We all wish to have thick hair, but not many know the issues people with thick hair face. Whether it is being more prone to knots and tangles or taking hours for drying. But worry no more! This article lists the ten best brushes for thick hair to make combing your sturdy hair a breeze. In addition, they help reduce frizz and limit your hair fall significantly by facilitating the spreading of sebum on the scalp evenly.

So, without further ado, let us go through this article to learn more about the combs for thick hair in detail. Read on!

Top 10 Brushes For Thick Hair – 2023:

We have presented you with a list of some of the best brushes for thick hair available in the market.

1. Boao 2 Pieces Detangling Brush:

The Boao detangling brush is ideally suited for wavy to thick coily hair and comes in a pack of two. There is a detachable bracket available at the back of each brush. These brushes also help remove knots without damaging, pulling or breaking your hair with the help of round needles. The lightweight product is made with ABS resin, easy to clean, and waterproof.


  • It is easy to clean.
  • It helps reduce frizz and flyaways.
  • It helps stimulate hair growth.
  • It reduces buildup.
  • It is suitable for all types of curly hair.
  • Improves the elasticity of hair.


  • The handle is flimsy.

Ratings: 4.3/5.

2. Michel Mercier Spa Brush:

The Michel Mercier spa brush is one of the best styling brushes for thick hair and is also a detangler for wet hair. It has flexible and firm bristles with an anti-slip handle. This brush stimulates blood flow and induces healthy hair growth with the help of the 428 bristles with 32 heights. It also stimulates and strengthens the cuticles while reducing the split ends.


  • It is suitable for kids and adults.
  • It helps make your hair healthy.
  • It reduces stress and hair breakage,
  • Eliminates residue, grime and dirt.
  • It has an anti-slip handle.
  • It helps smoothen your hair.


  • It might not work well on oily or small hair.
  • The bristles of this brush bend.

Ratings: 4.4/5.

3. Bsisme Curved Vented Brush:

Bsisme curved vented brush is one of the best brushes for thick hair. This brush is lightweight and durable because it is made with ABS resin material. Irrespective of your hairstyle, this brush has nylon bristles that will glide through your hair without pulling or scratching. It is easy to clean and can also be used during blow-drying. It also gives you healthier hair by massaging your scalp and promoting blood circulation.


  • It is perfect for all hair types.
  • Excellent design.
  • It comes with a hanging hole.
  • It can be used during blow-drying.
  • It is made with quality material.
  • It comes with a rubber non-slip covering.


  • None.

Ratings: 4.6/5.

4. Crave Naturals BIGGIE Glide Thru Detangling Brush:

Crave naturals biggie glide through detangling brush comes with bristles that don’t lose shape and stay firm. This brush’s unique cone-shaped plastic bristles unravel even the toughest tangles by separating hair sideways instead of down. This brush is also an ultimate solution for kids to have a pain and crying-free brushing hair experience. You can also use this brush for extensions, wigs, and natural hair.


  • It is suitable for all hair types.
  • It is gentle on dry and wet hair.
  • The brush glides through the hair.
  • It is child-friendly.
  • It helps remove knots.
  • It doesn’t snag or pull your hair.


  • None.

Ratings: 4.3/5.

5. Wet Brush Original Detangler Hair Brush:

Trusted by stylists, the original wet brush detangler hairbrush works exceptionally well on all hair types. It helps detangle the knots by gliding through your hair effortlessly. In addition, the product is sturdy and comes with exclusive, ultra-soft, intelliflex bristles. It also protects your hair from damage, split ends and breakage by massaging your scalp and promoting blood circulation. It is the best hairbrush for long thick hair.


  • It is suitable for all hair types.
  • It has ultra-soft bristles.
  • It glides through your hair effortlessly.
  • It detangles your hair gently.
  • It helps detangles the knots.
  • It helps strengthens your hair.


  • It doesn’t have a proper grip.

Ratings: 4.8/5.

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6. Osensia Wet Hair Detangling Brush:

The Osensia wet hair detangling brush is perfect for adults and children alike. This brush’s natural boar bristles and nylon pins can make the detangling experience pleasant for kids. In addition, the hairbrush has 17 rare elements added to your hair with every brushstroke.


  • It helps promote hair growth.
  • It makes your hair smooth and soft.
  • It helps reduce hair breakage.
  • Lightweight.
  • It is easy to use.
  • It gives you a pain-free experience.


  • It might not work for blow-drying.

Ratings: 4.5/5.

7. APPMOO Mini Detangler Brush:

The APPMOO mini detangler brush is yet another best brushes for thick hair. It provides the best hair-brushing experience without pulling or tugging your hair with the help of long straight bristles, flexible middle bristles and dense short bristles. Instead, this brush massages your scalp and stimulates hair growth by promoting head blood circulation. This brush is suitable for all hair types.


  • It helps stimulate hair growth.
  • It is suitable for all hair types.
  • It promotes blood circulation.
  • Travel-friendly.
  • It helps detangle your hair gently.
  • Ideal for kids and adults.


  • Not durable.

Ratings: 3.8/5.

8. Detangler Brush by Fiora Naturals:

This Detangler brush by Fiora naturals is one of the best hair brushes for thick hair. The contoured vent design of this brush will help you dry your hair faster, and the nylon bristles in this product help you have a painless detangling experience. In addition, you will be able to get healthy-looking locks by using this brush regularly.


  • It is suitable for kids and adults.
  • It is anti-static.
  • It is ideal for wet and dry hair.
  • Its design is stylish.
  • Ideal for all hair types.
  • Flexible and thin bristles.


  • Quality is not good.

Ratings: 4.6/5.

9. MISEL Professional Boar Bristle Hair Brush:

If you are looking for a salon-approved hairbrush, this MISEL professional boar bristle hairbrush is the perfect option. This product comes in different sizes, and the boar bristles help you distribute oils evenly. It also adds shine to your hair and reduces breakage significantly. There is also an increased rate of hair growth resulting in luscious hair.


  • It helps distribute oil to your scalp evenly.
  • It is affordable.
  • It can help you get ahead massage.
  • It adds shine to your hair.
  • Professional quality.
  • It has nylon pins without tips.


  • The durability of the product is poor.

Ratings: 4.7/5.

10. Tressfully Yours FlexiGlide Hair Brush:

Ideal for wavy, curly, coily/kinky hair, this Flexiglide hairbrush is lightweight and durable because of its sleek design. It is also ideal to use a blow dryer because it is resistant to high temperatures. In addition, the eight individual bristle-detangling comb rows are present in the flexiglide octopus design head. It helps you tackle unruly knots with ease and makes it flexible.


  • Lightweight.
  • Durable.
  • The brush head is flexible.
  • The bristles are anti-static.
  • It is resistant to high heat temperatures.
  • Comfortable grip tension.


  • It might not be the right option for people with sensitive scalps.

Ratings: 4.6/5.

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How To Use A Brush To Detangle Hair:

Here are the simple steps you can keep in mind to detangle your hair using the brushes mentioned in this article:

  • Be gentle while brushing your hair, and use a brush designed explicitly for detangling.
  • Remove the knots in your hair by brushing it from the roots to the tips downward.
  • Brush your hair in sections, especially if you have thick, oily hair.
  • While passing the brush through your hair, make sure not to be harsh.

So, that is our top ten list of hairbrushes for thick hair. Using these brushes will help reduce frizz and stray hair, which helps detangle your hair efficiently. If you wish to add shine to your thick locks, you can also apply a light oil or serum before brushing. Don’t forget to let us know if you found this article helpful!

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers:

Q1. What are the benefits of using the right brush for your hair?

Ans: It is highly beneficial to use the right brush for your hair. It makes your hair manageable and improves your hair quality and texture. Here are some of the benefits of using the right brush:

  • Detangles matted and knots from your hair.
  • Stimulates your scalp by massaging it.
  • It helps increase blood flow.
  • It also eliminates grime, dirt and buildup.
  • Reduces the occurrence of static and frizz.
  • With regular use, you can improve the hair shine.
  • It helps manage and style your hair manageable.

Q2. Which type of hairbrush is the best choice for Thick hair?

Ans: Paddle brushes with sparser bristles are a must for those with thicker, coarser hair. It helps remove tangles and adds shine by penetrating denser strands and is recommended by most hairstylists.

Q3. Does using a conditioner help with the maintenance of hair?

Ans: Yes! Using a conditioner after shampooing plays a vital role in maintaining your hair. It helps make the brush pass through your hair quickly without causing any damage.


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