Butterflies are a popular design choice for tattoos. Irrespective of the placement, when paired with the body’s natural form, the delicate butterfly parts look beautiful as a tattoo. Butterfly tattoo designs also allow the wearer to experiment and make it truly unique to them. Butterflies also symbolize the transformation to femininity and beauty or freedom. Depending on what the tattoo means for you, you can choose the design from the list we have provided in this article.

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Top 15 Butterfly Tattoo Designs:

The essential part while getting a butterfly tattoo is to be sure of what you want it to look like because it is permanent. So, go through this article for the best designs and then choose one.

1. Cute Butterfly Finger Tattoo:

Finger tattoos are all the rage, and if you are a fan of tiny butterfly tattoos, this one is a perfect option that combines them both. The butterfly on the finger is pretty small and fits perfectly. Although many people get finger tattoos as a ring replacement, the wearer here got the butterfly a little above the ring space, making it unique and trendy.

2. Modern Half-Butterfly Tattoo On The Arm:

This is one of the stylish butterfly tattoo ideas with a modern take on the butterfly’s symbolism. A butterfly represents good luck, beauty, a rebirth, etc., different things to different people depending on their perception. This tattoo looks beautiful anywhere on the body, but the arm or shoulder is the perfect place for maximum impact.

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3. Small Butterfly Tattoo Behind The Ear:

The two butterfly tattoos behind the ear of the wearer look exceptional yet straightforward. In addition, the placement of the tattoo makes it look personal and delicate. The impressive part of this tattoo is that you can show it off at your convenience because the place is easy to conceal. Furthermore, there is less chance for the ink to sustain behind the ear because the skin is too thin. So be sure to choose a simple design and nothing too complicated.

4. Unique Butterfly Neck Tattoo:

This butterfly neck tattoo looks beautiful because of its simple design with black shading on one side. The outline of the butterfly is made with bold lines. In contrast, the interiors are left open without any filling on the upper side. You can either use black ink or experiment with different colour options as per your preference.

5. Impactful Butterfly Hand Tattoo:

An impactful doesn’t always need to have multiple colors. For example, this striking black and white butterfly tattoo look unique because one side has its wings. In contrast, the other half is filled with flowers forming the wing shape. The difference in the design seems exceptional anywhere on your body, but for maximum impact, get it done on the arm, calf, or shoulder.

6. Blue Butterfly Tattoo:

If you are fed up with black ink tattoos and want to experiment with colours for your butterfly tattoo, this one is the perfect option. This butterfly tattoo design has bold black outlines, whereas the filling is blue with shades of pink in the centre. The butterfly looks exceptional in blue, but you can experiment with different colours if you wish.

7. Expressive Rose And Butterfly Tattoo:

The butterfly and rose combination of transformation, love, and passion and its depiction in this meaningful butterfly tattoo is exceptional. You can represent both feminine and stunning nature with this classic and timeless design. Though this design looks beautiful in black ink, you can beautify the design further by adding a few colours if you wish.

8. Colorfulflying Butterfly Tattoo:

These butterfly ankle tattoos look pretty playful and represent your inner child beautifully. The butterflies are relatively small, and the patterns are pretty simple without being too flashy. Using three different colours for each butterfly is a perfect way to go and elevate the look of the tattoo. A few elements are added in between the butterflies that look like crackers blasting in the sky.

9. Watercolor Butterfly Tattoo:

Suppose you are a fan of using multiple colors for your tattoo. In that case, the butterfly tattoo images give you a perfect idea. The tattoo has cute minor cartoon characters inside the butterfly design that incorporates your inner kid beautifully. In addition, there are so many colours used throughout the tattoo, feeling like a rainbow all the way.

10. Bright Pink Butterfly Tattoo:

These cute butterfly tattoos look beautiful and can be opted for by anyone, irrespective of gender. Furthermore, it adds visual interest to the onlooker by customizing the bold butterflies in reddish-pink colour. A phrase from ubuntu, a foreign concept, “I am because you are,” means humans cannot exist in isolation and need support and care from a community around them.

11. Colorful Butterfly Tattoo On The Shoulder:

You can’t go past this watercolour butterfly tattoo, especially if you are a fan of beautiful artwork. The detailed concept and delicate pattern of this design look like a visual treat. The best place for you to get this design is on the shoulder, where there is not too much sun exposure to have longevity of the design. You can try different color options too if you like.

12. Detailed Side Butterfly Tattoo:

This is a simple butterfly tattoo that is elevated with a beautiful hand holding the butterfly delicately. The entire tattoo is done in black ink with a splash of multiple colors in the background of the butterfly, making it stand out gorgeously. This tattoo design looks exceptional and looks good when done on the arm, calf, or shoulder.

13. Beautiful Butterfly Tattoo:

If you want to play with different color options for your butterfly tattoo, this one is the perfect option. The use of blue and pink colours beautifies the simple pattern and takes it to the next level. These colour combinations blend in with each other yet stand out. Of course, you can also experiment with different color options if you wish. But make sure you know what you want because tattoos are permanent.

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14. Cute Butterfly Tattoo For Women:

Although black is a popular colour to get a tattoo inked onto your body, there is no restriction on which colours you can and cannot use. For example, this pink butterfly tattoo on the neck looks beautiful in its glory without any fillings. You can either choose different shades of pink or a different colour altogether as per your taste and what you want from a tattoo.

15. Black Butterfly Tattoo On The Chest:

The black butterfly tattoo on the chest has been gaining popularity because of singer Rihanna irrespective of gender. It is one of the trendiest ink options for people who love to go bold in their patterns. The placement makes it even more special, making it closer to your heart. It represents rebirth and, therefore, an apt place to get it.

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Butterflies are the popular choice for tattoos among people of all ages, irrespective of gender. This article presents you with a list of 15 butterfly tattoo designs that will help you finalize a pattern for your body art. Don’t forget to let us know if you found this article helpful!

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