Celebrity Men’s Haircuts! These top trending and most popular haircuts flaunted by our favourite celebrity men are among the must-check out, and must-try looks across the globe. If you have an eye for the fashion world and would love to experiment and try the all-famous looks, this ultimate guide on celebrity looks will help you immensely.

From Hollywood world-famous actors to our handsome and hot Bollywood celebrities, we have covered them all. Let us explore the celebrity hairstyles and haircuts male together and know more today.

75 Best Celebrity Mens Haircuts in Hollywood & Bollywood:

Whether it is spikes or pompadour or wavy haircuts, our favorite and handsome celebrities never doubted trying the most impressive and lovely looks – and hey, they look absolutely fascinating. We have worked around to put together a few of the most famous looks just for you. They have it all from male celebrities with short hair to long hair and with unusual looks from braids to bold fade haircuts. Let’s check them out.

1. Lee Min Ho:

The Korean actor, singer, and model are well-known globally for this fashionista bold style statement. He tries out all the unusual haircuts yet never fails to rule them all over with the best statement appearances. We have covered a few of the most popular looks and can’t drop our eyes off them – they are absolutely unique and wild. By the way, we love how he carries them so seamlessly. What do you think?

Side-Swept Fringe:

Bowl Cut:

Side Parted Hairstyle:

2. Ben Affleck:

Our favorite Pearl Harbour and Argo superstar, Ben Affleck, sport the most subtle and yet handsome soft looks. If you love something not too wild and prefer a soft-toned style statement, who other than our Ben to take inspiration from? It perfectly suits him, and he never fails to nail the style statement seamlessly. Which is your favorite look from his career? We love his spikes and classic look.

Spiky Hairstyle:


Short Hair + Undercut:

3. Salman Khan:

Our Bollywood heartthrob, Salman Khan, is also known to experiment with his looks now and then. He has established the trend right from Tere Naam and to date, never failed to impress us on screen. If you, too, love him, you already know what we are talking about. Here are his top trending looks. Right from fringes to crew cuts, he has tried them all, and he seems to love the most dignified and subtle crew and neat short haircuts the most. He is one of the most loved Bollywood celebrity hairstyles male.

The Fringe Look:

Spikes And Fade:

Neat Crew Cut:

4. Ranbir Kapoor:

Who doesn’t love Ranbir Kapoor?! We are all his fans. Ranbir is known to steal all the attention with the hottest and handsome looks. We love him in almost any appearance, and hey, if you remember, he has also tried some unusual looks. However, among the most, he has seemed to like nice slick back and fringes style a lot. What do you think? Out of all, our favourite is celebrity slicked back hair from Ranbir.

Angular Fringe:

Slicked Hairstyle:

Long Textured Hair:

5. Shahrukh Khan:

The Bollywood King Khan, none other than Shahrukh Khan, has also never stepped back to experiment with some unique and bold style statement. His experimental trends have caught attention many times. However, our king Khan seemed to have loved the side-swept and combed look the most as we often see. He is definitely trending among the best celebrity hairstyles male.

Long Side-Swept Hairstyle:


Mullet Variant:

6. Ranveer Singh:

We all agree to the fact that Ranveer Singh is among the most energetic actors presently in B-town. His style, moves, acting, and everything are filled with passion, style, and looks. His recent hairstyles have quite grown to catch people’s attention, and we love them too.

Fountain Ponytail:

Long Hair:


7. Shia Labeouf:

The American actor and filmmaker Shia Labeouf hairstyles are popular too. They are all mild and gentle, ideal for men who do not want heavy experimentation yet want to stick to current trends. They are further super comfortable and yet fashionable as well. Isn’t it a whole complete package? What do you think about them? Here are the most popular looks from his side.

Military Buzz Cut:

Short Curls:

Long Hair Brush Back:

8. Jared Leto:

Jared Leto may not be very popular on the celebrity list right now in the world. Yet his style statement is to be appreciated. He has possibly tried everything, right from neat slicked hairstyle to the super bold and contemporary mohawk haircut. Here are his most famous and known after looks as of today.

Long Haircut With Parted Hair:

Neat Slicked Back:

Mohawk Haircut:

9. Arjun Kapoor:

The macho king Arjun Kapoor in Bollywood is well-known for his hotness and super fit body. Did you ever observe his hairstyles and looks? He has boldly tried around several of statemet looks, including some very unusual ones, and we bet they are crazy and stylish. Arjun never fails to give goals to an ultra-modern edgy look, and here are a few we immensely loved.

Hawk And Undercut:

Textured And Pompadour With Fade:

Slicked Back:

10. Fawad Khan:

Although he has worked in Indian cinema for a shortwhile, Fawad didn’t fail to make his mark in the Bollywood and Hindi cinema. His good looks, handsome style, and most clean and dignified looks never failed to impress us. Here are a few of Fawad’s signature hairstyles we have compiled. They range from the stylish quiff to the most lovely and neat brushed looks too.

Pushed Back Hairstyle:

Quiff Haircut:

Textured Haircut With Side Parting:

11. Aamir Khan:

Men never age. Aamir is a real-life example of this quote. He never fails in looking smart and stylish, and one of the main components being his makeovers. Aamir Khan’s hairstyles are pretty trendy, and he constantly experiments with new looks. Right from spikes to curls, he has done them all. Here are a few of the most modern and easy-to-try Aamir Khan hairstyle looks.

Spikes Haircut:

Brushed Back Long Hair:

Crew Cut:

12. Ashton Kutcher:

Ashton is known for the most unusual haircut looks. Ashton’s feathered and long haircuts quite trend for those men who love bold and very wild looks. If you too, are into trying unique styles, his looks indeed serve us great inspiration. They are absolutely classy and modern; there is no denial in this!

Cropped Feathered Haircut:

Middle Parted Long Haircut:

Haircut With Soft Bangs:

13. Varun Dhawan:

Varun Dhawan is known for his desi avatars and Indian classic looks. He is known for the popular romantic looks and style statements, and similarly, most of his hairstyles are subtle and mild ones with charm and smartness around. Varun most often attempts the short haircuts the most, and no wonder they are super comfortable. Here are a few to check out in his recent looks. We love Varun in male celebrities with messy hair.

Messy Wavy Hair:

14. Tiger Shroff:

Tiger Shroff has tried out almost many times of haircuts. Right from short haircuts to the long wavy hairstyles and ponytails, he has done them all. Very few in the movie industry have worked around with such wild looks, and our Tiger is one on the list. He carries all the looks so effortlessly that they never fail to impress us.

Crew Cut With Slicked Back:


15. Shahid Kapoor:

Shahid Kapoor always makes it a point to transform himself before every movie. He tries out different looks for each of his films and is always smart and impressive. Right with long thick textured haircuts to short buzz and crew cuts, Shahid has tried them all effortlessly. Here are his top trending looks to check out. And do you know, he is known among sporting the celebrity man buns in the field.

Voluminous Ruffled Look:

16. Joe Keery:

The Stranger things fame, Joe Keery, while we are always used to see him with the nice wavy feathered look, he recently shocked his fans with a bowl cut. Well, we get you – you too would be in splits. But this is how Joe is – he alters and changes his looks most boldly, and we love that in his makeovers.

Bowl Cut:

Messy Voluminous Haircut:

Long Wavy Haircut:

17. Park Seo Joon:

Park Seo Joon is a sensation in the East Asian countries for his new styles and modern looks. While most men around here do not work around styles casually, he has proved himself different. Most of his haircuts are quite comfortable and yet modern and contemporary. Here we go with the trending and known looks from Park Seo Joon.

Comb Over Haircut:

Side Slick With Fringe:


18. Keanu Reeves:

Most often, we figure out Keanu Reeves with the long hair haircut. But do you know, prior to this, he has tried out a varied range of hairstyles? Yes, you heard us right! Just a contrast to a long haircut, Keanu has worked around buzz looks too. Well, that’s how unpredictable his hairstyles get. Here are the most popular and known-after Keanu Reeves hairstyles and haircuts.

Long Hair With Center Part:

Messy Textured Haircut:

19. Allu Arjun:

The South Indian superstar actor and Tollywood hero, Allu Arjun, is one amongst the very few in the South film industry who never fails to keep up his transformations. Allu Arjun has entirely worked around most of the bold and industry’s favourite hairstyles over time. And forget not, he has carried them so effortlessly too.

Long Fringe Haircut:


Long Wet Hair:

20. Akshay Kumar:

Akshay Kumar prefers a casual and clean look in most of the hairstyles. As we see, he likes short hair better and attempts to make tiny changes within these haircuts. Here are a few notable ones in his looks of the recent past – right from short spikes to quiff, Akshay has tried them out in his own comfort zone and yet nailed them!



Short Hair Spikes:

21. Matthew McConaughey:

The Hollywood star Matthew McConaughey is a heartthrob. No one would deny it. Imagine his hairstyles and style statement in this case?! They are all stylish, modern, contemporary, and super-smart. Here is the list of most favourite haircuts from his collection we compiled.

Slicked Back:

Faded Crew Cut:

Long Wavy Haircut:

22. Hrithik Roshan:

Hrithik Roshan completely nails his looks and appears super smart and hot in the recent past. One of the most talked-about in Hrithik’s style is his haircuts. He is known to nail the rugged and smart styles with a timeless and yet modern blend of fashion. Right from curls to a ponytail, Hrithik looks absolutely handsome in all of them.

Messy Curls:

Side-Swept Brushed Hairstyle:

Man Pony:

23. Jeremy Renner:

Jeremy Renner hairstyles are all about the bold and contemporary day’s looks. He has always been among the celebrities who try top trending and unique looks quite often, and he looks good in them. Right from undercuts to heavy fades, Jeremy absolutely is fantastic equally in them.

Pompadour And Fade Haircut:

High Fade With Slicked:


24. Grant Gustin:

Grant Gustin’s fashion statement has evolved over time, right from a few years back. He has transformed over the years and looks good at present more than ever. His hottest and smart looks are here right now, and we can’t get over how stunning he appears in them. Have a look!

Tapered Cut:

Spikes And Fade Cut:


25. Leonardo DiCaprio:

Right from child actor to the Oscar-winning superstar, Leonardo DiCaprio’s acting, talent, and styles have also elevated over time. He has a range of hairstyles and looks to exhibit throughout such a long time, and we have managed to take three of the most stunning appearances. DiCaprio has flawlessly and seamlessly nailed them all – right from the bun to slicked and brushed looks. We love all his best celebrity haircuts male.

Man Bun:

Sleek Side-Swept:

Voluminized Comb Brushed Look:

We hope you have enjoyed and explored these world-famous Celebrity Mens haircuts. These inspired looks and hairstyles indeed are unique and must-try ones. Let us know which is your favourite one and which star, according to you, runs above all in his hair transformations. We love to hear from you.


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