Every bride to be wants to look fresh out of a fairytale on her wedding day but with so much to do on the days preceding the wedding, there might not be time on hand to pamper yourself as much as you would like to. Seeing to wedding arrangements can leave you utterly stressed out and sometimes even close to a nervous breakdown How then do you get rid of all those dark circles, fine lines, frazzled hair and dull appearance brought on by all the stress before your big day? It’s simple enough. Just follow these 9 best bridal beauty tips to look your beautiful best when you say “I do”.

1. Nourish Your Skin From Within:

Trying to look beautiful a day before your wedding doesn’t really help. Give yourself at least a month to work towards getting that perfect skin before the big day. Feeding your skin from within with the right foods will give your complexion a natural boost and will ensure beautiful glowing skin on that day. Also, try to get as much sleep as possible and drink plenty of water so that when the time comes you won’t have to rely heavily on a makeup artist.

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2. Lose That Weight:

If you want to avoid a “Big Fat Ugly Wedding” try to lose some weight so that you fit perfectly into your wedding dress. A healthy diet and exercise is the safest way to lose weight but if playing wedding planner leaves you with no time for either you can try going on a fruit and vegetable diet one week prior to your wedding. This really work wonders in helping you shed some extra pounds as well as giving your body cleansing from inside out.

3. Perfect Your Makeup:

You don’t want to experiment with makeup on your wedding day which if you’re unlucky, can prove disastrous. Practice your makeup at home and decide the look you want to go in for a few days before the wedding so that when the actual day approaches you can be confident about your look.

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4. Spruce up Your Nails:

From the time of the engagement ring till the time the wedding ring is slipped on, your hands have never before garnered so much attention. It is therefore imperative that you keep your hands and fingernails moisturized and manicured for the most part in the days leading up to the wedding to ensure they look their best on your big day.

5. Extra Care for Your Skin:

As cumbersome as it might be with just a few months to go before your wedding, caring for your skin a little more than usual will be well worth it in the end. Keeping your face and body moisturised each time you come out from your bath is the key to silky-smooth skin.

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6. Relax with a Massage:

There’s just one more day to go before the wedding bells can ring. Get a full body massage to relax the body and mind and ease it from all the pent up stress so that all you have to do on your big day is look like the blushing bride.

7. Styling Your Hair:

Knowing what to do with your hair makes all the difference. If you’re going with an up swept hair do, wash your hair the day before so that it sets properly on the actual day and remains in place. If you’re wearing your locks down, wash and style it on the morning of your wedding for an immaculate look.

8. Get Those Facials:

If facials aren’t part of your customary skin care routine, you might want to reconsider a few months before your wedding day. Getting regular facials done will deeply cleanse your skin and prevent any breakouts from ruining your day.

9. Don’t Forget Your Touch-up Kit:

Carrying a touch-up pouch to the reception is never a burden but more of a boon. So if you break a sweat from all that merry-making and your make-up begins to lose its colour, just dab on some fresh application to ensure you look radiant right through.

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