Many people consider belts as mere tools to hold their pants in place. To us, belts are much more! They are heroic fashion accessories that can transform even a boring outfit into a statement ensemble. From securing our bottom wear to highlighting the waistline and even representing our personalities, belts do a lot of magic than one can ever think. However, be warned that cheap, low-quality belts can do the total opposite and ruin your entire look. It is always wise to invest in atleast one good piece that lasts long and looks great! To help you buy better, we have put together the information of 20 Belt Brands for Men and Women. Read along to decide which one of these names are you bringing home next!

Which Branded Belts Are Popular In India?

Talking of branded belts, there are quite a few international brands like Versace, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Gucci, Saint Laurent, Hermes, Moschino etc., which offer bespoke luxury pieces. They are quite expensive and may be out of reach to a lot of customers in our country. Don’t worry; we covered these as well in the article to satisfy the brand loyalists!

Fortunately, many Indian and global brands offer various quality and stylish belts that won’t burn a hole in your pocket. Some of the big players in the Indian belt market are:

  • Tommy Hilfiger
  • Levi’s
  • Van Heusen
  • Allen Solly
  • Lee Cooper
  • Wrangler
  • H & M
  • And many more local brands.

Latest and Famous Branded Belts for Women and Men:

Let’s glance at the top and popular belt brands in the market for gents and ladies.

1. Salvatore Ferragamo:

Salvatore Ferragamo is an Italian designer brand launched in 1928 renowned for its innovative footwear. Apart from making high-end, exotic leather shoes, this brand has also started manufacturing luxury fashion products like belts, bags etc. Salvatore Ferragamo belts are priced very high and start from 700 hundred dollars. They typically feature minimalistic designs, ideal for styling on a variety of outfits.

Key Features of Salvatore Ferragamo Belts: Minimalistic and edgy designs, Logo buckles, genuine calf leather, neutral colour options in black, white, red, brown etc.

2. Versace Belt:

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Versace is one of the most expensive belt brands in the world, founded by Gianni Versace in the year 1978. One can identify a Versace product from the famous Medusa head logo and, ofcourse, its strikingly different patterns. Versace belts are made from genuine leather with excellent detailing on the buckles. You can expect a lot of flashy, baroque-style designs from this brand.

Key Features of Versace Belts: Gold-toned hardware, Medusa logo, flamboyant designs, security code on the inside of the belt for authenticity.

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3. Gucci:

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Gucci is an Italian brand that Guccio Gucci founded in the year 1920. Although it started as a luxury manufacturer of luggage and travel goods, it slowly ventured into the fashion business. Gucci is one of the most sought after brands by many fashion influencers of the world who make it a point to own atleast one belt from the label for its association with luxury and exclusivity.

Key Features of Gucci Belts: Sleek, Minimal designs, the Signature double G logo, added embellishments like pearls, stones and multiple colour options.

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4. Dolce and Gabbana:

Dolce and Gabbana is a premium Italian brand that started in 1982 and later expanded to different parts of the world. It is recognizable with the iconic ‘DG’ logo on all its accessories, including the belts. DG belts are quite trendy and designed for stylish and modern women. You will also be excited to find some pastel pinks, blingy embellishments, flashy buckles and animal prints in its huge collection of belts for women.

Key Features of Dolce and Gabbana Belts: Flashy buckles, bold prints and designs, glossy metallic detailing, iconic DG logo, heart-shaped buckles in antique finish.

5. Prada Belts:

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Prada is an Italian brand which is known for its eccentric designs and high-end luxury goods. Apart from making handbags, perfumes and apparel, Prada also boasts a lovely collection of leather belts for men and women. Be prepared to explore many new designs and patterns like the vanity belt with the case, nylon tape belt, elastic and oversized straps. The rocket high rates might give you a shock, but folks, it’s a Prada that you are getting home!

Key Features of Prada Belts: Premium quality leather, Signature metal triangle, enamelled buckles, fabric pouches, nylon straps.

6. Kenneth Cole Reaction Belts:

The good belts brands include the name of Kenneth Cole Reaction. The main attraction of the designs it gives is that the belts are reversible. The belts designed by the company are very pleased with pants and jeans of any colour and are loved by men because of their quality.

7. B-low The Belt:

A luxurious belt company in the branded belts queue is the B-low belt situated in America. It gives your personality a luxurious and revealing look when worn for special occasions. Dealing with fashionable belts from leather, they design the belts with attractive designs studded in diamonds and other charms.

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8. Paul Smith:

Paul Smith consists of the bold design and bold colours belt and has wide varieties of staples and less costly belts. When worn with dark colour pants or jeans by men, these belts make them look stunning and handsome.

9. Melamed Belts:

According to the latest trend, Melamed has been in the fashion industry, giving its best designs for belts and other women’s accessories. It is an excellent belt brand that gives fashionable and simple belt designs for summers and parties. Their new design of a belt made in silk with a bow was recently carried in the fashion show of summers in Paris.

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10. Armani Collezioni:

Armani Collezioni has given fashionable belt designs with various materials to the young women to decorate themselves. The latest belt design made out of polyester and velvet gives it a charming look over short dresses or Capri. Given a diamond-like design, the belt steals the heart of college girls for parties.

11. Emilio Pucci:

Counted in the top ten belt brands list, Emilio Pucci has captured the hearts of several women, age no bar, towards the designs it has carved. Working from Fiorentina Maison, the designs it has given are always themed for parties, giving symbols related to different work fields etc. They use actual leather to form various patterns with sterling silver or alloy for the buckles.

12. Miu Miu:

The good belts brands include the name of Miu Miu situated in Italy. The main attraction of the designs it gives is that it uses original leather, giving various designs. The belts designed by the company are very pleased with skinny jeans and Capri. It is widely also worn on short gowns to give a sensual glance.

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13. Akris Punto Leather Belts:

Akris Punto, a leather belt brand situated in Switzerland, gives out sophisticated and simple belt designs made from original leather to women. The various shades they provide you in colours make you go crazy to select from for your outfit.

14. Hermes Entriviere:

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Counted in the top ten belt brands list, Hermes Entriviere has captured the hearts of several men, age no bar, towards the designs it has carved. They use actual leather to form various patterns with sterling silver or alloy for the buckles. Its classic style and colours attract most high-class men.

15. Behnaz Sarafpour:

A young lady from New York is now the famous belts brands with her fabulous designs in belts. She has won several awards for her amazing designs. Her latest design was an adjustable belt with a silver shining buckle belt. The buckle has several curvy models giving it a fabulous look, non-formal and casuals.

16. Temperley London:

A company giving fashion a new definition, Temperley London has been offering modern and trendy belts since 2000. A top-ranked in the belt brands lists, the company has given several belt designs from pure leather, velvet, cotton, polyester, etc. fashion show ramps have been adorned with the belts designed by this company and have taken fashion to a new level.

17. Yves Saint Laurent:

Established in Paris, the fashion city, in 1961, it has given the fashion industry new trends in belts and other accessories. Working on women’s latest demands, the company has given several amazing belt designs of leather and other materials.

18. Anne Klein:

Anne Klein is the best belt brands situated in America. The change in fashion trends has always given women a new and trendy look to adore their bodies. The belt design it has given has awarded them with the leading belt providers for the year 2016.

19. Ralph Lauren:

Ralph Lauren has been the top belts brands for funky and designer belts. With leather, metal, fabric and other materials, it has always given the outfits a delicacy look for parties, red carpet, official wear, etc. The modern look can be achieved with the company’s belts for a new iconic look to your jeans, vintage clothing, summer wear, etc.

Hence just as the men are very fond of the belts, they are putting on. Also, the women have given the belts a new image in the accessories. The branded belts have been seen in the wardrobes of several women and men who love to have fashionable items in their collection. The best belts brands can be viewed in the fashion trends on the red carpet.

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