David Robert Joseph Beckham is an English former footballer who has won league titles in about four countries. He is one of the world’s most wanted celebrities, is married to Victoria Beckham and has four children.

David beckham has around thirty two tattoos that have praised as well as criticized by many journalists and authors. Beckham claims to value each and every tattoo and says that he doesn’t regret having even one of them.

David Beckham Tattoos with Meanings:

David Beckham tattoo designs are most great hallmarks, so read on to take in more about his hot (and some of the time questionable) sleeve tattoos and all of David Beckham’s tattoo implications. Here are some of the best beckham tattoo designs that have been inscribed on Beckham has been enlisted in the following few paragraphs.

1. David Beckham Wrist Tattoo- Love and Birds:

David Beckham’s tattoo is inked on his left hand and incorporates “Affection” written in script with the picture of a swallow close to it. This tattoo was inked in 2011, and David Beckham’s tattoo significance speaks to an image of family love and dependability.

Obviously the latest addition of the new member to the Beckham family, little girl Harper Seven, affirms of David Beckham’s tattoo, as she postured in the photo Victoria posted on Twitter holding her father’s inked hand. Victoria went with the photo of David Beckham’s tattoo with the tweet, “Harper adores Daddy’s new tattoo of adoration. X VB.” The swallow is a well known tattoo outline that goes back to mariners who utilized the tattoos to speak to how far they had voyage. For Beckham’s situation, the swallow tattoo speaks to the adoration and dedication towards his lovely family.

2. 99 Tattoo Design on David Beckham Finger:

David’s tattoo includes the number “99” inked in a straightforward dark textual style on the  right hand finger, and symbolizes what David says “was a decent year for me.” It was in 1999 that David got married with his significant other of 16 years, Victoria, and that same year, David additionally helped Manchester United to an European Treble, winning the Premier League, FA Cup and UEFA Champions League in a solitary season. Since his children are now grown ups and he took his retirement from the foot ball career it gives the idea that David Beckham might feel somewhat nostalgic!

3. David Beckham Hand Tattoo -Victoria And Love:

David Beckham uncovered another hand tattoo while going to the Global Fund and British Fashion party  The new expansion to David’s tattoo accumulation is verging on indistinguishable to the “Adoration” tat he has inked on his left hand, yet includes his significant others name “Victoria” inked on his right deliver an exquisite script text style, alongside a picture of a swallow adjacent to it. David Beckham’s tattoo was inked under two weeks after the British model and soccer star appeared a huge new tattoo on his mid-section, which he apparently got inked with the tattoo voucher Victoria gave him for his 38th birthday.

4. David Beckham Sleeve Tattoo Design-Unique “ Praye For Me”:

Beckham had the words “Petition God for Me” inked on the outside of his right wrist, amongst the mists and different pictures that make up David Beckham’s sleeve tattoo. Clearly David Beckham’s arm tattoo was motivated by his clashed move from Manchester United. and was inked alongside another “typical” piece, both of which mirror the “profound turmoil he feels about going to L.A.” The second some portion of David Beckham’s sleeve tattoo includes a Knight Templar, symbolized by a distinct red cross.

5. Roman Numerals Tattoo on Right Wrist:

This tattoo was made in the year 2006. After the secret ceremony with Victoria on that very year, the Beckham’s decided to get hold of some matching tattoos. These Roman numeral tattoos signified as the date of the ceremony which was 8th May 2006. They are considered to be very significant as well.

6. Left Arm Victoria Tattoo:

Beckhams left arm tattoo was made in the year 2007. It is a six inch tattoo which shows his wife Victoria Beckham. It was a recreation of one of Victoria’s photo shoot which he liked a lot. The tattoo Design indeed looks very classy and beautiful.

7. Latin Phrase Tattoo on David Beckham Right Hand:

David Beckham was additionally seen brandishing another lower arm tattoo inked within both his  arms. To his left side arm, David Beckham’s tattoo peruses a unique phrase in Latin, which means “So I Love and Cherish.” This David Beckham’s tattoo design  is inked specifically beneath his “Victoria” tattoo (or all the more precisely, his “Victoria” tattoo.

8. David Beckham’s Ribs Jesus Tattoo:

This tattoo was made in the year 2010. It contains a portrait of Jesus on the way to the cross. It was inscribed when his grandfather Joe West died. This design was based on the painting of a Catholic artist named Matthew R. Brooks.

9. Jesus and Harper Tattoo on David Beckham Left Upper Chest:

This tattoo was made in the year 2011. It shows a portrait of Jesus which was made to look like Beckham being lifted out of the tomb by cherubs. These cherubs were a representation of his three sons, and when his daughter Harper came into the family picture, he engraved her name above it as well.

10. David Beckham Lower Back Brooklyn Tattoo:

Beckham’s lower back tattoo was the first time he went through the painful needles. It was made in the year 1999 and has Brooklyn written on it. It is very attractive to look at, has been inscribed in a very stylish manner and was made after his son whose name is also Brooklyn was born.

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11. David Beckham with Guardian Angel Tattoo:

Beckhams upper back tattoo is a guardian angel that was made in the year 2000. This tattoo was designed to symbolise protection over his son Brooklyn’s name which is a few inches below his upper back. The tattoo gained great popularity and also showed the love that Beckham has towards his son.

12. Victoria Tattoo on David Beckham Left Hand:

David Beckham chose to make an open presentation of his adoration for his accomplice Victoria Beckham, by getting her name inked within his left arm. David Beckham’s lower arm tattoo was inked in Sanskrit and was intended to peruse just “Victoria.”  Unfortunately, it was misspelled as Victoria .

13. Chinese Left Rib Cage Tattoo:

This tattoo was made in the year 2008. It was a Chinese motif which meant “Death and life have determined appointments. Riches and honour depend on heaven”. This was one of the classiest tattoos made by beckham.

14. Angel Sleeve Tattoo on Beckham Right Arm:

This tattoo was made in the year 2004. After facing allegations of having an affair with Rebecca Loos, Beckham used this tattoo to describe his feelings. He also said that everyone has their own way of expressing their thoughts and his way is through tattoos. The tattoo also had ‘In the Face of A diversity’ written on it.

15. Romeo Tattoo on David Beckham Upper Back:

Beckhams Upper Back Tattoo was inscribed in the year 2002 when his son Romeo was born from wife Victoria Beckham. This tattoo was made right above the guardian who by now was supported with some enormous wings. This design was a creation of Louis Malloy who is a Manchester based tattoo artist.

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Clearly David Beckham love for tattoos are just infinite, and each of the various tattoo. on the soccer star’s arms is a basic piece of David Beckham’s sleeve tattoo designs and speaks to a critical piece of his life.


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