“I am a Barbie girl, in the Barbie World.” This song! We all have loved and tuned to this song since our childhood, and we bet – even right now, we get all nostalgic when we think about it. How about remembering those beautiful days through the best Barbie hairstyles? As much as our favourite Barbie is a beauty and fashion freak, the Barbie hairstyles and hairdos are feminine, girly, cheerful, and beautiful.

We all love to look like a princess on one or the other day, and these barbie hairstyles surely will cheer you up!

9 Cute Barbie Hairstyles for Girls with Pictures:

Barbie hairstyles are the most attractive and beautiful look choose your best and try it.

1. Sweet Inward Banged Barbie Hairstyle:

The layered banged look is a much-loved hairstyle look. It is a form of sweet Barbie hairstyle. You can try out this look if you are bored of ordinary layered hairstyles. Seek the help of an experienced hairstylist only for this hairstyle.

2. Front Banged Long Wavy Messy Hairstyle:

This is an absolutely classic Barbie hairdo. You must have seen this hairstyle on your own Barbie doll. You may sport this hairstyle too provided you have long and thick hair. You may ask the hairstylist to give you thick front bangs. Additionally use a big curling iron and medium hold hairspray to give you voluminous curls. Mess up the curls and back tease them a bit to get this hairstyle look.

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3. Full Head Front Banged Bob Barbie Look Hair:

The full head bob look is a much known Barbie hairstyle look. If you have thick hair and you like bob hairstyles, then this hairstyle is just the perfect choice for you.

4. Small Pony Front Banged Barbie Hairstyle:

The front banged ponytail Barbie doll look is a very easy and beautiful-looking hairstyle. You will need long and thick hair for this hairstyle. Ask your hairstylist to give you thick front bangs. Take all the hairs at the back and create a high ponytail. Take a section of ponytail out and wrap it around the ponytail to make it look more stunning. Try this hairstyle at your home’s comfort and dazzle the town.

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5. Front Bangs Full Head Barbie Look:

This Barbie hairstyle is perfect for winter times and for any party. You can add more glam and shine to this long hairstyle with bang by using a shine and gloss hairspray. Teasing at the crown will help keep this hairstyle going for long.

6. The Pin-Up Pony Barbie Look:

You will love this vintage-style Barbie doll hair look. It is definitely worth a try. This hairstyle is a popular choice for the runways too. You don’t necessarily need a stylist for this. If you have short bangs in the front then it can become a bit difficult. You will either need no bangs or really long bangs. Divide sections of hair from the crown area and roll these up. Pinup to secure them. You may use your barrel roller for this. For the rest of the hair from the nape area, take them up in the form of a ponytail. Curl up the tips to finish off.

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7. The Pigtail Barbie Hairstyle:

Don’t you just love those little school girl Barbie dolls with pigtail hairstyles? You can too sport a back-to-school Barbie hairstyle look like the one above. It’s easy to get. Hop into a good parlour and get those front bangs cut along with some side fringes. Use a pad hairbrush and a bit of hair serum for the shine. Make two pigtails at the sides and roll in the tips of the hairs.

8. Loose Braided Long Barbie Doll Hair Look:

You must have seen how beautiful the braided hairstyles look on your little Barbie doll. Don’t you want to wear a similar hairstyle and look as beautiful as your Barbie doll? Braided hairstyles are a very common form of easy Barbie hairstyle. If you do not have the thickness or the length then try some clip-in hair extensions.

9. Teased Simple Barbie Hairstyle:

Easy Barbie hairdos anyone? Try this one. Take 2 sections of hair from the nape area. Tease the section at the bottom, clip in a hair pad, and secure the sides with some hairpins. Additionally, tease the section at the crown with a styling comb. Now let the other section lie loosely over it. Place a hairband and your hairstyle is complete.

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Almost every one of us has had a Barbie doll when she was small. Barbie dolls are like mementos of style and fashion. They teach us about barbie doll-inspired hairdos and fashion right from when we are growing up.

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