Are you looking for bedroom wall shelves? Whether you are searching for a creative storage solution for decorative purposes or out of necessity, organizing can be a lot of fun. Wall shelves are one of the quirkiest ways to save space while adding storage to your bedroom. Wall shelves in a modern home are indispensable because they utilize the room’s vertical length and act as a beautiful décor.

This article has compiled a list of distinctive bedroom wall shelves ranging from modern choices to rustic options for different types of homes. Browse through the list and choose the additional storage as per your requirement. Read on!

15 Modern Bedroom Wall Shelves:

Suppose you are looking for bedroom wall shelves that are handy, functional and quirky. In that case, the list of bedroom wall shelves mentioned in this article can be helpful. Go through the list and choose one as per your need and necessity.

1. Brown Art SHOPPEE Floating Shelves:

If you are looking for corner shelves for the bedroom, this Product from the Brown Art shoppe can be a perfect choice. This shelf is made with premium MDF-engineered wood with a smooth finish. This shelf can be an ideal solution to utilize all the unused corners, thereby maximizing your storage space. In addition, you can brighten up your bedroom by incorporating these shelves into the room. The Product comes with an installation manual making it easy to install it.

Material: Engineered wood.
No Of Shelves: 3.

2. Klaxon Engineered Wood Samara Wall Shelves:

These Flaxon-engineered wood wall shelves are made with high-quality material with a walnut-coloured finish. You can get a stylish look anywhere you place these shelves, whether bedroom or living room. In addition, you can place multiple things on these shelves and be a gifting option for several festive occasions. This Product comes with assembly instructions and requires basic assembly.

Material: Engineered wood.
No Of Shelves: 4

3. Raafi Engineered Wood Wall Shelf with Drawer:

If you are looking for storage shelves for your bedroom, this shelf with drawer by Raafi can be an elegant choice. Unlike many other wall shelves, this Product comes with drawers which help keep your belongings dust-free while adding functional storage. In addition, this wall mount wall shelf is also designed beautifully with engineered wood, allowing you to utilize your walls efficiently.

Material: Engineered wood.
No Of Shelves: 1.

4. Furniture Hub Floating Shelves:

These are the floating shelves for the bedroom made with natural rosewood, which is light and robust. The texture of these shelves differs, giving them a unique touch because of the carbonized pine wood surface. The wall shelf has the most excellent load-bearing capacity because this Product uses BAMFOX’s triangle bracket, which opts for the right-angled triangle design. You can place the rack anywhere, which can be a perfect option for storing things you love.

Material: Rosewood.
No Of Shelves: 3.

5. Hamdan Collection Solid Wood Shelves for Wall Storage:

This Hamdan collection solid wood shelves can be a perfect choice to display decorative pieces or prized possessions while offering functional storage spaces. In addition, you can highlight your rustic décor while reducing clutter with the help of these wall shelves. The Product is easy to install, comes with mounting hardware, and is sturdy, making it last longer.

Material: Wood.
No Of Shelves: 3.

6. Shoper cart Wooden Showcase:

Suppose you are fed up with regular shelves and want a unique bedroom wall shelf. In that case, this Product is like squares attached manufactured by the shoper cart can be an ideal choice. This floating wall shelf is made with high-quality wood, providing sturdy and durable support. Irrespective of where you place this shelf, it beautifully adds to the space’s beauty. This Product can hold up to 10 to 15 kg.

Material: Engineered wood.
No Of Shelves:3.

7. BLUEWUD Caselle Engineered Wood Multi-Purpose Wall Shelf:

The BluewudCaselle wall-mounted shelf is a perfect option to add an ambience to your bedroom. In addition to being beautiful, it also offers a convenient storage solution making it an ideal choice for any room of your house. Additionally, this wall shelf can help you place lengthy items because it has five multi-purpose rack shelves in altered dimensions. You can create a floating look that pairs beautifully with modern ensembles and mount it directly onto your wall.

Material: Engineered wood.
No Of Shelves: 5.

8. Redwud Lucus Multi-Purpose Wooden Wall Mounted Shelf:

Suppose you are looking for a simplistic multi-purpose bedroom wall shelf. This Redwood Lucus multifunctional wall display shelf can work wonders in that case. Whether you want to display your favourite books or décor, you can beautify your bedroom with the help of this wall shelf. This Product has a maximum load capacity of 5kg and comes with all the necessary fittings for shelf assembly. In addition, this product is made with engineered wood, which further intensifies your wall’s look.

Material: Engineered wood.
No Of Shelves: 5.

9. Amaze Shoppee Wall Decoration Wooden Shelf:

We all love to decorate our homes with cost-effective yet stylish shelves. These beautiful square bedroom wall shelves offer you functional storage while helping you display prized possessions. These floating shelves come with all the necessary hardware, making the process easy to assemble and mount. In addition, you can add vintage or traditional elements to the rack to give your bedroom character and warmth.
Material: Engineered wood.
No Of Shelves:6.

10. DECORVAIZ Wooden Wall U Rack Shelves:

These DECORVAIZ Wooden Wall U Rack Shelves are a perfect choice if you want a unique wall shelf for your home. This Product is in the shape of a U, unlike many other wall shelves, which are just a straight line. This stylish-looking shelf looks very stylish and gives your home an authentic look. The hardware required for the installation of this shelf comes within the package. Finally, this wall-mounted wall shelf has a glossy finish.

Material: Wood.
No Of Shelves:3.

11. Dime Store Engineered Wood Wall Shelf:

This Dime store engineered wood wall shelf is another bedroom shelf with squares inter-lapping each other, creating a visually appealing look. Suitable for any room of your house, these multi-purpose wall shelves can store anything. Since the Product comes with all the necessary accessories required to install it and is easy to assemble. Furthermore, you can also gift the wall shelves on special occasions.

Material: Engineered wood.

12. Wudshopie MDF Wall Mounted 20 Inch Floating Wall Rack Shelves:

If you are looking for a big wall shelf for your bedroom, this 20-inch wall-mounted floating wall shelf by Wudshopie can be a perfect option. The Product is made with MDF-engineered wood and comes with an 11 mm thickness, more than the average thickness. This is one of the contemporary wooden wall shelves where you can store books or anything you love.

Material: MDF.

13. Wallmantra Moon Shape Wood Wall Shelf:

If you are done with traditional wall shelves, you can choose this moon-shaped wooden wall shelf by Wallmantra, creating a unique look for your bedroom. Manufactured with wood, this Product adds a modern touch and gives the Product a walnut finish. You can store multiple things on this shelf, like your favourite books or toys.

Material: Wood.

14. Home Sparkle MDF Wooden Wall Shelves:

Whether you want to place picture frames of your family or potted succulents, these beautiful Home Sparkle MDF wooden wall shelves can be a perfect choice. These floating wall shelves liven up your bedroom or any other room beautifully. Unlike the other racks, these shelves are eye-catching red, creating a visually appealing product. In addition, this Product’s durability is high since it is made with high-quality wood. Finally, the Product comes with screws and hangers that help you fix them efficiently.

Material: Engineered wood.

15. Redwud Payton Multi-Purpose Wooden Wall Mounted Shelf:

The redwudpayton multi-purpose wooden wall-mounted shelf is a perfect option for people looking for a standout shelf. You can place showpieces, small decorative vases or even photo frames creating a visually appealing storage solution. This wall shelf is made with high-grade prelam engineered wood which comes with a wood grain finish in a contemporary style. In addition, this Product’s fittings and assembly instructions make the assembling process more accessible.

Material: Engineered wood.

Bedroom wall shelves are a great way to decorate the bedroom while adding more storage space. These shelves come in multiple shapes and sizes and are easy to install most of them. With the wide range of bedroom wall shelf choices mentioned in this article, you can go through them and pick the one that suits your style and interiors beautifully. Don’t forget to let us know if you found the article helpful!

Frequently Asked Questions And Answers:

Q1. How Essential Are Wall Shelves In The Bedroom?

Irrespective of the size of your home, shelving is an essential process which makes your home look beautiful by helping you store things. You can keep many things on these bedroom wall shelves, whether books or necessary items.

Q2. What Are The Things You Can Keep On The Shelves Of Your Bedroom?

Here are some of the things you can put on your bedroom shelves:

  • Plants.
  • Delightful woven baskets.
  • Books.
  • Vases.
  • Candle holders.
  • Risers.
  • Photo frames.

Q3. How Can We Efficiently Use Bedroom Shelves?

Here are some of the places in your bedroom you can use to install bedroom shelves:

  • Use the bedside alcoves.
  • You can utilize the space right above the bed.
  • To create a sense of space, use visual tricks.
  • You can use tight spaces to squeeze shelves.
  • You can use over-bed cubbies to boost storage.


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