Belly dancing is truly a form of art. We may have come across many professional dancers across the globe, both on and off-screen; however, not everyone can excel in belly dancing. It is magical and impressive. No doubt, Belly dancers have the most craze and admiration from audiences across the globe. They are considered a Goddess of dance, filled with graceful moves and soulful performances.

We have gathered the best belly dancer names in the world today. You are in the right space if you love this craft and would like to know more about famous belly dancers.

12 World’s Famous and Best Belly Dancers this Decade!

Most belly dancers are from the Middle East and Arabic countries, as these countries are famous for this particular art. We have several of the world’s hottest and most famous belly dancers from the Middle East. Let’s see who they are!

1. Alla Kushnir:

One of the world’s most popular and favourite belly dancers of the current decade is Alla Kushnir. The belly dancer is born in Ukraine but lives in Egypt currently. She is extremely famous in the world of belly dancing and has been among the finalist for several years in the world championship of Moscow. Her moves are unique and incredibly fascinating, and many call her the Goddess of belly dancing, given the way she floats in the air with her moves. She is among the top beautiful belly dancer in the world right now.

2. Amar Gamal:

Talk about elegance and the mesmerizing, magical, beautiful moves we can only remember of Amar Gamal. The diva has a Cuban upbringing and is a talented dancer blended with artistry, elegance, and techniques. Besides belly dancing, Amar Gamal is also trained in tap dance, ballet, and flamenco, making her even more graceful and pro with their moves. She even teaches in world-famous institutes present in the United States.

3. Maya Maghraby:

Talk about the youngest belly dancers in Egypt; Maya Maghraby is definitely going to be among the top on the list. The beauty travels across the world, flaunting her skills, and is among the most wanted and sought artists for several weddings, events, high-profile parties and more. Her elegant moves, enduring looks, and exquisite charm will surely impress and fascinate you. You are bound to be relaxed and marvel when you see her moves. She is famous for Egyptian belly dancing.

4. Syrena:

Syrena is another world-famous Belly dancer currently. The diva has stepped into the world of belly dancing right from a very young age and excelled by giving shows around the globe. She lives in New York right now and is a pro in Arabic-inspired theatre-themed dancing. She is also a singer, artist, and performer and is truly multi-talented. She has a huge Instagram following too. Syrena is famous in the world of Arabic belly dance.

5. Amie Sultan:

Amie Sultan is another diva we have to talk about in the list of world-famous belly dancers. She has massive popularity in the world of belly dancing. She is Egyptian but was raised in Singapore and has been training in belly dancing since the age of five. Besides belly dance, Amie Sultan is also multi-talented and pretty good at ballet, jazz, and other contemporary dance forms. Isn’t she inspiring?

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6. Sadie Marquardt:

The star, Sadie Marquardt, is another popular name in the belly dancing field. The diva actually began her career in swimming and gymnastics; however, she later developed an interest in belly dancing. She has brought to fame with her art and craft on the reality show America’s Got Talent. From then on, there absolutely has been no turning back in her career.

7. Loretta:

We can’t miss out on Loretta in this list of best belly dancers in the world. The beauty is from a Dutch country yet excels hard in the competitive world of belly dancing. She mesmerizes us with her moves and makes us feel lost with her graceful looks and elegant style of dancing. Loretta also teaches in international belly dancing schools.

8. Amani:

The Lebanese belly dancer, Amani, is among the list of the world’s top belly dancers this decade has witnessed. The beauty is also an actress; however, she loves her career in belly dancing and spends most of her time in the art. Her mesmerizing moves, exquisite looks, costumes, and magical dancing make us fall on her feet. You can’t miss out on her hot and sexy belly dance moves!

9. Amelia Zidane:

Born in France, Amelia Zidane has been among the world’s most famous belly dancers list for several years. Initially, she was a children’s psychology specialist, but she is very passionate about belly dancing. She loves the art form and decided to give it a try, and now there is no turning back in her career. Amelia is now versatile with various forms of oriental dance, belly dancing, hip hops and more, and there are admirers for her all over the world. She choreographs and gives shows across the globe to date.

10. Rachel Brice:

Rache Brice is the most famous tribal fusion style belly dance specialist in the world. Her impressive moves, fashion performances and unique style of composition and choreography in the dance make us fall in love with the diva every single time we witness her art. Rachel is based in Oregon and travels worldwide, giving shows and performances.

11. Leila Haddad:

Born in Tunisia and living in France, Leila Haddad is Tunisia’s and the world’s finest belly dancer. She is known not just for the contemporary form of belly dancing but for blending in her ancient traditional form of belly dance art in her country with contemporary moves. She travels across the world teaching dance workshops and is quite known for her mesmerizing charm.

12. Didem:

Didem is the Turkish finest belly dancer of this decade. She is also a singer and model, famous for her attractive moves and perfection in belly dancing. Since her childhood, she has been into this art and began appearing in Turkish shows and television, which got her recognition. She is among the famous Turkish belly dancer.

We hope you enjoyed exploring this list of the world’s best and most famous belly dancers. These women are said to be truly magical, making us forget the present and feel lost in the world of their amazing performances. Do check out their art if you can; they are truly mesmerizing.


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