique designs for kids. The birthday cake in red and yellow colour gives a strikingly beautiful look and an overall lovely appearance. The cake is made with vanilla and strawberry flavours, and the colourful fondant gives it a nice stunning look. This butterfly doll cake is perfect for a good celebration for kids in any age group.

9. Purple Vanilla Barbie Doll Cake Design:

If you want a unique and distinct Barbie doll cake design, away from all known and existing looks, this purple vanilla doll cake may impress you. The fondant doll cake design is made with vanilla flavour, with fondant and intricate design, giving it a nice seamless appearance. The cake is perfect for oozing out stunning vibes at any celebration. Do you agree? You can even custom order this cake in other flavours, such as chocolate.

10. Princess Barbie Cake Design:

Another of the favourite doll cake designs for girls is the princess Barbie cake. The Barbie pink fondant doll cake design comes in truffle and chocolate flavours, in different sizes, such as 1 kg, 2 kg or above. The cake imitates a sitting Barbie doll in a pink dress, with heart-shaped and floral-designed finishing touches. Isn’t it beautiful? You can also try this cake in other flavours, such as strawberry or vanilla.

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11. Barbie Cupcake Design Ideas:

Image Source:

Add on the striking and beautiful colours besides the doll cake with these lovely little cupcakes. The Barbie doll cupcakes are a perfect choice as an accompaniment to a doll cake design, or even solely by themselves. They add a pleasant and elegant charm to the celebration, which is also a perfect design to add to the celebration. These cupcakes can be prepared in several flavours, such as vanilla and strawberry.

12. Black Forest Barbie Doll Cake Design:

Did you ever come across a Barbie doll cake in black forest flavour? If not, this is an apt choice to check out. The unique doll cake design in black forest flavour is perfect if you love this taste. The lovely cake can be made in large sizes, such as 2 kg or 3 kg, and comes with cream frosting and fondant in red colour.

13. Barbie Strawberry Cake Design:

This exclusive strawberry cake in Barbie doll design is another perfect choice for kids who love this flavour. This cake is made in 2 layers, and however, can be customized in size according to the order. The cake is filled with delicious strawberry flavour with cream frosting and doll designs around. It is an ideal choice for birthdays.

14. Mermaid Barbie Doll Cake Design:

Image Source: pinterest

This is a beautiful blue Barbie doll cake design with a mermaid theme. This cake is a perfect fit to match the theme parties and can be prepared in various delicious flavours according to choice. The fondant cake has a mermaid design on the top and comes in 2 tier design. You can even make it larger according to the size requirement, and yet it looks stunning and unique.

15. Grand Designer Barbie Doll Cake:

Image Source: pinterest

Do you have a large party gathering coming up? We have the exotic grand, looking designer Barbie doll cake for girls. The pink colour cake comes in 5 tiers, with the Barbie doll designs sitting on each layer, enhancing the design and look. The cake comes in vanilla, strawberry and chocolate flavour, with frosting cream and a fondant design. The cake is perfect to match the grandeur of any party. Do you agree?

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16. Vintage Barbie Doll Cake Design:

Image Source: pinterest

A classic and vintage Barbie doll design is always charming and unique. While most of us come across cake designs with modern Barbie beauty, we have vintage and timeless cakes featuring the good old-days Barbie design. This cake comes in vanilla flavour and is designed with fondant and frosting cream. How do you like such a design?

17. Barbie Paper Doll Cake Design:

Image Source: instagram

This Barbie doll cake features a photo paper design, with a unique look and appearance. The Barbie cake comes in vanilla and strawberry flavours and is topped with frosting cream and strawberry sprinkles. The cake can vibe beautifully with any theme for girls’ birthday parties. It is usually made in 1 kg size but can be enhanced for 2 kg and 3 kg cake designs too.

18. Large Barbie Designer Cake:

Image Source: pinterest

We also have this huge Barbie cake design, perfect for catering to large parties. The vanilla birthday cake features a square shape with a Barbie design in a standing design. In addition, the cake has fondant carpeted across to give it a nice classic and elegant design. It is perfect not only for birthday parties but also for other gatherings and anniversaries.

19. Twin Barbie Doll-Inspired Cakes:

Image Source: pinterest

We also have stunning and unique Barbie doll cake designs for twins. If you have two little girls’ birthdays to celebrate, this stunning cake design twins beautifully in every aspect. The cake is designed with pink and yellow cream with a tiara design on the top to give it a princess-like feel. The cake comes in vanilla flavour, however, can be altered according to choice. How do you like this twin 1-layer Barbie doll cake design?

20. Barbie Makeup Cake Design:

Image Source:

How about a cake featuring a new-age Barbie doll? This doll cake design features Barbie with a makeup palette to depict their love for makeup and beauty. The Barbie cake is customized to your liking in the flavour of choice and looks beautiful in pink fondant and cream. This is a perfect cake to surprise any girl on her birthday, especially one who loves makeup. What do you think? This cake hence is perfect for girls and women in any age group.

Did you ever come across a Barbie doll cake design? If not, we hope this array of design ideas with Barbie dolls is lovely and beautiful. These different theme cakes are a perfect fit to match any scale of the celebration and to deliver not only a tasty cake but also a cake with a perfect-looking design. Do you agree? Let us know your thoughts and which cake you love the most; we love to hear from you!


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