We often stay focused on taking care of our face and hands, as result we tend to fail to focus on our neck. We also spend large amount of money in expensive spa treatments for our shoulders, back and legs and neck is again ignored. But we forget that neck is most of the times visible and can ruin the charm of our face if not taken proper care of. As a result, sagging skin or fat deposition can be seen along with the fine lines which also start to appear.

The primary focus on the very  first glance of a person will always be directed towards their face but as we go down, the next best thing to the face is the neck right underneath it. your neck adds up to a lot of your attraction factor. The slender the neck, the younger your appeal is. However, caring for your face seems easy but the same sadly cannot be said for the neck part. Here in this article we shall give you a brief introspect of how to take well care of your neck.

Homemade Beauty Tips For Neck:

But don’t worry; today we are going to discuss 20 top homemade beauty tips for neck which can help you in beautifying your neck area.

Tip 1:

Neck area is very delicate and thin. The direction of massage over it is very important to keep in mind because wrong movement or wrong direction over the neck area can damage the skin. The proper direction is by moving both of your palms from the lower to upper region in the vertical movements. Never ever massage in circular motions or from top to bottom, it can lead in skin loosening.

Tip 2:

Oils tend to help in rejuvenation of the neck skin. But you have to be careful while selecting the right oil. Here are some oils are good to use for neck massage therapy. Coconut oil can be used in very little amount or you can also mix it with some water on your palm and then massage with it. Even Olive oil, chamomile oil, sweet almond oil, rose oil and eucalyptus oil are some very good options. It is one of the most popular beauty tips for neck at home without getting side effects.

Tip 3:

Over massaging you neck is not good. A neck massage should be just 10-15 minutes long with a break of 1 or 2 minutes in between. Over massaging can result in straining of the neck skin.

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Tip 4:

Masks are also good for the neck skin just like our face’s skin. Use of fruit masks on the neck can do wonders. Fruits like ripe banana, apple, plums and avocado are really good for the neck skin.

Tip 5:

One important point to remember if using packs on the neck is never allow any type of pack to get dry on the neck skin except fruit packs of the neck. Packs of besan (gram flour), clay, wheat flour (atta), or any other mud packs should never be left to dry over the neck skin. Remove them while they are just a step ahead of getting cracks on it.

Tip 6:

You can go for spa treatment in order to get rid of any kind of stress of pain or you can take any smoothing treatment for the neck but make sure that the position while the treatment is right. The best position is to lie flat on your back and then take the treatment.

Tip 7:

Exfoliation of the neck is also very important too. Use mild exfoliators on your neck skin. Use only upward strokes for exfoliating. Minimum time duration for this should be 2 mins while maximum would be 5 mins.

Tip 8:

Use face wash while taking a bath to clean your neck. Avoid the use of harsh soaps on neck skin. Shower gels which are pH balanced can also be used to wash your neck off. This is a very simple and useful natural tip for the neck.

Tip 9:

While using a toner on your face, make sure you apply it on your neck too with a cotton ball. This helps to maintain the skin health and shine on your neck. Apply it or any other lotion in the same way with giving upward strokes with your palm.

Tip 10:

The most important point which one should always keep in mind is that make sure you remove the makeup from your neck when removing from your face. Neck’s skin is quite similar to the skin of the face. It too contains pores. Makeup tends blocks the pores and obstructs the skin to breathe properly resulting into a dull and sagging skin. So, always remove makeup from the neck too, using a cotton ball and a good makeup remover with giving upwards strokes only.

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Tip 11:

Sunscreen care: This is one of the essential beauty tips for neck blackness. We have all had our fair share of de tan face packs and high SPF sunscreens for the face. However, the neck being much more sensitive than your face gets affected more from the harsh sun exposures which is why every time you apply sun protection to your face make sure you do the same for your neck. One can even use a light neck scarf to keep it from tanning.

Tip 12:

Routine scrub: Exfoliation is yet another part of your beauty care regime. Neck beauty tips for a fair and youthful looking neck would require a superb exfoliation routine at least twice a week, preferably the starting and the end. Exfoliation products can be purchased from the readymade commercial drug stores or simply made at home using salt sugar and yogurt or sour cream.

Tip 13:

Neck Yoga: Yoga is cultivated as a part of an age old wisdom ritual probably leaned towards exercises that are performed in controlled environment through controlled breathing. Neck yoga focuses on strengthening the neck muscles while making it more flexible. Neck yoga also partakes in reducing wrinkles and crinkles around your neck thereby giving your neck a much more youthful look.

Tip 14:

Egg White And Honey Pack: Homemade beauty tips for neck would have you go on a kitchen rampage looking for the perfect ingredients to lighten and brighten your neck. Neck tanning can be reversed using honey which is nature’s healer that repairs damaged skin cells while egg white is known for skin tightening where it tightens the area around your neck.

Tip 15:

Wax Your Neck: Much like your arms, legs and your back, even your neck needs periodical waxing rituals. Hair removal is quite common to beautify body parts and waxing around your neck at intervals can keep your neck looking youthful and brighter.

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Tip 16:

Chin Exercises: Chin is the area that is adjacent and connected to your neck. Chances of double chin occurrence can also affect the way your neck looks which in fact can be blamed on loose skin and excess baby fat. Chin exercises much like neck exercises are easy.

Tip 17:

Vitamin E Essential Massage: Vitamin E is essential for your skin and hair and here we use the benefit of this vitamin to create a flawless neck appeal. Beauty tips for neck would have you massage vitamin E essential oil on your neck every single night before going to bed.

Tip 18:

Gram flour And Milk Cream: Here is yet another home remedy using gram flour or besan and butter milk or milk cream. Gram flour is extremely helpful for skin tightening  as well as brightening. However, gram flour dries up skin which is why the butter milk also a lightening agent can be used to keep skin moisturized.

Tip 19:

Sleep Care Routine: Always relax your neck while sleeping, preferably using only a single pillow which would be soft and fluffy enough. Your neck relaxed as you sleep will appear much more vibrant.

Tip 20:

Back Rub And Massage With Mint: A healthy back rub and massage with peppermint oil can actually relax your neck and back massages. As the mint removes toxins from your system, it lightens and brightens the area on and near the neck. most of the professionals told that it is one of the most effective and natural homemade tips for the neck.

Here in this article, we have a brief list of all the tips for the beautiful neck that can help you get a proper, youthful and jovial neck.

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