Do you notice your beard hair turning grey? Do you long to see your beard back in its complete form in a colored way? Well, we have the beard dyes in the market to come to the rescue. The beard dyes are just like the hair dyes you hear about – it is all about colouring and dyeing your facial hair for a short while before you rinse it off to notice the coloured hair back. However, remember, it is important to also care for your beard colour with suitable shampoos and care products.

Well – we understand that it may get confusing at the beginning. Worry not, we will sum it all up for you!

12 Best Men’s Beard Coloring Products in India:

We have worked around and compiled a list of the most popular and useful Men’s beard dye that is the best in the market today. These are also accompanied by other care such as beard shampoos you must not miss along with coloring. Let us check the beard hair colour products out.

Organic And Natural Black Beard Dyes:

1. Organic Essentials Black Beard Color Dye:

The 100 percent pure natural and organic black dye color for hair and beard is the most preferred one for several men, to avoid any kind of skin concerns and yet with great looks. The natural hair dye helps to color against hair greying and brings in stunning natural looks in no time. Further, the black dye also has properties to give a smooth finish dandruff free hair. This black beard dye for men can fit without any skin rashes or concerns, with its complete absence of chemicals.

2. Safe Colour Organic Beard Hair Dye:

The vegetal safe color organic black beard hair dye in powder form effectively treats greying and whitening facial hair without chemicals. The natural facial hair dye is quick to apply and get results and suitable to go with a range of black hair looks. This black beard and moustache dye for men can indeed work well with both thick and dense beards too.

3. Indus Valley Easy And Organic Hair Color Dye:

The Indus Valley hair dye is a straightforward application of hair color to suit men with heavy facial hair. The dye is designed to fit in both beard and mustache and give in cent percent results naturally and organically. It is made with the goodness of natural ingredients such as basil leaves and aloe vera, which help get hair color black and treat other concerns such as nourishment. This is also a perfect choice best beard dye for sensitive skin, without any harsh reactions given its natural ingredients.

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4. Green Organic Pure Black Hair Color Dye For Men:

The fresh hair color dye from Green organic is ideal for men who are looking for organic and easy to apply the henna beard hair dye. The natural organic beard hair dye comes with all organic and herbal ingredients without any chemicals and stimulates the black hair with a shiny and strong, smooth texture.

Ammonia Free Beard Dye And Colour:

5. Bombay Shaving Company Henna And Amla Beard Colour:

Natural ingredients such as henna and amla are known to nourish smoothness, texture, and hair health. The hair dye with these natural ingredients and without ammonia or sulfate is a must-try one if you are looking to color your beard. The instant beard black colour dye from Bombay shaving company helps to make hair shiny and thicker with good health and nourishment, reducing grey hair eventually. It is best to go for regular use and busy men who want to have results in no time.

6. Urban Gabru Ammonia Free Hair Henna Powder:

The famous Urban Gabru brand has its own range of henna powder hair color dye for beard, without ammonia and sulfate and harsh chemicals. The beard color’s advantage is that it is easy to apply and wash at one go, even without a shampoo, and yet get a desirable and stunning look quickly. This can give you a range of facial beard looks, from thinner to thicker, shorter to longer lengths too.

7. Speedy Color For Beard From Bigen Men:

Here comes another quick look, men, without ammonia and sulfates. The Bigen beard dye Men’s hair color has the goodness of olive oil, glycerine, and other natural ingredients, which can give you shiny and smooth facial hair. The dye can bring you fabulous looks for regular use and is an excellent choice for men who has a thick beard which is often hard to manage.

Beard Colour Shampoos:

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8. VIP Hair Colour Shampoo For Beard:

The Vip beard dye shampoo is precisely manufactured and made for those men who regularly work on hair and beard colour dyes. The pleasant and ammonia-free shampoo is a must-use to protect the beard and facial hair color and nourish and bring smooth hair. It also conditions the hair to give in best results with hair dyes.

9. Vcare Shampoo Hair Color For Hair And Beard:

The Men’s V care shampoo for hair-coloured look works wonders to bring in and transform the dyed hair into natural-looking ones. The shampoo hair color conditions and makes your hair slowly turn jet black by reducing greying and promoting hair growth and health. The shampoo is embedded with anti-oxidants that can work on stronger hair bases and follicles in the longer run. It is among the popular and best beard hair colour shampoo in India.

Beard Dye Bars And Creams:

10. Dr Batra Hair Colour Cream For Hair And Beards:

We have often heard about the wonderful results from Dr Batra’s hair care products. The hair color cream from this brand is enriched with the goodness of olive oil, which helps to strengthen the hair, nourish it, reduce hair greying and bring in suitable strong hair dye and color effect immediately. Not just it, the hair color cream is ammonia and sulfate-free and can bring in good results without any side effects and irritations caused on the skin.

11. Beardo Black Magic Temporary Beard Dye For Hair And Beard:

This easy-to-apply Beardos hair dye and color is another cream and shampoo variant product, which is unique and effective to give good strong results. The temporary hair color also lasts for a very short time, ideal for men who want to try out and experiment with new looks for either events or a shorter while. The temporary color further is easy to use and portable and can be used for mustache, beard, and hair to give natural looks.

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12. Indus Valley Spott Black Color Capsule:

If you haven’t heard about this unique and yet excellent hair color product, here we are. The Indus valley hair color capsule is the new one on the market right now, designed to bring in black dyed color effects at particular spots such as mustaches, sideburns, goatee, necklines, and more. It is a realistic and easy-to-use product, ideal for men searching for spot treatment of greying areas. This is one of the trending non allergic beard dye right now.

The beard dyes and hair colour products indeed are beneficial for men who want to get away with the hair greying and sport on black colored hair in no time. These are all-natural without ammonia and sulfate and yet bring on effective and stunning results in no time. Try them out, and you will fall in love with them!


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